Transfer gist repo to github

I am working on a small project with gist and since it is growing I would like to put it on github. Let’s suppose that: my gist repo is at: my new (empty) repo is at: The ideal solution would be one that pushes my changes on both the gist and the github […]

Getting Git to Acknowledge Previously Moved Files

I’ve moved a bunch of files around manually without thinking, and can’t find a way to get git to recognize that the files are just moved and not actually different files. Is there a way to do this other than removing old and adding the new (and thus losing the history), or redoing all the […]

How to properly commit in repository with Github Pages branch

i’ve got a question Situation based on gh-pages My project uses preprocessors and another difficult staff, so, my project stucture looks as follows: master branch ./-| /src /node_modules /public-| /js /css /etc index.html /etc package.json etc all code sources in src folder, compiled – into public folder. public folder also in .gitignore I would like […]

How does git detect that a file has been modified?

How does git detect a file modification so fast? Does it hash every file in the repo and compare SHA1s? This would take a lot of time, wouldn’t it? Or does it compare atime, ctime or mtime?

Heroku – Display hash of current commit

I want to display the hash of the current git commit in the browser so that testing team (which does not have an access to run heruko commands) will be able to include the corresponding commit hash in bug reports. First I tried grit, but something is broken and it doesn’t work on Heroku (on […]

Does git ignore empty folders?

I created an Android project, added it to my git repo, comitted and pushed my clone to the master. Later I tried checking out the project and Eclipse complained about missing src folders. I checked my repo and the master repo and the src folders are missing (Im sure they were there when I created […]

Gitignore not working

My .gitignore file isn’t working for some reason, and no amount of Googling has been able to fix it. Here is what I have: *.apk *.ap_ *.dex *.class **/bin/ **/gen/ .gradle/ build/ **/proguard/ *.log It’s in the directory master, which is my git repo. I’m running Git because I’m on a MacBook running […]

What happens when I clone a repository with symlinks on Windows?

There’s been a lot of questions about adding support for symlinks on Windows. But, what actually happens when I clone a repository with symlinks on Windows?

Git / Bower Errors: Exit Code # 128 & Failed connect

I am using Bower to install several libraries. For demonstration purposes here, I am installing bootstrap. Regardless of the package, I receive the following errors: C:\Scott>bower install bootstrap bower not-cached git://* bower resolve git://* bower ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote –tags –heads git://github .com/twbs/bootstrap.git”, exit code of #128 Additional error details: fatal: unable to […]

How to remove a dangling commit from GitHub?

Yesterday, I pushed to my fork of ConnectBot on GitHub. I pushed once, realized that I hadn’t made the change the way I wanted, redid the commit and pushed again. Now, GitHub has both commits: – the first, “bad” commit – the one I want to keep My master branch is only tracking […]

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