Subversion branch reintegration

When a branch is reintegrated to the trunk, is that branch effectively dead? Can you make modifications to the branch after the reintegration and merge those back into the trunk at a later date?

Xcode 4 + SVN = working?

I have a VPS with Centos running. I have setup subversion on the VPS. While setting it up in Xcode, Xcode reports that everything is fine. When I import a project however, Xcode gives a warning: Authentication realm: <svn://**********.net:3690> **********-********** Password for ‘svn’: Authentication realm: <svn://**********.net:3690> **********-********** Username: svn: Can’t read stdin: End of file […]

How to change credentials for SVN repository in Eclipse?

I have Eclipse 3.4.2 installed on Windows with subclipse. Another developer added an SVN repository with his credentials and selected ‘Save password’. Now every time I do anything with SVN his cached credentials are used. How can I change them to mine? I have already checked the ‘workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.tigris…’ folders, and could not find any way […]

Delete file with all history from svn repository

Is there any way to delete file from svn repository including all its history? This issue emerges when I want to get rid of large binary file residing in repo. I know only one approach that might help in this situation: Dump all repo with the help of svnadmin utility. Filter dumped file with grep. […]

Updating from svn repository returns “Could not read chunk size” error

When updating from subversion repository using tortoise svn client I get error looking like that: Could not read chunk size: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. It doesn’t prevent me from updating, just interrupts update process, so that I have to repeat update several times, before it is complete. What can […]

Are there any free cmd-line scripts which can re-format PHP source-code?

I’m using a pre-commit hook to lint-check PHP source submitted by our staff, and everyone’s really happy with the results. The staff have agreed it would be useful to have the code re-formatted to follow (customizable) style rules on commit. Are there any FOSS scripts which can do this from the command-line?

What tools do you use when integrating with Subversion on Windows?

I’m just getting into Subversion for personal projects and am interested in knowing what tools you use that integrate with Subversion on the Windows platform. Things like visualisation, backup, IDE integration, issue tracking integration etc. Anything that extends the basic functionality of Subversion really to make it more powerful. Great stuff, I’m sure there must […]

open source svn client java library which can be used in commercial development

Is their any SVN client Java library which i can use in a commercial development.

Cannot install R-forge package using install.packages

This, question, is, asked, over, and, over, and, over, on the R-sig-finance mailing list, but I do not think it has been asked on stackoverflow. It goes like this: Where can I obtain the latest version of package XYZ that is hosted on R-forge? I tried to install it with install.packages, but this is what […]

How to make svn diff produce file that patch would apply, when svn cp or svn mv was used?

The scenario is: svn cp or mv some file modify that file svn diff > mypatch On other machine (same working copy, but no changes): Try to apply mypatch. Fail -> tries to modify unexistant file. How can I make svn diff produce patch-appliable patch, or cleanly apply patch produced by svn diff in this […]

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