Subversion update externals to a date

I’m working on a large, established project under SVN control. Many parts of the code base are being checked out as externals, but are being actively worked on by other people. I wanted to update my entire working copy, externals and all, so that it reflected the various repositories’ HEADs at a specific point in […]

How do you branch and merge with TortoiseSVN?

How do you branch and merge with Apache Subversion using the TortoiseSVN client?

Roll back or revert entire svn repository to an older revision

I messed up on my SVN repository and now need to revert the entire repository from revision 28 to 24 and don’t want to deal with diffs or conflicts. Is there a quick and simple way to do this? I’ve been able to revert back single files before fine with the merge command – but […]

svn cleanup: sqlite: database disk image is malformed

I was trying to do a svn cleanup because I can’t commit the changes in my working copy, and I got the following error: sqllite: database disk image is malformed What can I do right now?

Mechanisms for tracking DB schema changes

What are the best methods for tracking and/or automating DB schema changes? Our team uses Subversion for version control and we’ve been able to automate some of our tasks this way (pushing builds up to a staging server, deploying tested code to a production server) but we’re still doing database updates manually. I would like […]

Better, simpler example of 'semantic conflict'?

I like to distinguish three different types of conflict from a version control system (VCS): textual syntactic semantic A textual conflict is one that is detected by the merge or update process. This is flagged by the system. A commit of the result is not permitted by the VCS until the conflict is resolved. A […]

Git – fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD' & notice: HEAD points to unborn branch (master)

I am a newbie to all this and currently taking a class to learn git. However, I was in the process of practicing branching and merging. I had created a new branch and it was switched but my computer started to have issues, which cause me to shut it down and restart. When I return […]

SVN vs. Team Foundation Server

A few months back my team switched our source control over to Apache Subversion from Visual SourceSafe, and we haven’t been happier. Recently I’ve been looking at Team Foundation Server, and at least on the surface, it seems very impressive. There is some great integration with Visual Studio, and lots of great tools for DBAs, […]

svn client binaries for windows

Where are the Windows binaries for the command-line version of SVN? Everywhere I search, it has to be some company’s fancy client software with an installer. I’m working on a machine where I don’t have administrator account. Just give me the plain command-line binaries, where the hell are they?

Which files in a Visual C# Studio project don't need to be versioned?

I’m new to Visual C# Studio (actually using the Express edition, but another developer is using the full version), and we are using version control (svn). It’s acceptable to me to add the project files to the repository, since this repo is just for the two of us using Visual C# Studio. But it feels […]

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