How to require commit messages in VisualSVN server?

We’ve got VisualSVN Server set up as our Subversion server on Windows, and we use Ankhsvn + TortoiseSVN as clients on our workstations. How can you configure the server to require commit messages to be non-empty?

Handshake failure with “SSL error code -1/1/336032856” on OS X 10.7

svn co “” svn: OPTIONS of ‘’: SSL handshake failed: SSL error code -1/1/336032856 ( It works on Windows and Mac OX10.6, but it fails on Mac OSX10.7. I’ve tried with the default /usr/bin/svn (version 1.6.16 (r1073529)), and the one of fink /sw/bin/svn (version 1.6.17 (r1128011)) I installed all OSX10.7 updates. What can be the […]

What is Reverse Merge ( Revert Merge ) in SVN, a simple explanation and the step by step processes from start to finish

What is Reverse Merge ( Revert Merge ) in SVN, a simple explanation and the step by step processes from start to finish would be great. Can someone give me the the processes, numbered if you can. And a good and simple example would be great too.

Does heroku use my ssh key to fetch builpacks?

Heroku gives you the possibility to use a custom buildpack using the BUILDPACK_URL env variable. That worked fine with urls until someone had trouble fetching the buildpack. Until now I assumed heroku managed to fetch buildpacks on its own but it seems it uses my heroku ssh key to do this. And it just […]

Online DVCS Client

Okay, I have been grasping as all sorts of solutions to my problems with questions like Recommended DVCS mechanism for hosting many independent patches and Using Mercurial patch queue repository on BitBucket for many users and patches, but hopefully this will be the last question I need to ask about how to establish source control […]

Subversion Obliterate feature

I was just thinking of writing a shell script to implement the obliterate functionality in an easy to do way (externally, using the suggested way, but automated). Here’s what I had in mind: On the client svn list -R > file-list. filter file-list in several ways like grep to create a file “files-to-delete”, something like […]

How do I create a branch in SVN?

How do I create a branch in SVN?

Combining multiple SVN repositories into one

After considering the answers to my previous question (One SVN Repository or many?), I’ve decided to take the 4 or so repositories I have and consolidate them into one. This of course leads to the question, what’s the best way to do this? Is there a way to combine two or more repositories maintaining the […]

SVN / Subversion 1.7 and Eclipse Subversive & JavaHL

I have just upgraded to TortoiseSVN 1.6.99, Build 21709, (Subversion 1.7.0, -dev). I am having problem in my Eclipse Subversive 0.7.9.I20100512-1900 & JavaHL 1.6.15. Have tried to update my Eclipse plugins. Anyone have an solution? Error at Eclipse: Share project was failed. Unsupported working copy format svn: The path ‘XXX’ appears to be part of […]

How to use svn+ssh with Tortoise SVN from the command line

I’m having trouble trying to checkout a repo using the following syntax on a Windows 7 workstation with TortoiseSvn: svn co svn+ssh://user@ip/repo . What I’ve done to test this issue: Modified the network settings of TortoiseSvn to point to ..\TortoisePlink.exe Successfully established an ssh connection to the target machine with no issues Successfully checked out […]

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