how to access the github graphql API from java without running curl commands inside java

Pardon me for the long question as I am a beginner to graphql. I need to access the github graphql API to get the blame details on a certain file, as upto now there is no blame REST API available in github API version 3. I can get output for the below graphql query which […]

New pull request without unmerged commits

I have a pull request on a repository. The commits are still unmerged. Now, I want to make another pull request, totally independent from the previous one. When I create a new branch and make the new commits, all of the unmerged commits are also alongside with the new ones! I want to create a […]

Merging two branches A and B where A contains files that were deleted from B

Ok, so the basic idea is that there are some files that I want to ensure get reinstated or “undeleted”. I am not exactly sure what happened, but I have git branches A and B and I am 99% that B was branched off of A. After I created B, I deleted some files from […]

Github-plugin for Jenkins get committer and author name

If I understand well, git plugin exposes committer and author names and emails to environmental variables GIT_AUTHOR_NAME, GIT_COMMITTER_NAME, GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL and GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL based on the global configuration of git. Is there a way to get that info using Github-plugin? Does Github-plugin exposes payload info, getting from github-webhook, to environmental variables or to something else?

Possible to add a collaborator w/ push access only to a specific folder in a repo?

I have a math based project where I want all members to have push rights to their own folder within this project but not to other member’s folders. Project/ Dan/ John/ Sarah/ Becky/ Master/ data.csv This is how everything is currently organized. Each member has their own folder where they can keep their work […]

How can I use github api to get all tags or releases for a project?

I would like to know how to use the github-api to get all the current releases or tags for a project. I have seen the documentation for tags in github-api but I don’t see a way to list all tags or list all releases but only list a specific tag by :sha.

What are these icons by my commit

I recently began working on an atom package, and I committed and pushed it using github for windows. But if you look at the .gitignore , there is a :camel: and a :boom: icon next to the commit. Are these of any purpose, they seemed to have been auto generated by github for windows. […]

Unable to install plugins in cordova project

Am facing a big issue : Unable to install the phonegap plugins in my cordova project.Actually it was working fine still yesterday. Now whenever I try adding any cordova plugin using CLI in my cordova project. I get the following error; D:\Projects\test cordova>cordova plugin add Fetching plugin “” via plugin registry npm http GET […]

How do I resolve this issue of preventing push to origin wrt. GitHub?

When I try to push my application to GitHub using Git, I get the following: $ git push origin master Enter passphrase for key ‘/c/Users/Medicine – SWEng/.ssh/id_rsa’: ERROR: Repository not found. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Output of running git remote -v: $ git remote -v heroku (fetch) heroku (push) origin […]

Get all commits from today

I use this code to get all commits from Guthub. I would like to get the commits only from today. public void listCommits(String user_name, String password) throws IOException { GitHubClient client = new GitHubClient(); client.setCredentials(user_name, password); RepositoryService service = new RepositoryService(client); List<Repository> repositories = service.getRepositories(); for (int i = 0; i < repositories.size(); i++) { […]

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