GIT_COMMITTER_DATE not recognized

This is probably an extremely simple question but I’m trying to modify the date of a Git commit but whenever I try to modify the Git environment variables GIT_COMMITTER_DATE or GIT_AUTHOR_DATE I get this message. When I type git var -l they don’t show up either. Do I have to add those variables myself? C:\Users\MolinaBA\Desktop\MCPInfoGitMigrationTest>GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=”12/12/12 […]

How to find the previous authors of all changed lines in git?

Given a range of commits, say HEAD~1 and HEAD (i.e., just HEAD), I want to find previous authors of the lines that were changed in that range and how many lines they changed. More precisely: for each line that was changed in the range, I want to get the previous author (using git blame, for […]

Create a new branch on remote and local as Dev

Step 1: I cloned the master into my local Step 2: Then I have merged another branch to master on local like this: git fetch origin other-branch git merge origin/other-branch Step 3: Now I need to create a new branch on remote and local as Dev after step 2.How can I do that?

Is it safe to publish an app on Heroku that has api keys on there?

I am planning to deploy an app that uses a few api keys on Heroku. I was planning on using there git deployment method. I have a few api keys on the application that could create problems if they were to be compromised. Is it safe to deploy an app like that through Heroku? Should […]

How to use a relative url for subtrees?

I try to add a subtree using a relative url: > git subtree add –prefix child ../child.git master –squash git fetch ../child.git master fatal: ‘../child.git’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. But ../child.git, […]

Create git tag from within Jenkins pipeline script

Within my Jenkins pipeline script, I would like to do something like this: sh(“git tag ${BUILD_NUMBER}”) However, this wouldn’t work if git isn’t found on the shell. Is there any Jenkins plugin that can do this from a Jenkins pipeline script?

Git, how to keep files with git rm –cached even after pull on other machines

I want to remove wordpress core files from a lot of git repositories but keep the files so it doesn’t break local git rm –cached -r wp-includes/ wp-admin/ …… Solves the problem, the question is how, on production server, git pull the commit WITHOUT deleting physically the files so it doesn’t break the production ? […]

How to detect correct GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE of the parent Git repository in a submodule

I’d like to implement a submodule in GNU Bash to check all GNU Bash scripts in the parent repository, excluding all submodules’ Bash scripts. I’ve already know that git ls-files -z \*.bash will to the job properly, the problem is I don’t know how to detect the exact GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE environment variables of the […]

android studio gradle after git clone

I’m working on a personnal Android Studio project from several places and I want to use git to sync my work. The project is perfectly fine and working. Please note that I only know basics about git but I can push to a github for instance. So, after several commits, I got to my working […]

Add recursively git repos in subfolder as submodules

Add recursively git repos in subfolder as submodules: iam looking for a solution to add git repositories as submodules to a folder which is a git repo. I already have the folder structure and the cloned repositories in the destination folder. All i need is to automate adding those repos in the subfolders as submodules. […]

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