When would you use the different git merge strategies?

From the man page on git–merge, there are a number of merge strategies you can use. resolve – This can only resolve two heads (i.e. the current branch and another branch you pulled from) using 3-way merge algorithm. It tries to carefully detect criss-cross merge ambiguities and is considered generally safe and fast. recursive – […]

How to manage this project structure with git?

I’m developing addons for a web software which has its structure set up like this: root –index.php –js/ —-addon1/ ——file.js —-addon2/ –css/ —-addon1/ ——style.css —-addon2/ –library/ —-addon1/ ——file.php —-addon2/ ——file.php I want to create a repository for each addon, but with the current structure it doesn’t seem possible. The main chunk of the code for […]

Change base of branch – git

My current git tree looks like this: / C -> D -> more commits previous commits -> A -> B \ C -> E -> more commits where B and C are exactly the same (in terms of file changes) but they are different commits. My question is can I make my tree look like […]

Heroku Git Push Error

I have logged in heroku by terminal and wrote: “git push herok master” for creating a PHP application. I’m getting the following error: push rejected, no Cader-supported app detected and [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined). Please help me…

Git directly commit file to git and/or gitlab

So, here’s my use case: I’m attempting to develop an internal Mac app for the non-developers on my team, to edit some of my game’s parameters. Ideally, the application will be able to recreate the necessary config files and directly commit/push them to my gitlab instance, which would trigger a CI build. I know I […]

Code synchronization combining usb flash drive and Bitbucket repository

I’m new to git version-control system so I need help or advice from experts. I would like to backup and sync my 2 PCs over Bitbucket repository. One of 2 computers is without network connection. So, I have the problem. This is equipment I plan to use for problem solving: PC without network (A) PC […]

How should I merge my local git branch in IntelliJ IDEA 12?

Assume that I have IntelliJ IDEA 12.1, we use git. I have local/remote branch1, my colleague has local/remote branch2. I would like to add changes from branch2 to branch1 using IDEA. What steps should I do? The 1st way: I make local branch2, update it from the remote branch2. Then I switch to local branch1 […]

How can I clone a git repo on bitbucket.org with Git Gui on Windows 7?

I created a git repo on bitbucket.org a couple of hours ago, worked on the few (test) files on Xubuntu 13.10 and used git on them via terminal. I am now on Windows 7 and am using Git Gui. I cloned my remote repo on bitbucket with the same username and same password I used […]

How to pre-empt git pull merge error?

I am looking for a way of detecting up front whether a git pull or git merge would fail. The sort of script I want to perform is to update a server. git fetch git okay stop server backup data git merge start server Here git okay is a place holder for the command I […]

How to salvage a git commit with a keyboard interrupt

I had a handful of files I wanted to commit, but was planning on committing them in smaller groups so as to have a clean history in case I wanted to review/rollback. I went to commit a subset, but realized I missed one. While git commit was running, I did a Ctrl + C keyboard […]

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