Best general SVN Ignore Pattern?

What is the best (or as good as possible) general SVN ignore pattern to use? There are a number of different IDE, editor, compiler, plug-in, platform, etc. specific files and some file types that “overlap” (i.e. desirable for some types projects and not for others). There are however, a large number of file types that […]

Ensure minimal coverage on new Subversion commits

We have a massive project with almost no unit tests at all. I would like to ensure from now on that the developers commit new features (or bugs!) without minimal coverage for corresponding unit tests. What are some ways to enforce this? We use many tools, so perhaps I can use a plugin (jira, greenhopper, […]

Reintegrate can only be used if revisions X through Y were previously merged from <URL> to reintegrate the source, but this is not the case

Been using SVN branches with Tortoise 1.6. I’ve been periodically merging the trunk into the branch to keep it up to date. Today, I thought I’d reintegrate the branch. I chose “Reintegrate a branch” from Tortoise and received the following error message: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 4709 through 5019 were previously merged […]

What does the Subversion status symbol “~” mean?

I am getting a tilde symbol when I do an svn status. Here is the output of the project after editing it in XCode. svn status M build/ M build/ M build/ ~ build/ M main.m //more changed files Any idea what that means? Can’t seem to find it on google or any of the […]

Can we set a single file as external in Subversion?

Can we set a single file as external in Subversion?

How to find my Subversion server version number?

I want to know if my server is running Subversion 1.5. How can I find that out? Also would be nice to know my SVN client version number. svn help hasn’t been helpful. Note: I don’t want my project’s revision number, etc. This question is about the Subversion software itself.

How do I browse an old revision of a Subversion repository through the web view?

I know how to browse my project’s Subversion repository through its web front-end, but it seems that I can only browse the latest revision of the trunk. Is there a way to browse an older revision of the trunk through the web UI? I know how to do this from the command-line, but I need […]

Magento staging and production

I have been developing with magento for a while now and things are starting to make sense and become much more deliberate and organised. One aspect though still seems quite messy – moving a site from development to production. Can anyone offer some good processes for this – up to now I have simply been […]

How to display a specific user's commits in svn log?

How to display a specific user’s commits in svn? I didn’t find any switches for that for svn log.

Recover code repository in Github?

I recently inherited a project that used to be setup with Github for version control. However, due to lack of communication from the original developer, I’m left with code base that lives on the production. Question I have is if it’s possible to recover a code repo in Github given that I have the .git […]

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