Mercurial Hg-Git: Clone from a local directory?

I have a local Git repository on my computer that I am trying to clone with Hg-Git. It works fine for me when I’m cloning from a git:// type path, but if I try to clone from two local directories. Here is an example… hg clone “C:\Users\James\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV” destination directory: FalloutNV importing Hg objects into […]

How can I make Jenkins only build feature branches if they have changed when triggering from bitbucket

I have a Jenkins job that builds branches that match “origin/feature/**”. Bitbucket triggers the job to build whenever there are changes to the repository via a repository hook ( This works fine whenever there is a change on a feature branch, the job recognizes that the branch has changed and builds it. However, when there […]

Wiki – File versioning

I am building a wiki-like website, and am wondering how to implement the file versioning to create articles history. I would like to be able, when someone edits a file, to be able to display which parts were edited, and to revert back to a previous file if necessary. EDIT: Thank you for your responses. […]

Git invert staging area

I have got changes in my staging area, and others not staged yet (some files have changes both in and out the staging area). I would like to invert the content of the staging area and the changes which are not staged. Does a shortcut exist in order to do that, without doing more complex […]

Git strategy to backport bugfixes into older branches (cherry-pick vs. merge)

We work as follows in our team: we have only a master branch in our GitHub repo, it’s not stable – thinks get pushed there each day; for stable releases we use tags (for development, we use private forks on GitHub) we release a new minor version every 3 weeks, which contains bugfixes and new […]

Can I load one .gitconfig file from another?

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to include a file in your .gitconfig With bash and zsh I can source subfiles in order to better organize my config. Can I do something similar with .gitconfig?

Using GIT with projects that have directories in multiple locations

I’m in the middle of trying to move a PHP/MySQL web app (built on CodeIgniter 2.01 framework) to a GIT repository. The problem is for added security I’ve implemented the best practice of separating the application part (application & system folders) and the web files (index.php, images, css, js, etc. folders). The web files are […]

npm install giving error while accessing GIT url

my package.json has the following dependency, { “name”: “AppName”, “version”: “0.0.0”, “description”: “App Description”, “author”: “@author”, “dependencies”: {}, “devDependencies”: { “css-flip”: “git://”, “gulp”: “^3.8.10”, “gulp-angular-htmlify”: “^0.4.0”, “gulp-changed”: “^1.1.0”, “gulp-compass”: “^2.0.4”, “gulp-concat”: “^2.4.1”, “gulp-css-flip”: “^0.4.0”, “gulp-expect-file”: “0.0.7”, “gulp-filter”: “^1.0.2”, “gulp-html-prettify”: “0.0.1”, “gulp-if”: “^1.2.5”, “gulp-ignore”: “^1.2.1”, “gulp-jade”: “^0.8.0”, “gulp-jsvalidate”: “^2.0.0”, “gulp-less”: “^1.3.9”, “gulp-livereload”: “^2.1.1”, “gulp-load-plugins”: “^0.10.0”, “gulp-minify-css”: […]

Egit Refuses to accept id_rsa

I’m a first time git user trying to setup egit in Eclipse so I can continue to easily code through Eclipse. Problem is, every time I try to clone a repo through egit, it gives me the error “Cannot list available branches. Reason: ssh:// Passphrase for /Users/elifinkelshteyn/.ssh/id_rsa.” This is really strange as I can clone […]

Why is the merge tool disabled in Eclipse for a EGit-managed project?

As per the EGit User Guide, to use the merge tool, one should right-click on the resource with a merge conflict and then select Team > Merge Tool. However, when I do this, the Merge Tool option is greyed out. EGit is properly detecting the conflict and showing me both the icon and text label […]

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