SVN pre-commit hook for avoiding changes to tags subdirectories

Is there anybody who has clear instructions on how to add a pre-commit hook that avoids changes to tags subdirectories? I already searched the internet quite a bit. I found this link: SVN::Hooks::DenyChanges , but I can’t seem to compile things.

SVN: Checkout/export only the directory structure

Is there a way to perform a SVN checkout (or export), which would fetch only the directory structure; that is to say, no files?

How to check a github file in text version with php

My question is simple! I could see how a github file on text in mode? I just need to compare the contained of github file. Would you know how to do with php?

Can you disable version control integration in Xcode 4?

I use Cornerstone for managing my Subversion repositories, so I don’t need Xcode’s integration, and I’m noticing Xcode is dumping loads of SVN-related output into my console (it recognises that my project is a local SVN copy)… In particular, there are loads of ERROR: Your working copy returned an SVN status of “external” that we […]

Protect files from svn commit

Hey, imagine a plain webapp with a which is under version control. I can’t add it to svn:ignore because its a mandatory file. If i make custom changes for development and i don’t want to commit them, i have to watch out for accidently commits. For one file it’s easy to handle, with 3 […]

Convert Eclipse project type from general to Java

This question already has an answer here: How to change an Eclipse default project into a Java project 10 answers

How to add an existing folder with files to SVN?

How do you add a folder without version control to a specific SVN location? I often start writing code and only after I have a few folders containing code files do I add it to SVN. What I usually do is: svn co the parent directory where I want to make a new folder to […]

Does Git-Svn Store Svn Passwords?

I’m using git-svn with a couple of work projects and I’ve noticed that for just about every action I take, I get prompted for my Svn password. For some actions, I get prompted multiple times (presumably b/c there are several actions going on behind the scenes). For example, when cloning a repository, I’m prompted 5 […]

Javascript won't run on github pages site

So the javascript used to work on my github pages site but it doesn’t work anymore after I delete the repository and tried to re-uplaod the project with some changes. Here is the repo. Here is the site.

Why does C# designer-generated code (like Form1.designer.cs) play havoc with Subversion?

My workshop has recently switched to Subversion from SourceSafe, freeing us from automatic locks. This led to concurrent editing of the Forms, which is wonderful. But when multiple developers commit their changes, the code files created by the designer (all the files named TheFormName.designer.cs) cause conflicts which are very difficult to resolve. As far as […]

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