How do I edit an existing tag message in git?

We have several annotated tags in our git repository. The older tags have bogus messages that we would like to update to be in our new style. % git tag -n1 v1.0 message v1.1 message v1.2 message v2.0 Version 2.0 built on 15 October 2011. In this example, we would like to make v1.x messages […]

How to avoid merge-commit hell on GitHub/BitBucket

We’re ending up with a lot of commits like this in our repo: Merge branch ‘master’ of This happens every time a developer syncs his/hers local fork to the top-level repo. Is there anyway to avoid this merge-commit hell from cluttering all the repo log? Can one avoid them when initiating the pull-requests in […]

Git – What is the difference between push.default “matching” and “simple”

I have been using git for a while now, but I have never had to set up a new remote repo myself and I have been curious on doing so. I have been reading tutorials and I am confused on how to get “git push” to work. If I simply use git push it asks […]

Should I add the Visual Studio 2015 .vs folder to source control?

Visual Studio 2015 creates a new folder called “.vs”. What is the purpose of it and should I add it to source control?

How can I check out a particular version of one file in Git?

How can I check out a particular version of one file in git? I found this mail on the mailing list, which said: $ git checkout HEAD~43 Makefile $ git reset Makefile But I don’t understand how to find out ‘HEAD~43’, if I do a git log aFile, how can I find out which ‘HEAD~43’ […]

Git Diff with Beyond Compare

I have succeeded in getting git to start Beyond Compare 3 as a diff tool however, when I do a diff, the file I am comparing against is not being loaded. Only the latest version of the file is loaded and nothing else, so there is nothing in the right pane of Beyond Compare. I […]

Is “git push –mirror” sufficient for backing up my repository?

I’m a solo developer, working in a local Git repository. For backups, I want to send an exact copy of that repository off to another server. Is it sufficient to do this? git push –mirror I’m asking because I can sometimes run this command two or three times before Git tells me “Everything up-to-date”, so […]

Calling 'git pull' from a git post-update hook

I have a central git repo set up using gitolite. I want to set up a hook such that whenever a user pushes to the repo, it performs a pull elsewhere followed by some automated testing. So far, I only want to it perform the pull. In the hooks directory I created the following script […]

“git pull” broken

I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard and “git pull” returns: rakudo $ git pull git: ‘pull’ is not a git-command. See ‘git –help’ Did you mean this? shell rakudo $ git-pull -bash: git-pull: command not found I’ve tried reinstalling via macports, but to no avail. Then I saw this rakudo $ git […]

Difference between Git and Nexus?

I can’t seem to find what the difference is between Git and Nexus. Are the two comparable?

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