Access Mercurial repo with Git on windows

Since version 1.8.1 git is including Felipes git-remote-hg . Unfortunately fetching/cloning from a Hg repo with TortoiseGit 1.8.1 and Git for Windows ends in the following error: fatal: git was built without support for git-core\git-remote-hg (NO_PYTHON=YesPlease). How do I get python support into my Git?

How do I get git to stop “lying” to me about being up-to-date with a remote branch?

From my dev machine, I just pushed several new comments to the origin/test branch on my bitbucket account. Now I need to pull down that code to the deployment machine, so I checked out the test branch, like so: $ git checkout test I happened to already be on the test branch, so I got […]

TeamCity build – VCS trigger/Branch specification not working as intended

I have a Git repository with 3 classic branches (dev, staging, master). I’m trying to setup a VCS in TeamCity 8.1.x, so that a build triggers only when a push is made to a specific subfolder in the repository. Example: Under the dev branch, I have 2 folders: (dev) – ServiceAPI/ – ServiceAPI.Test/ Now, I […]

Git says “new commits” but none can be found in the folder

Strange thing that I couldn’t find an answer for. I don’t really know how this happens only that it does for the past couple of weeks. I keep seeing a folder that has “(new commits)” at the end when I do git status but I’m sure I’ve done no changes to it. Also, when I […]

Mercurial v Git v Subversion

I need to choose a VCS to embed within a Java application I’m developing. The Java application will interact with the VCS via an API, but the user will also interact with it directly via an Eclipse plugin. 3 candidate VCS have been identified: Mercurial, Git and Subversion. I need to choose one based on […]

What is the difference between git revision formats refname@{n} and rev~n

The man page makes a distinction as follows Quote man gitrevisions … For example master@{1} is the immediate prior value of master while master@{5} is the 5th prior value of master. AND A suffix ~<n> to a revision parameter means the commit object that is the <n>th generation grand-parent of the named commit object, following […]

Keeping remote repository in sync through a rebase

I have a situation where I will have to rebase a topic branch to a master. That’s fine, it’s the normal rebase case and works great. The complication is when I’m trying to get this process to be in sync on a bare remote repository. e.g. o–o–o origin/master \ o–o origin/topic o–o–o clone/master – tracking […]

Best way to maintain a Git fork

Company ACME keeps a product X that we extend and customize. They have made their git repository visible to us, but we can’t write to it. ACME is using their own internal Git server with Gitolite. Our developers want to write to it, so we need a local copy. However, I’d be nice to keep […]

Git Log Stat Summary Results Clarification

In the screen below what does 30 ++++ means: alt text

deploying to AppHarbor using subversion

I have an Asp.Net MVC project. I added “login with Google” button. It appears this will work only after I publish my site and register it with Google. Now I need to deploy my site somewhere. I thought to use Appharbor. However my site’s code is in Subversion. From AppHarbor site: You can push .NET […]

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