Eclipse + EGit: clone project into workspace

I’m a little confused about how EGit workes. I have an existing git repository on Github and want to clone it into my workspace. My goal is to have the local repository directly stored inside my workspace-folder but I don’t get it working with EGit. When I want to clone the github repo with EGit, […]

Go to particular revision

I cloned a git repository of a certain project. Can I turn the files to the initial state and when I review the files go to revision 2, 3, 4 … most recent? I’d like to have an overview of how the project was evolving.

How to list all tags that contain a commit?

This question is similar to How to list all tags pointing to a specific commit in git, but with one difference: I wish to search for all tags that contain a specific commit within the tree of each tag, not specifically the files marked in the tag itself (in this case, only the Makefile change […]

Git commit with no commit message

How can I commit changes without specifying commit message? Why is it required by default?

What determines default branch after “git clone”?

My understanding is that the default branch of a cloned repository is to be whatever HEAD points to in the repo being cloned. I now have a case where this is not true. My understanding is obviously flawed, so what does determine the default checkout branch when cloning a (bare) repo? The last commit on […]

How to add Git's branch name to the commit message?

I need some help with a Bash script that will automatically add the git‘s branch name as a hash in commit messages.

Can I make a user-specific gitignore file?

I want to change the gitignore, but not everyone on the team wants these changes. How can a user have their own specific git ignore file?

How would I extract a single file (or changes to a file) from a git stash?

I’d like to know if it is possible to extract a single file or diff of a file from a git stash without popping the stash changeset off. Might anyone be able to provide some suggestions/ideas about this?

git can I view the reflog of a remote?

Is it possible to view the reflog of a remote? That is, I want to know what the output of git reflog is on another remote machine. Note, I am not asking for the reflog of remote-tracking branches (such as origin/master), I am asking for what reflog says on the other machine.

How to change git ssh user for a remote push temporarily?

Is it possible to change the ssh user temporarly for a “git push remote master” without messing up with .git/config or “git remote”, or using the whole remote url? [root@host gitrepo]# git push otheruser@remote master # this does not work, but how great it would be [root@host gitrepo]# USER=otheruser git push remote master # still […]

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