How can I index our internal source code?

Google Code Search has indexed Subversion and Mercurial repositories, so people can search open source projects. How can I do the same for my company’s repository with the least effort and without publishing our code? We have Trac (with Subversion) at our shop, but it only indexes Changesets, and we also have Visual Source Safe.

What is the correct way to restore a deleted file from SVN?

I deleted a file from a repo and now want to put it back. The best I can figure out is to: update to the revision before the delete copy the files elsewhere update to head copy the files back add them commit That just smells bad and it looses all history to boot. There […]

What is the best web based Subversion client?

What is your favorite web-based svn client? I’d like one that supports commits via the web. One tool per post please! Please include platform and notable features (e.g. read-write support). I’m referring to browser-based clients that users would go to like any other website–not accessing the repo via http.

Control VisualSVN Server from C#

I installed VisualSVN Server 2.5.4. I can create user and repository. My question is how can I create/delete user/repository from C#. Is there any library?

How to configure SVN web access for different write permissions?

I’m trying to configure SVN web access on Apache2 under Windows Server 2008 for different write permissions. I have next Apache2 conf: <Location /svn> SVNParentPath “E:\SVN” DAV svn SVNListParentPath on AuthType Basic AuthName “Subversion repositories” Require valid-user AuthUserFile svn-auth.txt AuthzSVNAccessFile svn-acl.txt </Location> <Location /svn/foobar> SVNParentPath “E:\SVN\foobar” DAV svn SVNListParentPath on AuthType Basic AuthName “Subversion repositories” […]

What branching strategy should I use during the development/maintenance of a web application?

I am trying to decide on the best branching strategy for a web application project. Here is what I have come up with until now and I would greatly appreciate any comments and experiences. The way I see it there are two main branching strategies: “branch by release” and “branch by feature”. “Branch by release”: […]

yosemite svn 1.6.6 segmentation fault

svn stopped working in my Mac after upgrade to Yosemite. I know there is a very similar question with no answer, Segmentation fault: 11 in SVN checkout, however I’ve spent pretty much the whole day with this and I’m adding more information on the issue. I’m hoping somebody maybe somebody can help… I’m really stuck. […]

Obstructed folders in Subversion

What the heck does “obstructed” mean when you try to check into Subversion? I see two folders in red with text status of “obstructed.” I don’t see what this means anywhere in the docs. When I try the cleanup command, I get “folder name is not a working directory.” This is a folder I just […]

What do you use the svn tags directory for anyways?

Ok so we all know the standard SVN set-up of trunk\ branches\ tags\ And I realize that the recommendation is that tags should have “special” commits in it. I’ve never really used the tags directory however and I don’t see why I ever would. My understanding is that tags\ would contain things like “Version1Release\, Version2Release\, […]

Is there an encrypted version control system?

I am looking for an encrypted version control system . Basically I would like to Have all files encrypted locally before sending to the server. The server should never receive any file or data unencrypted. Every other feature should work pretty much the same way as SVN or CVS does today. Can anyone recommend something […]

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