Find files in git repo over x megabytes, that don't exist in HEAD

I have a Git repository I store random things in. Mostly random scripts, text files, websites I’ve designed and so on. There are some large binary files I have deleted over time (generally 1-5MB), which are sitting around increasing the size of the repository, which I don’t need in the revision history. Basically I want […]

Highly coupled git submodules

I have a project which needs to be split into two repositories: a set of common models, and a simulation based on those models, with additional code. Ultimately there may be multiple simulations using the same set of models, so having them in a separate repository is a definite requirement. The obvious solution is to […]

Dynamically Fill Jenkins Choice Parameter With Git Branches In a Specified Repo

I have a parameterized Jenkins job which requires the input of a specific Git branch in a specific Git repo. Currently this parameter is a string parameter. Is there any way to make this parameter a choice parameter and dynamically fill the drop down list with the Git branches? I don’t want to require someone […]

How to reverse apply a stash?

I have a small patch saved away in my git stash. I’ve applied it to my working copy using git stash apply. Now, I’d like to back out those changes by reverse applying the patch (kind of like what git revert would do but against the stash). Does anyone know how to do this? Clarification: […]

Automatically Deploy From GitHub To Server On Push

We have a VPS on linode, and code hosted on gitHub. How do we setup so when we push to gitHub, it also pushes automatically to our linode server. We are using PHP on the linode server. Thanks.

How do I view a git repo's receive history?

We have a “central” repo that we use to deploy to our development server. I know git log will show me commits and the date/time they were committed, but I’d like to see when commits were pushed to/received by the repo. Any way to do this?

How can I find the location of origin/master in git, and how do I change it?

I’m a Git newbie. I recently moved a Rails project from Subversion to Git. I followed the tutorial here: I am also using to store my code. I make changes on my Mac laptop on the train to/from work and then push them to unfuddle when I have a network connection using the […]

How to enter command with password for git pull?

I want to do this command in one line: git pull && [my passphrase] How to do it?

git assume unchanged vs skip worktree – ignoring a symbolic link

I have a problems with a git repository and windows. The problem is that the git repository has a linux symbolic link in it and with developers running windows, that obviously does not work. Now since that symbolic link should never change, I want to find a way to delete that on developers and add […]

Find when a file was deleted in Git

I have a Git repository with n commits. I have a file that I need, and that used to be in the repository, and that I suddenly look for and think “Oh! Where’d that file go?” Is there a (series of) Git command(s) that will tell me that “file really_needed.txt was deleted at commit n-13”? […]

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