Why Isn't There A Git Clone Specific Commit Option?

In light of a recent question on SO and a similar scenario at work, I am wondering why isn’t there an option in git clone such that the HEAD pointer of the newly created branch will point to a specified commit? In say question, OP is trying to provide instructions on the specific commit his […]

Git doesn't clone all branches on subsequent clones?

I have some problems with Git using cloned repositories and branches and it’s somehow not possible for me to find an answer to this. Let me describe: we have a bare master Git repository here we all pull from and push to, located on a local linux machine and reachable with ssh. I made a […]

How to generate stats for a GitHub project?

Is there an easy/efficient way to generate some high-level reports for a particular GitHub project? e.g. lines of code committed over time, top contributors, etc

git status – is there a way to show changes only in a specific directory?

I would like to see a list of files modified since the last commit, as ‘git status‘ shows, but I care only about files located in a single directory. Is there a way to do this? I tried ‘git status <directory>’, but it seems this does something completely different (lists all changed files, as they […]

How to capture a git commit message and run an action

I’m new to git and I want to be able to capture the commit message after a push to the origin/master and run a bash script (on the server) based on what the string contains. For example, if my git commit message says: [email] my commit message If the commit message contains [email] then do […]

Git add only all new files, not modified files

This question already has an answer here: git: stage only new files 8 answers

Convert a Mercurial Repository to Git

I’ve already tried hg2git through fast-export and I’ve already tried hg-git. Both with no success. hg2git actually worked, but I had to ask a friend who runs a Unix machine to do it. And that messed up all the linefeeds throughout the files. hg-git simply failed with some libzip compression error. Has anyone had any […]

Git rebase: conflicts keep blocking progress

I have a git branch (called v4), that was made from master just yesterday. There were a couple of changes to master, that I want to get into v4. So, in v4, I tried to do a rebase from master, and one file keeps screwing things up: a one-line text file, that contains the version […]

What constitutes a merge conflict in Git?

How does git determine that a particular merge has a conflict and what the conflict is? My guess would go something like this: if the two commits being merged have a common parent commit, and if they have both changed line X from what the parent had, that’s a conflict. What complicates my understanding is: […]

GitLab git user password

I have just installed GitLab. I created a project called project-x. I have created few users and assigned it to the project. Now I tried to clone: git clone git@ It prompted me for a password. What password should I use?

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