Mercurial repo too large, can't connect, clone

Our BitBucket repo has grown to over 3 gigs and now when I try to clone in SourceTree all I get is the trying to connect symbol. When I try in Tortoise it clones to a certain point then disconnects saying it expected # bytes but got #. I can’t download the .zip from BitBucket […]

Gitlab does not load assets

Gitlab does not load assets. I am using Gitlab 5.0 with Apache server. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

Sharing Python code between Heroku apps

I have 2 Heroku apps, both Pyhon, and some python modules that are shared between them (i.e.: they are the same in both apps). What is the best way to set up my git / requirements.txt to achieve the following? The shared code is versioned (that is: it too sits in Git, I don’t care […]

Remove old binary revisions from git and reduce size of git repository

So currently I have what seems to be a very complex problem and I need some help on how to fix it without the ability to move binary files to a CDN / dropbox etc. When evaluating this problem please note that removing images / pdfs etc and putting them in dropbox or some other […]

Git: how to change active branch on remote repository?

I worked on some code on a local branch and then I pushed it to a remote test repository with this command: git push origin fix_vouchers:fix_vouchers I’d like to change the active brank on that remote repository so that the other developers can test this code. Can I do this from my local environment?

Is two way sync between gerrit and possible?

For a project exisitng in private repository, I am setting up gerrit code review. I am using the gerrit’s replication plugin to keep the gerrit repository in sync with But if someone commits (say commit-a) and pushes directly to, the commit-a is overwritten in, when gerrit does the replication process (because, […]

git pull – will it fetch tags on remote by default?

I know git fetch –tags will fetch all tags from remote to local. I am not sure will git pull get tags from remote by default, so will it or not?

Create a fork of public git repo for github

I’m just starting to use git and github and I need some advise. I want to create a fork of a public git repo (qemu-kvm in case you’re interested). I plan to have a public version of the fork on github and a development version for our team. I’m sure there are many ways to […]

Extracting subdirectory from a git repo into another repo and keeping dir structure?

There are several subtrees in my repo (e.g. ./sub1/, ./sub2/, ..) which I would like to extract into separate repos, keeping commit history and the same dir structure, i.e. a new repo for sub1 should have ./sub1/ subtree from the main repo. How can I do this?

git best practices for developing a code for two different devices

I am developing an HTML app that will be 1. compiled using Phonegap Build 2. offered as pure web app on a www server So the code will be mainly the same but there will small parts dedicated to either the first or second adaptation. But the improvements on the base code will have to […]

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