SourceTree App says uncommitted changes even for newly-cloned repository – what could be wrong?

A remote git repository is just cloned to a local box using Atlassian SourceTree. Even no files have really been modified in the work tree, Atlassian lists a bunch of files right away under “Uncommitted changes”. Each file shows same line count both as removed and added, and this count equals to the total count […]

Get changes from master into branch in Git

In my repository I have a branch called aq which I’m working on. I then committed new work and bugs in master. What is the best way to get those commits into the aq branch? Create another new branch out of master and merge it with aq?

How to handle xml/html in git feature branch workflow?

Our project is working within fairly close quarters code-wise (a lot of changes happening in parallel in a fairly small geographical area of the code), and our feature branch based git workflow works out really nice for our java code. But the xml/html stuff is not working really well. Simple unrelated changes (a designer adding […]

How to diff a commit with its parent?

Aside from writing an alias or script, is there a shorter command for getting the diff for a particular commit? git diff 15dc8^..15dc8 If you only give the single commit id git diff 15dc8, it diffs that commit against HEAD.

How to install/setup TortoiseGit to work with GitHub

I have just installed Git For Windows, and created my SSH key using SSH through Cygwin. It seems to be working from command-line and the Git For Windows GUI, but now I want to use TortoiseGit. TortoiseGit uses a Putty-like SSH client by default but apparently GitHub only accepts (open)SSH, and I don’t really know […]

List Git commits not pushed to the origin yet

Possible Duplicate: Viewing Unpushed Git Commits How do I list all commits which have not been pushed to the origin yet? Alternatively, how to determine if a commit with particular hash have been pushed to the origin already?

How do I make git-svn use a particular svn branch as the remote repository?

A word of warning: I’m a n00b to git in general. My team uses feature branches in svn, and I’d like to use git-svn to track my work on a particular feature branch. I’ve been (roughly) following Andy Delcambre’s post to set up my local git repo, but those instructions seem to have led git […]

Git clone fails with out of memory error – “fatal: out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate 905574791 bytes) / fatal: index-pack failed”

I’m attempting to clone a large (1.4GB) Git repository to a 32-bit Debian VM with 384MB of RAM. I’m using Git, and using the SSH protocol to clone (‘git clone’) The clone fails with this message: remote: Counting objects: 18797, done. remote: warning: subobtimal pack – out of memory remote: Compressing objects: 100% […]

How do I reword the very first git commit message?

I have a working tree containing 3 commmits: ➜ ~myproject git:(master) git log commit a99cce8240495de29254b5df8745e41815db5a75 Author: My Name <> Date: Thu Aug 16 00:59:05 2012 +0200 .gitignore edits commit 5bccda674c7ca51e849741290530a0d48efd69e8 Author: My Name <> Date: Mon Aug 13 01:36:39 2012 +0200 Create .gitignore file commit 6707a66191c84ec6fbf148f8f1c3e8ac83453ae3 Author: My Name <> Date: Mon Aug 13 01:13:05 […]

I can't delete a remote master branch on git

I need to delete a master branch, but it’s proving to be hard. I just want to clean that branch out and start new. I am deleting from the dev branch. I want master on GitHub to be clean. # git push origin –delete master > To ! [remote rejected] master > (deletion of […]

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