point gem branch path in gemfile

How to point gem branch path in gemfile. This is what i am doing : gem ‘rails’, path: ‘/home/ubuntu/workspace/Fork/rails’, :branch => ‘any_of’ but when i run bundle update, it’s not show any branch like sprockets-rails. Using sprockets-rails (2.0.0.rc4) from git://github.com/rails/sprockets-rails.git (at master) Using rails (4.1.0.beta) from source at /home/ubuntu/workspace/Fork/rails Is there any typo?

Git – how to keep CRLF endings for specific files only?

In my project, the build result is a ZIP archive containing a .jar, several HTML files, a bash script, and a Windows .cmd file. Now, I would like to add the Windows .cmd file to git, keeping the Windows.style CRLF line format. The rest of the project is Linux-style LF. I have found several questions […]

Is it suggested to have Git repository names in upper or camel case instead of lower case?

I see a lot of projects keeping lower case names for their GitHub repositories. Is it suggested to have repository names in Upper Case or Camel Case? If (yes/no) why?

Git Windows Disable password prompt UI but get password prompt from shell

In git bash for windows, the username and/or password is asked in a separate UI popup prompt like below. On Hitting Cancel you get the below shell based prompt, where the same username can be input. Is there a way I can disable these prompts? I still do want to enter my username and password […]

Git: Error creating pull request: Forbidden (HTTP 403)

I used to create pull-requests on my project as normally, I’ve been having access for a long time and nothing have changed since then. Every time I try to create a new pull request I get the following: (git: test-branch) $ hub pull-request Error creating pull request: Forbidden (HTTP 403) Is there a reason why […]

Unable to normalize line endings for Git in Visual Studio Project

Problem: Git is interpreting an entire C# file as modified after saving file changes locally. It is indicating that line endings have changed, even though they were checked out as CRLF endings and saved locally with CRLF line endings. I am working on a Visual Studio project at my job that has multiple contributors. I […]

How to set up tortoisegit to not require password using ssh

I am having trouble getting git/tortoisegit to use my supplied ssh key (created using PuttyGen). In the command prompt I get a permission denied error, and in the TortoiseGit UI I get prompted for a password. I tried this SO question, but as stated, I created with PuttyGen, have Pageant running with my keys loaded, […]

git untracked files – how to ignore/delete

When I run git status, I see the “Untracked files” section has many files (some with a “.” extension.) I don’t think I have to do anything, but it doesnt look good to see these files whenever I run git status. Is there any way to not to see these files?

Can artists realistically cope with (distributed) version control in an open source environment?

Heya, I’m working in the project management department of an open source game. Right now we’re using SVN for version control and store code and assets in the same repository. Source versions of assets (models, textures) reside in a separate media branch, while the rendered versions of the assets (we’re working on an isometric 2d […]

Compressing many commits into fewer, but larger, commits

I git-commit everything I do every hour. This is nice but I end up with way too many commits. I’d like to be able to purge this so that instead of : 1 hour ago 2 hours ago . 23 hours ago 24 hours ago I just have something like: 1 hour ago 2 hours […]

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