Set Years to maximum in UIDatePicker

I am using a custom uidatepicker for my app from The Problem is, The minimum year is 1900 (Which is Fine) but the Maximum year is 2013 (Which is not fine). How could I change this so the Maximum year is infinite or even like the year 2200 or something? Thanks in Advance!

Connect Android Studio with SVN

I have an Android project in Eclipse (Windows) synchronized with SVN, I installed Android Studio (Linux) and I need take the same project from SVN.

Tortoisesvn Subversion 1.8 – merge – no more reintegrate a branch option

In tortoiseSvn 1.8 there is no “reintegrate” a branch option. What is the right way to reintegrate a branch in Tortoise Svn 1.8? In choose merge and then next option: Then I get next window: Or am I doing something else wrong?

How to merge many commits into one in github repository

I have a github repository that shows too many commits and i want to squash them into one. Is there a way to make these commits look like my current local repo exactly?

Repair SVN Checksum

I’m using subclipse in Flex Builder 3, and recently received this error when trying to commit: svn: Checksum mismatch for ‘/Users/redacted/Documents/Flex Builder 3/path/to/my/file.mxml’; expected: ‘f8cb275de72776657406154dd3c10348’, actual: ‘null’ I worked around it by: Committing all the other changed files, omitting the troublesome one. Copying the contents of the trouble file to a TextMate window Deleting my […]

Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted

I am getting below error when running a target of ANT script. Error message saying that “server certificate verification is failed”. Please help how to remove this problem. I am working in Windows XP. C:\apache-ant-1.8.1>ant checkout Buildfile: C:\Program Files\Java\apache-ant-1.8.1\build.xml checkout: [svn] Using command line interface Svn : Checking out a working copy from a repository […]

.sln file went missing after Visual Studio crashed

I was trying to setup a github repository in visual studio, I was messing with the branches in team explorer. I changed the branch from my current one to master, when Visual Studio crashed. I try to open the project again and visual studio tells me its missing…I go into the project root folder and […]

Installation of package.json

i am unable to install this library from GitHub. [Minishlink/web-push] I have Laravel 5 installed on my server, I want to install this in the Laravel directory (project). And will use the library via custom PHP. I am facing below issues: When I run composer require minishlink/web-push, I get below error: When I run composer […]

Synchronizing Visual SVN with IIS for web development (or to any other folder)

How to get the latest version of the project file to another folder on every commit? I’m using VisualSVN server and I think we can do this on post-commit in hooks, but I don’t know how. Server is on Windows. Actually I need to get the latest version of the file to \www folder of […]

SVN: one working copy, two repositories?

I’d like to know how can I set two repositories for my one working copy. I need one repository in my server, so that I can check in/out between two pcs; I need another repository in my local pc, so that I can see the result of diff quickly (my svn server is on a […]

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