Unable to Install EGit in Eclipse

I am trying to install EGit from this tutorial. It says to add the plugin url in Help -> Install New Software. Put In my Case I am not getting the add button on Install New Software dialog (see Image). My eclipse version is

How to restrict access to master branch on git

I have a single repo in which I have 2 user groups: Admins HTML/UI Developers I do not wish to give read/write access of my master branch to my HTML developers as they do not need to work on it and should not be misusing the core code. Though they need to work on their […]

Git: Get a subfolder from a repository to a new one without losing history

I have a git repository of an application with multiple branches. The source tree consists of several directories. E.g: main_folder |–> .git |–> dir0 |–> dir1 |–> dir2 Unfortunately, from the beginning of the development I didn’t use git-submodules nor git-subtree. Now I want to move one of the directories, e.g dir0 to a new […]

git diff during pre-commit hook results in Not a git repository

I’m trying to build a pre-commit script in git. In that script I plan on running tasks if a certain folder has changed. To test, in my script I have git diff –cached | grep -q “^my/folder” This results in… Not a git repository To compare two paths outside a working tree: usage: git diff […]

Multiple git post-receive hooks

i’m using Gitlab. Gitlab is creating following link to distribute the same hooks through all repositories hooks -> /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-shell/hooks Within this directory there’s already a post-receive hook to process the commits properly within Gitlab which is written in ruby. I’d like to add an additional hook written in bash. Is this possible? Best regards

What does the Refspec HEAD:refs/for/refs/heads/master generated by eGit/ZendStudio 9 mean?

Is set up a Project from Git in ZendStudio 9. (basing on eclipse with eGit) It generates a quiet normal fetch refspec: Remote Fetch Specification +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/original/* But a very mysique push refspec: Remote Push Specification HEAD:refs/for/refs/heads/master In the remote i can see by “git ls-remote” the following: 8db575549dea67a45cea04358f902993c940c4d8 HEAD 16f0939153e6ef12b4596f0d4fb43fa5b8b0246b refs/for/refs/heads/master 8db575549dea67a45cea04358f902993c940c4d8 refs/heads/master And i […]

How to do “hg mv –after” in git?

I renamed some files outside of git and modified them heavily. When I am running git diff-index -M –name-status HEAD I see only 4 files as renamed/moved, whereas it should be more. I know that I can record the move post factum in Mercurial using hg mv –after. I cannot find an equivalent in git. […]

git has a corrupted lose object that cannot be repaired

~$ git commit . error: inflate: data stream error (incorrect data check) error: corrupt loose object ’26f0654cde5d83f2ed8d971474d9d08a76644087′ fatal: object 26f0654cde5d83f2ed8d971474d9d08a76644087 is corrupted The object in question doesn’t exist and I’ve been doing commits every other day or so. Since it doesn’t list where this object supposedly is, I don’t know what do with it. I […]

Creating a 'git log' alias with formatting

I have a bunch of git aliases already set up in my .bash_profile that work correctly: alias gst=”git status” alias gl=”git pull” alias gp=”git push” alias gd=”git diff | mate” alias gc=”git commit -v” alias gca=”git commit -v -a” alias gb=”git branch” alias gba=”git branch -a” I’m trying to add an alias for the following […]

Accessing files of a repository from the Git server

I have to access some files stored in a Git repository, but I don’t see where they are stored inside the repository folder. Is there a special way to access the various files pushed from the clients?

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