How to display HTML content in github

I am new to github, in want to display a HTML content using an Iframe or something is this possible ? What I have tried is I just create HTML tags other then anchor, that is not working.

Getting a particular version of a branch

Is there a way to download a particular version of a branch? In particular I’d like to do a git clone of now, and save a set of instructions on how to get the exact same version from github, regardless of future commits.

automatic extension update can't handle zip file from github?

I have an extension hosted on github, for which I want to provide automatic updates. However, when I provide the URL to a file attached to a release, Joomla just reports the following on trying to automatically update: Fehler beim Verbindungsaufbau zum Server: Error Unknown Ungültige Webadresse Translation Error in connecting to server: Error Unknown […]

Syntax of the pom.xml scm connection string

I’m cleaning up pom files in my project and find out I use two slightly different scm records: <scm> <connection>scm:git:</connection> <developerConnection>scm:git:</developerConnection> <url></url> </scm> vs <scm> <connection></connection> <developerConnection></developerConnection> <url></url> </scm> I haven’t been able to find any resource describing the syntax of the connection strings so far. What is the difference between these two?

git pull and reset stopped by error “unable to create file <filename> (File exists)”

I am currently moving my company to Git from Vault, and I’ve set up the repos on Github, but setting up locally is being made a headache by some reoccurring errors. The most baffling is that when I try to pull, it cancels with the error “error: unable to create file (File exists)” for a […]

Github delete branch even after made commits to it?

I have a github repo and I am working on the site, I don’t know how to do command line stuff. So I have a branch I made commits too. And I see it can be deleted. This is kind of nice. I always do small unit tests and just want to delete it. So […]

How to create a GitHub Gist with API?

By looking at GitHub Gist API, I understood that it is possible to create the Gist create for anonymous users without any API keys/authentication. Is it so? I could not find answers to following questions: Are there any restrictions (number of gists) to be created etc? Is there any example that I can post the […]

Github API sorting search results by the created_at field

How can I create a search query sorted by the created_at field? I’ve tried: and But I get the same results as this query:

Accessing SSH key from bash script running via a cron job

I’ve put this script together to updated a folder of forked Github repositories on a daily basis. It runs fine if I call it from a prompt, but I can’ figure out how to make it utilize my id_rsa reliably when it is run as a cron job. the eval ‘ssh-agent’ is an attempt to […]

GitHub wiki directories

Does the wiki that installs with a GitHub repo support directories? Our wiki is cluttered with pages, and we are looking for a way to organize them better. We tried pulling the repo, creating local directories, and moving things around, but when committed back, the wiki didn’t pick up the changes.

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