yosemite svn 1.6.6 segmentation fault

svn stopped working in my Mac after upgrade to Yosemite. I know there is a very similar question with no answer, Segmentation fault: 11 in SVN checkout, however I’ve spent pretty much the whole day with this and I’m adding more information on the issue. I’m hoping somebody maybe somebody can help… I’m really stuck. […]

Obstructed folders in Subversion

What the heck does “obstructed” mean when you try to check into Subversion? I see two folders in red with text status of “obstructed.” I don’t see what this means anywhere in the docs. When I try the cleanup command, I get “folder name is not a working directory.” This is a folder I just […]

What do you use the svn tags directory for anyways?

Ok so we all know the standard SVN set-up of trunk\ branches\ tags\ And I realize that the recommendation is that tags should have “special” commits in it. I’ve never really used the tags directory however and I don’t see why I ever would. My understanding is that tags\ would contain things like “Version1Release\, Version2Release\, […]

Is there an encrypted version control system?

I am looking for an encrypted version control system . Basically I would like to Have all files encrypted locally before sending to the server. The server should never receive any file or data unencrypted. Every other feature should work pretty much the same way as SVN or CVS does today. Can anyone recommend something […]

What is the best strategy when migrating from ClearCase to SVN?

We are considering moving from ClearCase to Subversion. The project has been there for a while (7 years) and there are three “major” versions (branches) that we actively support, plus some occasional fixes in older releases. The project is fairly large – around 2 mln lines of java code. I am curious if there is […]

XCode 4 (Assembla) SVN Repository “Unable to load revisions”

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to connect to an https assembla svn repository with the new xcode 4 IDE for an iPhone project I’m working on. I was able to connect just fine with the last version of xcode (3?), and with other svn apps. I’m using the same repo address and credentials, so I’m baffled […]

Subversion (SVN) and static libraries (.a files) compatibility?

I can’t add .a files (static libraries) into my repository. Why? Is there a way to “force” SVN to accept them (at least as static files…)?

What's a simple way to undelete a file in subversion?

These instructions are a little intimidating and confusing: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch04s04.html#svn-ch-4-sect-4.3 . And also they don’t seem to mention that it’s much simpler if you haven’t yet checked in after doing the “svn rm” [1]. So I thought this would be a good place to record a simpler answer for those googling for this. [1] To an […]

Drupal Source Control Strategy?

In standard php or source code based projects we easily keep all of the code in SVN and each developer can checkout their own copy and collaborate on the same code. When developing a Drupal site however, much of the work is in “setup”. Besides the theme and modules you don’t really have any “source […]

SVN best-practices – working in a team

I’m starting out with SVN. I know the basic commands and understand the base principles. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or best practices for working with Subversion in a team environment. I can see the benefit of adding reasonably verbose messages when committing code, but are there other things I should bear […]

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