Hg: How to do a rebase like git's rebase

In Git I can do this: 1. Start working on new feature: $ git co -b newfeature-123 # (a local feature development branch) do a few commits (M, N, O) master A—B—C \ newfeature-123 M—N—O 2. Pull new changes from upstream master: $ git pull (master updated with ff-commits) master A—B—C—D—E—F \ newfeature-123 M—N—O 3. […]

Amend a commit that wasn't the previous commit

This question already has an answer here: How to modify a specified commit in git? 6 answers

Git-svn: create & push a new branch/tag?

After cloning an SVN repository using git-svn with the -s option (git svn clone http://server/repo -s), how does one create a branch or tag and have pushed to the relevant branch/tag directory in the repository when dcommiting? For instance; if I were to use git to create a foobar branch locally (git checkout -b foobar) […]

What is the preferred way to manage schema.rb in git?

I don’t want to add schema.rb to .gitignore, because I want to be able to load a new database schema from that file. However, keeping it checked in is causing all sorts of spurious conflicts that are easily resolved by a fresh db:migrate:reset. Basically I want a way to: Keep schema.rb in the repository for […]

Making git push respect permissions?

We use a git repo that is hosted at a remote location, and is shared. We want the repo to be user & group readable & writeable, but not have any permissions for other. The remote repo is owned by a different user (say rUser). I have set core.sharedRepository to 0660 in my local repo, […]

Git: Create a branch from unstaged/uncommited changes on master

Context: I’m working on master adding a simple feature. After a few minutes I realize it was not so simple and it should have been better to work into a new branch. This always happens to me and I have no idea how to switch to another branch and take all these uncommited changes with […]

Is it possible to perform a 'grep search' in all the branches of git project

Is it possible to run git grep inside all the branches of a git control sourced project ? Or is there another command to run ?

How to list branches that contain an equivalent commit

In a prior question someone provided an answer for finding branches that contained an EXACT commit: How to list branches that contain a given commit The accepted answer highlighted that this only works for an EXACT commit id, and not for an identical commit. It was stated further that Git Cherry can be used to […]

Remote rejected (shallow update not allowed) after changing Git remote URL

I have a project under Git version control that I worked on both a server and my local computer. I originally had the remote origin set as my local computer but I would now like to change that to BitBucket. On the server I used the command git remote set-url origin bitbucket_address But now when […]

bower registering local git package

How can I register a local git package in bower? My current component.json is as follows { “name”: “myproject”, “version”: “1.0.0”, “dependencies”: { “jquery”: “1.8.0”, “twitter/bootstrap”: “2.1.1” } } However I also would like to add a package I have created at C:/mypackage which is a git repository with versions tagged. When I do bower […]

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