Clean up a fork and restart it from the upstream

I have forked a repository, then I made some changes and it looks like I’ve messed up everything. I wish to start it again from scratch, using the current upstream/master as the base for my work. Should I rebase my repository or delete it at all?

Trouble on setting the git 'core.editor'

I am trying to set git on my Mac Os Snow Leopard 10.6.7 but I made some errors on doing that… At this time I have the following warning: $ git config –global core.editor EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim error: More than one value for the key core.editor: mate $ git config –global core.editor open warning: core.editor has multiple […]

Bower install using only https?

I am trying to set up Bower on a build server at our organization’s data center, but git‘s port does not appear to be open on the data center’s firewall. I can use the git command line client to clone via https://[repo], but not git://[repo]. Is there a switch or preference which will instruct bower […]

Can I use git diff on untracked files?

Is it possible to ask git diff to include untracked files in its diff output? Or is my best bet to git add the new files I’ve created and the existing files I have edited, and use git diff –cached ?

Git and Team Foundation Server

Update: I don’t use TFS anymore. But from the comments I can see that git–tfs is obviously the way to go nowadays. Has anybody experience using Git as an offline solution for Team Foundation Server? For Subversion you could use git-svn to keep a private repository with a svn backend. I tried to use SvnBridge […]

How to handle a large git repository?

I am currently using git for a large repository (around 12 GB, each branch having a size of 3 GB). This repository contains lots of binary files (audio and images). The problem is that clone and pull can take lots of time. Specially the “Resolving deltas” step can be very very long. What is the […]

Undo change in git (not rewriting history)

I made a change in a script and committed it. Then I made a few other changes, and pushed them to a remote repository and such. Then I realised that first change I mentioned was stupid, and want to undo it.. Can I “unapply” that commit, without manually copy/pasting the diff? As an example: I […]

Differences between git pull origin master & git pull origin/master

What is the difference between git pull origin master and git pull origin/master ?

Git merge master into feature branch

Lets say we have the following situation in git: A created repository: mkdir GitTest2 cd GitTest2 git init Some modifications in the master take place and get committed. echo “On Master” > file git commit -a -m “Initial commit” Feature1 branched off master and some work is done: git branch feature1 git checkout feature1 echo […]

Checking out Git tag leads to “detached HEAD state”

I’m developing a deployment script for my git project and I just started using tags. I’ve added a new tag called v2.0: git tag -a v2.0 -m “Launching version 2.0” And I’ve pushed this tag to the remote repository git push –tags When I try to execute the deployment script and check out the v2.0 […]

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