Following git-flow how should you handle a hotfix of an earlier release?

If you try to follow the git-flow branching model, documented here and with tools here, how should you handle this situation: You have made a 1.0 release and a 2.0 release. Then you need to make a hotfix for 1.0. You create a hotfix branch off the 1.0 tag and implement the fix there. But […]

How to setup a git driver to ignore a folder on merge

I’ve already did an extensive search, read a lot of SO questions and solutions and tried it different ways, but I’ve been unable to do what I want, which is fairly simple. I have the master branch, where all the main code resides, and the design branch, where the layout of the rails application is […]

Is it possible to set a git commit to have a timestamp prior to 1970?

Unix timestamps are signed 32 bit integers (64 bit on some systems today, or so I understand). On some software products this allows you to use dates going back as far as 1903 or so. However, when I try the following: git commit -m “this is a test commit” –date=”1960-04-07 18:00:00″ I receive an “fatal: […]

How do I get the deleted-branch back in git?

I’m trying to use git for our software development. I found that if I delete a branch in git, I could lose my code forever. That surprised me. I thought as a version control system, it should be able to let me do anything (even stupid one) without worry about harming my work. The steps […]

What does “Auto packing the repository for optimum performance” mean?

I’m having a problem with my git repo. For the last couple of days whenever I do a push to the server I get this message: “Auto packing the repository for optimum performance”, and it does not seem to go away and return the shell. I also tried checking out to a new branch and […]

git rebase basics

I have started using git rebase recently and am not 100% certain I’m doing it right. For the sake of the question, there are two branches in origin, master and next, which was branched from master. Since last sync between the two, master had 2 commits and next 6: $ git log –oneline origin/next..origin/master 59b5552 […]

How do I add/upgrade/downgrade a remote Git project in my repository without using submodules?

I need to keep a copy of WordPress in my project’s Git repository. I want to use Git to pull down WordPress updates from GitHub, and then push out those updates via git push and/or git svn dcommit. I currently have a solution in place using Git submodules, and it works; but now I need […]

Git – how to find first commit of specific branch

In following example tree: A-B-C-D-E (master branch) \ F-G-H (xxx branch) I’m looking for F – the first commit in xxx branch. I think that it is possible with: git log xxx –not master and the last listed commit should be F. Is it correct solution or maybe there are some disadvantages of it? I […]

Incremental backups with git bundle, for all branches

What is the easiest way to do incremental backups of a git repository with git bundle? If I just wanted to backup a single branch, I could do something along these lines: git bundle create foo last-backup..master git tag -f last-backup master But what if I want to backup everything (including all branches)? To answer […]

Troubleshooting misplaced .git directory (nothing to commit)

I started getting this message. No matter what I edit and try to commit, it says there is nothing to commit. Looks like git does not see my working directory and looking somewhere else. If I run git status it outputs the same: nothing to commit (working directory clean) If I create new branch and […]

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