Remove unwanted css Using uncss in Responsive sites

I have uncss (A project on github) to remove unwanted css for responsive site . It also removes the css mentioned in the mobile.css file , but which actually affects the site in mobile view . I don’t have any idea how the uncss works ? i.e weather it simply removes the selectors which are […]

SVN blame in Eclipse

Yesterday, I discovered the Subversion (SVN) blame feature, and I was wondering, is this feature available from Eclipse?

How can I force subversion to commit an unchanged file?

I want subversion to commit a file even if it’s unchanged. Is there a way to do this?

How to escape @ characters in Subversion managed file names?

For many Subversion operations, appending the ‘@’ symbol to the end of a file or URL argument allows you to target a specific revision of that file. For example, “svn info test.txt@1234″ will give information about test.txt as it existed in revision 1234. However, when the name of the file contains an @, it is […]

Subversion revision number across multiple projects

When using Subversion (svn) for source control with multiple projects I’ve noticed that the revision number increases across all of my projects’ directories. To illustrate my svn layout (using fictitious project names): /NinjaProg/branches /tags /trunk /StealthApp/branches /tags /trunk /SnailApp/branches /tags /trunk When I perform a commit to the trunk of the Ninja Program, let’s say […]

SVN Error – Not a working copy

Recently our svn server was changed and we did a svn switch. Since the working copy had a huge amount of unversioned resources, the working copy got locked and we started switching folder by folder for all folders under svn, which works perfectly fine. But at the top most level of the repository, when I […]

Include SVN revision number in source code

My requirement is simple. At the beginning of each file there should be a block comment like this: /* * This file was last modified by {username} at {date} and has revision number {revisionnumber} */ I want to populate the {username}, {date} and {revisionnumber} with the appropriate content from SVN. How can I achieve this […]

github not showing last 9 commits

github showing 13th April’s commit as my last commit. I just did push few minutes but its not showing up commits after April 13 I can do git log and see commits that was made after April 13.

Where is the 'Revert' option in Xcode 4's Source Control?

I’m using SVN in Xcode 4 as my source control; but can’t see any option to revert to an older revision? Either a ‘revert’ or an ‘update to revision’ command? The ‘Update’ option always seems to update to the HEAD. Of course – I can do this on the command-line, but can’t believe there’s no […]

How do I list all repositories with the SVNParentPath directive on Apache+SVN?

I’m using SVN through Apache with dav_svn_module like this: <Location /svn> DAV svn SVNParentPath C:/svn_repository AuthName “Subversion Repository” … </Location> This lets me access my repos: C:/svn_repository/repo1 C:/svn_repository/repo2 C:/svn_repository/repo3 via these URLs: Those URLs work great. When I go to just /svn (no repo name), I get a 403/forbidden response. What I’d […]

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