Executing git commands via php over http

OS – Ubuntu 14.04 I am working on deployment using GIT webhooks for it. I have added the deployment keys to git repo and now I want to trigger the git pull origin master command when a push happens from my local repo. This is the test.php file I call via browser: <?php //echo “THis […]

How do I rebase while skipping a particular commit?

Is there a way to rebase a branch onto another while skipping a particular (conflicting) commit on the other branch? For example, I want to rebase mybranch onto master, but master contains a commit that will conflict with the commits in master, so I prefer to undo that commit completely. -o-o-o-o-o-x-o-o-o-o master | o-o-o-o mybranch […]

Automatically mirroring a GitHub repo

I suspect this question has been asked before, though all I can find are similar but distinct questions or the same one with only solutions that do not work for me. There is a repository on GitHub that I have no control over and would like to mirror. With mirror I mean have a clone […]

Heroku push rejected, Submodule install failed

My repo uses a customized version of Recurly-js, and I have packaged it as a submodule using these instructions https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/git-submodules . However, I get the following error now when I try to deploy: —-> Heroku receiving push —–> Git submodules detected, installing Submodule ‘recurly-js’ (/app/tmp/repo.git/recurly-js) registered for path ‘recurly-js’ Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/build_3iacvn8h2rnha/recurly-js/.git/ […]

What is the correct way to configure Qt Creator to use Git?

I’m trying to use Git for Windows together with QT Creator 2.8, and failing miserably. I created a repository on bitbucket, following the bitbucket 101 tutorial and everything runs smoothly when I use Git Bash, or even Git GUI. The PATH variable is set properly, everything works outside Qt. However, when trying to configure Qt […]

How do I place a dummy file in a git repo?

I’m new at git so please bear with me. Say i have a file under version control that includes sensitive data. Sure enough, I put that file in my .gitignore file, so it doesn’t get pushed to the repo. The problem now is somewhere in my project i have a line like #include <sensitivedata> or […]

Capistrano 3 copy strategy equivalent

I updated to Cap 3 and it appears that set :deploy_via, :copy is no longer supported. In the release annoucement there is a link to a video for replicating the copy strategy which currently returns a 404. I used the :copy strategy because the server did not have access to git or access to the […]

Git unable to resolve references when pushing

I am having an issue with Git. For unknown reasons, my master branch has somehow gotten corrupted. I have a local commit that I want to push up, but when I push, I get this: git push origin master error: unable to resolve reference refs/remotes/origin/master: No such file or directory error: cannot lock the ref […]

Git-Svn dcommit causes branch splitting

I’m having a problem with git–svn dcommits making the git repository lose track of which commits are which. I try to make sure that the master branch in git always follows trunk in the SVN repository. So whenever I’m working, I’m on a topic branch. Here’s my scenario: Working in a topic branch for a […]

Feature backporting in Git / Subversion

What would be the preferred way to achieve the following workflow with either Git or Subversion (I have more interest in the Git version, but comparison will definitely be useful): Let’s say we had a major release of the product recently and there is a specific polisihin branch called release-2.0.x. The development then continued and […]

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