Subversion can't merge after a move

I’m very new to Subversion, but I’ve used other revision control systems like ClearCase for years. My boss asked me to fix this project so that it could be built with Maven instead of Ant. One of the important things I had to do to was to move src/com to src/main/java/com, and move test/com to […]

Change default SVN diffing tool

Following a blog, I created a batch file, wm.bat: “d:\svnroot\external\winmerge\WinMerge.exe” /B /WAIT “d:\svnroot\external\winmerge\WinMergeU.exe” /e /ub /dl %3 /dr %5 %6 %7 And I tried calling svn diff | wm but that didn’t work. So how do I integrate WinMerge or similar utility with svn diff? Extending on David’s answer below, changing the default for Windows […]

How do I dump one project out of an SVN repository which contains multiple projects?

I am working with an SVN repository with many projects. I need to move a few of the projects out of that repository into individual repositories, one for each project, keeping the history. I’ve been able to use svnadmin dump to dump the entire repository and svnadmin load it into another repository, but I can’t […]

Python SVN bindings for Windows

Where can I find precompiled Python SWIG SVN bindings for Windows?

Learning Version Control, and learning it well

Where should I start learning about version control systems? I’ve used SVN, Team Foundation, and Sourcesafe in the past but I don’t really feel like I grasp it completely, and my team doesn’t seem to grasp it either. Which points are the most important to master? I realise this differs from VCS to VCS, but […]

VSS or SVN for a .Net Project?

At work, one of the head managers asked me to research on what could be the benefits of changing the current source control server (Visual Source Safe) of my project to SVN. I really don’t have anything against SVN, actually I kind of dig it, but in my humble opinion, change to SVN will not […]

Delete all traces of a SVN commit

Someone in our team accidentally committed files containing a password to our repository. The password can’t easily be changed. Is there a way, with full admin permissions, to delete all traces of this commit? I’m not talking about a revert or delete, which would obviously keep the password in the file history.

Mirror SVN Repository

I have a codebase located in Europe and access this codebase from Asia. Codebase is substantially huge, downloading the whole codebase (which is required sometimes) becomes a pain. I wanted to know whether anything like this. I want a solution that “I will have a svn server locally which will sync with the main svn […]

Why am I getting tree conflicts in Subversion?

I had a feature branch of my trunk and was merging changes from my trunk into my branch periodically and everything was working fine. Today I went to merge the branch back down into the trunk and any of the files that were added to my trunk after the creation of my branch were flagged […]

Subversion svn:externals file override?

I have a repository for one of my projects that has a nested repository using the svn:externals property to update files from an external library. The problem is that I need to comment out one of the function declarations from one of the headers in this library, and carry around the modified header with the […]

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