Is it a good practise to do version control from outside the IDE?

I have heard from my peers in more than once occasion that it is “advised” not to do version controlling of your code from within the IDE where you write it. I have seen them developing on eclipse, intelliJ etc but doing version controls (in my current scenario – GIT) from command-line or standalone clients […]

How to see the changes between two commits without commits in-between?

How do you make git diff only show the difference between two commits, excluding the other commits in-between?

Is there a standard naming convention for git tags?

I’ve seen a lot of projects using v1.2.3 as the naming convention for tags in git. I’ve also seen some use 1.2.3. Is there an officially endorsed style, or are there any good arguments for using either?

Git undo local branch delete

I just deleted the wrong branch with some experimental changes I need with git branch -D branchName. How do I recover the branch?

Renaming a branch in github

I just renamed my local branch using git branch -m oldname newname but this only renames the local version of the branch. How can I rename the one in github?

git how to add a local repo and treat it as a remote one

I’m trying with git remote add /home/sas/dev/apps/smx/repo/bak/ontologybackend/.git bak fatal: ‘/home/sas/dev/apps/smx/repo/bak/ontologybackend/.git’ is not a valid remote name I’m trying to sync two local repos, I was thinkg aboug configuring as a remote, and then issuiing git pull bak what would be the best way to do it? — sorry, silly me, I’ve just realized the remote […]

Ignoring a directory from a Git repo after it's been added

I’ve learned how to exclude an entire directory in git (add a line bin/ to .gitignore). And I’ve learned how to ignore files “after the fact” (i.e. after they have been added to git): git rm –cached <filename> How do I ignore an entire directory (e.g. bin/) after it has been added to a Git […]

git: have different .gitignore file for each remote

I have a remote repo in which I want to commit certain files (the compiled files to deploy them on a cloud computing platform), but I don’t want to deploy them on github… is there some way to have to different .gitignore files, one for each remote?

Best Version control for lone developer

I’m a lone developer at the moment; please share you experiences on what is a good VC setup for a lone developer. My constraints are; I work on multiple machines and need to keep them synced up Sometimes I work offline I’m currently using Subversion(just the client to a remote server), and that is working […]

Is there any way to git checkout previous branch?

I sort of want the equivalent of cd – for git. If I am in branch master and I checkout foo, I would love to be able to type something like git checkout – to go back to master, and be able to type it again to return to foo. Does anything like this exist? […]

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