Error in git push heroku master through ssh behind proxy

Brief Context: Hi, I am a university student (behind proxy, new to ROR, Git & Heroku and have been following Ruby on Rails tutorial. I solved the problem of pushing git repo through ssh using following config in my ~/.ssh/config file (and it worked perfectly after that): Host Hostname User git ProxyCommand […]

Why does git care about trailing whitespace in my files?

What business is it of whatever VCS I’m using to worry about what I put in my files? I don’t get what the point here is. Is git version control or syntax checker?

How can I fetch an unmerged pull request for a branch I don't own?

I need to pull in a specific pull request (that hasn’t been processed into the main stream yet) in the NServiceBus repo: It’s obviously not my repo, but I need the changes that exist in that pull request. What is the best way to do this?

What's the best practice to “git clone” into an existing folder?

I have a working copy of the project, without any source control meta data. Now, I’d like to do the equivalent of git-clone into this folder, and keep my local changes. git-clone doesn’t allow me to clone into an existing folder. What is the best practice here?

How can you automatically remove trailing whitespace in vim

I am getting ‘trailing whitespace‘ errors trying to commit some files in git. I want to remove these trailing whitespace characters automatically right before I save python files. Can you configure vim to do this? If so, how?

How to change git log date formats

I am trying to display the last commit within git, but I need the date in a special format. I know that the log pretty format %ad respects the –date format, but the only –date format I can find is “short”. I want to know the others, and whether I can create a custom one […]

Git submodule to track remote branch

I’m trying to use git submodules for aggregating 10+ repositories into one structure for easy development. It is supposed to clone the module and checkout a branch. Instead, the module is checked out in detached head mode. git clone git submodule update —init cd config-framework git status $git status #HEAD detached at b932ab5 nothing […]

git clone fails with “index-pack” failed?

So I created a remote repo that’s not bare (because I need redmine to be able to read it), and it’s set to be shared with the group (so git init –shared=group). I was able to push to the remote repo and now I’m trying to clone it. If I clone it over the net […]

Git fatal: remote end hung up

So I thought I had finally got everything setup on Windows … then ran into this issue. Current setup URL: ssh://user@host:port/myapp.git Already run Putty – and can connect using valid .ppk keys through the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys direct. In Git and TortoiseGIT – I set both to use “plink.exe”. Putty works fine – no issues – but […]

Reference Git branch start commit

I am trying to find how to reference branch start commit from script. I mean the commit sha at which branch was forked. Moreover I expect it work for history made from svn repo. This post just gives first commit of repo creation and not feature branch start commit.

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