What do the result codes in SVN mean?

What do the result codes in SVN mean? I need a quick reference.

Best practices for Subversion and Visual Studio projects

I’ve recently started working on various C# projects in Visual Studio as part of a plan for a large scale system that will be used to replace our current system that’s built from a cobbling-together of various programs and scripts written in C and Perl. The projects I’m now working on have reached critical mass […]

SVN: Error setting property 'log': Could not execute PROPPATCH

I am trying to do a simple commit in SVN (I’m using Cornerstone on a Mac). The commit fails with the following error: Description : An error occurred while contacting the repository. […] Error : V4CommunicationError […] Description : At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged Status : 175008 […] Description : Error […]

How to migrate/convert from SVN to Mercurial (hg) on windows

I’m looking for a tool to migrate a couple of SVN repositories to Mercurial, with history, labels and so on. I’m using TortoiseHg (Windows x32), so ConvertExtensions are discarded. There’s some info on how to do this process on a Linux box (hgsvn), but I don’t have a Linux machine available. Can I use those […]

git push fails : Remote end hung up unexpectedly

I have created a git repository online in my account. location : https://github.com/dinguluer/UiMagician Now i cloned this repository on my pc. Then added the files to the project & pushed it, but it fails. Error : Remote end hung up unexpectedly. steps performed :– git clone https://github.com/dinguluer/UiMagician git add . git commit -m “adding files […]

How do you organize your version control repository?

First, I know about this: How would you organize a Subversion repository for in house software projects? Next, the actual question: My team is restructuring our repository and I’m looking for hints on how to organize it. (SVN in this case). Here’s what we came up with. We have one repository, multiple projects and multiple […]

Removing all commit after a specific one? Or cloning at a specific commit

This question already has an answer here: How to clone a specific version of a git repository? 3 answers

How do I revert an SVN commit?

I have found various examples of how to revert an SVN commit like svn merge -r [current_version]:[previous_version] [repository_url] or svn merge -c -[R] . But neither of them seems to work. I tried those commands and checked the files that were changed by hand. How do I revert a commit with revision number 1944? How […]

SVN post commit hook to email user when a particular file is changed

I would like to add a post commit hook so that if a user commits changes to a particular file, I will be notified by email. Has anyone seen an example of this, or is it possible? I have set up a pre commit hook before, but that’s limit of my knowledge.

Can we tell CruiseControl.NET to ignore source control timeout errors?

We have CruiseControl.NET set up to do continuous integration of a number of our projects. We are using a <cb:define> block to make sure all of our source control operations are done in the same way, and to keep the config DRY. We are experiencing an issue every once in a while that cause the […]

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