Tortoisegit asking password

I just started to work on Git. I use windows 7 and has installed msysgit(1.7.8) and Tortoisegit(1.7.6). The repository is created on Linux server which is accessible thru LAN. The issue I’m facing is I’m not able to clone the repository using Tortoisegit, it asks for password and I’m not sure what password it is […]

What is the difference between Git Bash and the GitHub for Windows shell?

I’m referring to the shell that comes with GitHub for Windows, and Git Bash (which has a stand alone installer).

rejected master -> master (non-fast-forward)

I’m trying to push my project (all files in a new repository). I follow the steps but when I push with git push -u origin master I get this error: ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to ‘’ To prevent you from losing history, non-fast-forward updates were rejected Merge […]

How to run post-receive hook on GitHub

how to run a post-receive hook in GitHub?. I know that there is the web-one but I want to write a custom script and do not want to receive a post from github.

Git: How to diff two different files in different branches?

I have two different files in different branches. How can I diff them in one command? Something like # git diff branch1/foo.txt branch2/foo-another.txt I could check out the other file, diff it and restore, but that’s quite dirty solution.

Git/GitHub can't push to master

I am new to Git/GitHub and ran into an issue. I created a test project and added it to the local repository. Now I am trying to add files/project to the remote repository. Here’s what I did (and this worked) – git remote add origin git:// Now when I try to push the repository to […]

Git: Commit to multiple branches at the same time

I want to make a single commit on different branches at the same time, since, in my project, I have different branches for different clients. Say, I have made a new feature commit on Branch A. Can I also make this commit on Branch B, Branch C and D at the same time as well? […]

How to remove a file from the index in git?

How to remove a file from the index ( = staging area = cache) without removing it from the file system?

How to commit a change with both “message” and “description” from the command line?

I’m new to both git and GitHub. I managed to set up everything locally on my Mac, so that now I can push commits to GitHub via git (on the command line, not the Mac app). When I push commits directly from the GitHub web interface (e.g. quickly fixing a typo), I have the chance […]

How do you cancel an external git diff?

I’ve got vim setup as my external diff tool: [diff] external = git_diff_wrapper #!/bin/sh vimdiff “$2” “$5″ Say I have 300 files that have been modified; via bash, I type “git diff”. It launches 300 vimdiffs sequentially, how do I abort it?

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