How to work with git using a bare repository?

I’m having problems working with a bare git repository. It seems like our build server, TeamCity, creates bare repositories when cloning the original repository and I want to do a manual update of the submodules. I’ve experimented with the following: Create repo 1 cd c:\temp mkdir g1 cd g1 git init echo lala > ape.txt […]

difference between two tree merge and 3-way merge

I’m reading about git-read-tree and two kinds of merges are mentioned there: two tree merge and 3-way merge. I’m trying to figure out what’s the difference between them. I assume that with 3-way merge git checks how any particular chunk of code looked in a shared parent commit, checks whether any of the commits modified […]

Building multiple github repositories at once

I have a multi module SVN project where the complete parent project takes around 2+ hours to build. I have many sub-modules which can be built separately. project-parent -project-a -project-b -project-c -pom.xml This means that I can either build project-parent as a whole, or the 3 sub-modules separately. We are moving this project to Github. […]

How to revert Git repository to a previous commit?

How do I revert from my current state to a snapshot made on a certain commit? If I do git log, I get the following output: $ git log commit a867b4af366350be2e7c21b8de9cc6504678a61b` Author: Me <> Date: Thu Nov 4 18:59:41 2010 -0400 blah blah blah… commit 25eee4caef46ae64aa08e8ab3f988bc917ee1ce4 Author: Me <> Date: Thu Nov 4 05:13:39 2010 […]

Releasing using workflow plugin in Jenkins

I recently started toying with the workflow plugin to script a build release. When I try to run the script, the release fails because the release plugin complains of untracked files. I have the same set of plugins running and working fine in a traditional job set up. My set up: Jenkins Version:1.596 Workflow Plugins […]

Integrate TFS git source control and JIRA

I use git repositories in TFS to store source code, but I’d like to track issues using JIRA. Ideally I’d like to be able to reference a JIRA task number in a commit and have that commit appear in jira as an assocation. I’ve found a couple of plugins that work with TFS source control […]

Git 'pack-objects died of signal 13' when pushing to origin

Whenever I work on a branch other than master and try to push to that branch I get this error: User-MacBook-Pro:htdocs user$ git push origin quotes Counting objects: 2494, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (2246/2246), done. Write failed: Broken pipe9/2455) fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly error: pack-objects […]

git merge only one parent not a real merge commit

Important Info: Edit: After third try (I watched MERGE_MODE file in .git directory and it did not disappear) it suddenly worked. I’d really like to know why this process can fail but I think nobody could tell me… I have merged multiple branche into one branch. First merges worked very well but the third did […]

Multiple GitHub Sessions Open With R Studio

Every time I open R Studio, GitHub will also open–only it will open 3 sessions/windows. Within R Studio, when I change project options for a project tied to Git Version Control, the same thing happens. I can have 9 instances of the GitHub application open on my computer screen at the same time. Inevitably, some […]

Ignored files are still visible in Commit Changes window – IntelliJ 13

I went to: File > Settings… > Version Control > Ignored Files and I added some files using the + symbol > Apply > OK I pressed right click on the project folder: Git > Commit Directory… and the ignored files are still there (Commit Changes window). I also tried to restart IntelliJ, but there […]

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