How to copy a local repository to remote server using git?

I’m trying to use git to deploy my local code in my remote server. So here is what I’ve done in my local folder mywebsite/ : git init git add . git commit -m “Initial commit” Then, on my web server : mkdir ~/public_html/myrepo.git cd myrepo.git git init –bare Then, on my local folder mywebsite/ […]

Cherry-pick a merge

Let’s say branch B is a topic branch off of branch A, and you want those changes in branch C. What does it mean when you cherry-pick the merge commit of branch A and branch B to branch C? For example, if you use the -m flag to specify the old HEAD of branch A […]

Create a BitBucket git commit hook?

I just ported over a repo from GitHub to BitBucket. Although it does many of necessities, I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to find documentation for creating a git commit hook. Originally I had a ruby app on a CentOS server that was triggered by a GitHub hook. Does anyone know how to achieve the same […]

Set subdirectory as website root on Github Pages

I’m using Github Pages to host & serve a static website. The static website has the typical directory structure for an app: |_ source |_ build |_index.html .gitignore config.rb Gemfile … README.MD index.html is underbuild/, so I want to make that the default www path. So when users hit it renders the content within […]

Is it possible in git to create a new, empty remote branch without pushing?

Most examples of creating remote branches involve pushing from a local branch Is there a way of creating an empty remote branch without pushing? Is it also possible to create a local empty branch,check it out then link it to the new also empty remote branch without pushing?

Is it better to use git grep than plain grep if we want to search in versioned source code?

In a git repository, is there any difference/benefit using git grep over good old grep? An example would be?

Keeping git mirrors in sync at all times

I have several sites that use Drupal, I have several servers, live, dev1, dev2… Drupal’s codebase repo is big (112Mb), so I’m keen to make the most of git‘s hard-linking abilities so that each time I add a site it’s not duplicating this. So on, say, the live server I have a bare master repo, […]

Git : HTTP request failed

I have a remote repository with HTTPS access. git status lists only one entry: master git remote -v lists two entries to the same address: one for fetch, one for push But when I do git remote show origin, or other operations, like fetch, I get : error: while accessing https:… fatal: HTTP request failed […]

IntelliJ and Git Branch Name

I’ve recently moved from Eclipse to IntelliJ. A challenge as I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie, but that isn’t what I’m here about. I miss having the git branch name shown in the package/project view. Does anyone know of a way to configure IntelliJ to display what git branch the project is in, so I don’t […]

git am/format-patch: control format of line endings

I created a patch from three commits using git format-patch <revision_three_commits_ago> This creates three patch files that I mailed from my notebook and read the mail on my desktop computer (both are Windows boxes). When I do now git am –3way –ignore-space-change *.patch the patches apply, but I don’t get the same SHA1 IDs for […]

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