Configuring VisualSVN Server to use _svn instead of .svn

We were having a problem with our build server not checking out modifications from source control despite recognizing that there had been changes. It was traced to the control folder (not sure what it’s real name is), the existing working builds were using _svn. Clearing the working folder forced a new complete checkout and I […]

How do you move a file in SVN?

I’m using TortoiseSVN against the SourceForge SVN repository. I’d like to move a file from one folder to another in order to maintain its revision history. Is this possible? If so, how do you do it? (My current strategy has been to copy the file into the new folder and check it in and then […]

Is there a way to change a SVN users username through the entire repository history?

When my team first started out with SVN we all just used our first names when committing to the repository, however, now that our team has grown, we are running into issues because we just hired a second Mike. What we would like to do is change everybody’s usernames to be the same as the […]

Error push/pull on github: Unable to resolve

I have been using Tortoisegit on my Windows 7 laptop to access my GIT repository since 2and getting this error. I tried to access page on the browser (Chrome & IE) and even there I get the error: “This webpage is not available”. Finally I tried even ping from command line and even that […]

How to see what will be updated from repository before issuing “svn update” command?

I’ve committed changes in numerous files to a SVN repository from Eclipse. I then go to website directory on the linux box where I want to update these changes from the repository to the directory there. I want to say “svn update project100″ which will update the directories under “project100” with all my added and […]

Deleting a folder from svn repository

I sometimes make mistakes with svn and have folders stuck in my repository. I want to remove these folders but I cannot figure out a way to do this. Keep in mind I am very new with SVN. I am running this command from apple terminal: sudo svn delete I get the message : […]

Can you do a partial checkout with Subversion?

If I had 20 directories under trunk/ with lots of files in each and only needed 3 of those directories, would it be possible to do a Subversion checkout with only those 3 directories under trunk?

Import Dumped SVN Repo into Visual SVN

I have dumped my repository on my old computer to a file with the command. svnadmin dump C:\myrepo/ > mydumpfile Now I decided to use Visual SVN on my new computer as opposed to just a baseline subversion. How do I import my repository into VisualSVN?

subversion python bindings documentation?

Where can I find a good introduction to using the subversion python bindings? I found one section in the svnbook that talks about it; and some basic examples from 1.3. Is there something a bit more thorough and up-to-date?

SVN Repository Authentication using SharpSVN

Can any one tell me how to authenticate users(SVN users) for a repository using SharpSVN Library. That repository should only be committed by those users. Thanks

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