Using Subversion in Xcode

It seems that all of the initial Google results for “using subversion with xcode” are actually just tutorials for installing and configuring svn and Xcode, as opposed to actually using the two (i.e. interacting with svn via Xcode’s GUI). Is anyone aware of a good guide that teaches the tricks and pitfalls of working with […]

Command to recursively remove all .svn directories on Windows

I have a directory with many sub-directories. In each folder there is a subversion folder (.svn). Is there a command in windows that will go through each folder and sub-directory and delete the .svn folder? Or will I have to create a script or do it manually?

Easy-install live python libraries/scripts

I have a number of python “script suites” (as I call them) which I would like to make easy-to-install for my colleagues. I have looked into pip, and that seems really nice, but in that regimen (as I understand it) I would have to submit a static version and update them on every change. As […]

SVN – Checksum mismatch while updating

When I try to update some files from SVN, I get the error: org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: Checksum mismatch while updating ‘D:\WWW\Project\\.svn\text-base\import.php.svn-base’; expected: ‘3f9fd4dd7d1a0304d8020f73300a3e07’, actual: ‘cd669dce5300d7035eccb543461a961e’ How can I fix it?

How do I 'svn add' all unversioned files to SVN?

I’m looking for a good way to automatically ‘svn add’ all unversioned files in a working copy to my SVN repository. I have a live server that can create a few files that should be under source control. I would like to have a short script that I can run to automatically add these, instead […]

List all svn:externals recursively?

How can I get a list of all svn:externals (recursively) in a directory? Is there any utility for this? (I’m using Windows (and tortoise)) I have a bunch of svn:externals linking to different shared parts of my project and I when I branch it’s usually quite error prone to find all externals and changed them […]

How to configure a HTTP proxy for svn

I want to check code from the repository . I can only access the the repository url by setting a proxy. I guess if I want to get the code from the same URL by svn I need to configure a proxy, too. So does anyone of you could tell me how to configure […]

How to convince a company to switch their Source Control

My current place of employment is currently in a transition, new ownership has taken over, things are finally getting standardized and proper guidelines are being enforced. But we are still using VSS, there really isn’t any reason for using it other then that’s what whats initially setup. We don’t use Visual Studio, or any tool […]

Deny access to .svn folders on Apache

We have a rails application in subversion that we deploy with Capistrano but have noticed that we can access the files in ‘/.svn‘, which presents a security concern. I wanted to know what the best way to do this. A few ideas: Global Apache configuration to deny access Adding .htaccess files in the public folder […]

SVN Website Development and Deployment Solution

Here is the situation: we have multiple developers with varying degrees of commandline experience and we are putting together a deployment solution for our websites. The production environment is 2 SUSE Linux boxes. The development environment is a SUSE Linux box as well. Each developer has/will have a copy of the SVN tree in their […]

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