What to do with commit made in a detached head

Using git i made somthing like this git clone git checkout {a rev number tree rev before} (here i started to be in a detached head state) //hacking git commit //hacking git commit (some commit where made on origin/master) git pull (wich does complete because there was some error due to the fact that i’m […]

How to show changed file name only with git log?

This question already has an answer here: How to have git log show filenames like svn log -v 7 answers

Best practice to store .jar files in VCS (SVN, Git, …)

I know, in the time of Maven it is not recommended to store libraries in VCS, but sometimes it makes sense, though. My question is how to best store them – compressed or uncompressed? Uncompressed they are larger, but if they are replaced a couple of times with newer ones, then maybe the stored difference […]

Why use 'git rm' to remove a file instead of 'rm'?

On SVN, removing something from the filesystem directly (rather than using svn) created a load of headaches. So far, using git, I haven’t found this to be an issue, but I notice that git has it’s own rm implementation. Is there a difference? Am I doing something wrong?

Convert a git folder to a submodule retrospectively?

Quite often it is the case that you’re writing a project of some kind, and after a while it becomes clear that some component of the project is actually useful as a standalone component (a library, perhaps). If you’ve had that idea from early on, then there’s a fair chance that most of that code […]

How to pull remote branch from somebody else's repo

I’ve got a project hosted on GitHub which somebody has forked. On their fork, they’ve created a new branch “foo” and made some changes. How do I pull their “foo” into a new branch also named “foo” in my repo? I understand they could submit a pull request to me, but I’d like to initiate […]

Git merge squash repeatedly

I’m trying to have two branches with binary files in git – one “development” and one “stable”. The development branch can have several changes of these files before I want to “release” them to the stable branch (and the stable branch has those files renamed, in case that’s relevant). I could do a normal merge, […]

How does git track source code moved between files?

Apparently, when you move a function from one source code file to another, the git revision log (for the new file) can show you where that code fragment was originally coming from (see for example the Viewing History section in this tutorial). How does this work?

Git-flow and master with multiple parallel release-branches

We are trying to adopt the successful Git branching model implemented by git-flow. Now, we are working on at least two release-branches, one for the latest stable release and one for the next (“preview”) release. What I don’t understand is why all releases seems to “linearized” to the master and tagged there. Why not tag […]

BitBucket – download source as ZIP

I know I can get the project through git clone command, but is there any way, how to download the project through the web interface from BitBucket.org? In the best way, I am looking for a way to download a project source as ZIP compress file.

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