how to Specify master branch by initialising git?

I typed the command from the prompt- G:\new-git-project>git init After that the prompt says- G:\new-git-project\.git\ But it doesn’t give indication of the master branch created.The expected result should have been- (master#)G:\new-git-project\.git\ Where is the error?

Is it good to attach graphic library to git repository or maybe download via cmake?

As in title, I am wondering about what is better, attach graphic libraries(e.g glew, glm, glfw, etc.) in my git repository, or make a special cmake modules that download it while building? I heard that it is not proper to add libraries to repo explicitly, especially if they are large, but making cmake modules for […]

Typescript use shared library

When having different codebases how would I share code between them. All code is in typescript and in continuous development. I am looking for a simple solution. Things I have tried: 1 using import statement with path to other project: import { type } from ‘../../otherProj/src/type’; does not work: error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘../../otherProj/src/type’ […]

Using git to manage combinations of branches in same directory

I’m using git in a nonstandard way, I have a mixture of files in a directory where each comes from a different branch. I’m using this combination of commands to modify a file: git fetch -f –all # Synch revision info with repository. git checkout -f remotes/$REPO/$BRANCH — $FILE # Update file contents. vim $FILE […]

Clone git repository in eclipse

I’m new to git, as I found to download files the path should end with .git extention. The sources I need are stored here How can I take for example addons/calendar/calendar.git sources?

Weak Key error on Github, with 4096 RSAkey generated with C#

I am generating a RSA KEY with 4096 bits according to RFC4716 (Or at least I thought so) using C# and the standard cryptography library, however git hub says I have a key with the wrong size, returning the following error when I try to add it to the keys associated to my account. This […]

How to trigger jenkins every time a repository is created on github org?

I know how to trigger jenkins if a push is made to a repo but for this instance, I have a github organization and want to trigger jenkins when a repository is made on this github organization (to add webhooks and teams). I have an org-level hook but there isn’t a place to specify a […]

Changing source branch for PR on Github

I accidentally created a pull request from the master-branch of my fork of a repo. While trying to rebase it I noticed that all of these changes were pushed into that pull request — due to the fact that you can simply Add more commits by pushing to the master branch on username/repo Can you […]

Git: By default trying to use localhost as proxy

I got a problem recently, my git was trying to connect to localhost as proxy even I didn’t set any proxy. git.exe pull –progress –no-rebase -v “origin” #branch# fatal: unable to access ‘http://my/git/repo’: Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused git did not exit cleanly (exit code 1) (1281 ms @ 15/2/2017 9:39:54 […]

Push to github repo denied

After not pushing to my personal github account for a month or so I am now getting the following terminal output when trying to push an initial commit to my newly created Github repo. remote: Permission to <Me>/<MyRepo>.git denied to <me>. fatal: unable to access ‘<Me>/<MyRepo>.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403 Searching google turned […]

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