How do I setup DiffMerge with msysgit / gitk?

I’ve just started using Git and it’s possible I’ve missed something obvious, but here goes: I’m using msysgit on Windows XP While installing, I picked option 1 to “Use Git Bash only” I’m trying to put together a wrapper script that I can use to replace the built in git diff with DiffMerge. Based […]

How to list all tags pointing to a specific commit in git

I have seen the commands git describe and git-name-rev but I have not managed to get them to list more than one tag. Example: I have the sha1 48eb354 and I know the tags A and B point to it. So I want a git command git {something} 48eb354 that produce output similar to “A, […]

git commit as different user without email / or only email

I’m trying to commit some changes as a different user, but i do not have a valid email address, following command is not working for me: git commit –author=”john doe” -m “some fix” fatal: No existing author found with ‘john doe’ I have the same problem when trying to commit with only an email address […]

Retrospectively add –recursive to a git repo

If you git clone with –recursive, you can get all the git submodules too. If I’ve forgotten to add this magical flag when cloning, as can happen, how do I now go and get any submodules? Additionally, how can I set the recursive flag as a default for future clones?

git equivalent of svn status -u

What’s the git equivalent of svn status -u or more verbose svn status –show-updates. The svn status –show-updates command shows the updates that the svn update command will bring from the server. Thanks!

Force add despite the .gitignore file

Is there a way to force git to add a file despite the .gitignore file?

Verifying signed git commits?

With newer versions of git it’s possible to sign individual commits (in addition to tags) with a PGP key: git commit -m “some message” -S And you can show these signatures in the output of git log with the –show-signature option: $ git log –show-signature commit 93bd0a7529ef347f8dbca7efde43f7e99ab89515 gpg: Signature made Fri 28 Jun 2013 02:28:41 […]

Should server/database config files, including passwords, be stored in source control?

I’m looking to hear some best practices… Assuming a web application that interacts with a few different production servers (databases, etc.)… should the configuration files that include database passwords be stored in source control (e.g., git, svn)? If not, what’s the best way to keep track of server database (or other related) passwords that your […]

Why call git branch –unset-upstream to fixup?

I’m more of a novice when it comes to advanced operations in git. I maintain my blog using the blogging framework Octopress. Though Octopress is not under any development since 2011, it serves my purpose well and so I haven’t thought of changing anything so far. FYI, my blog is hosted on Github Pages. Today, […]

Git server's host key not cached in registry –

Continuation of issue here: I’m trying to set up my first Git Repository on GitHub. (Note, this means I can’t use putty, I’m using openssh, or at least I’m supposed to and I think I am). I’ve been following the documentation on GitHub’s website here. I get everything right up until the very last command: […]

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