git: command not found (on OS X 10.5)

I am receiving this error when I try to use git lately. I’m not exactly sure when the error started as I rarely use git. I used to use it. I didn’t change anything about it or my machine that I know of. Now it doesn’t work. I’ve gone through and reinstalled the latest version […]

How to amend a commit without changing commit message (reusing the previous one)?

Is there a way to amend a commit without vi (or your $EDITOR) popping up with the option to modify your commit message, but simply reusing the previous message?

Jenkins-Build when a change is pushed to GitHub option is not working

Jenkins is running on localhost. I have my repository in GitHub. I have the option to ‘Build when a change is pushed to GitHub’ checked. When I click ‘Build Now’, build is done successfully, no issues there. But when am committing code to my repository, auto build is not happening. I can access GitHub from […]

How to prevent an automerge using git?

I am trying to merge a local branch into the master branch without having Git to do an automerge. I would like to “hand pick” what I would like to be merged into master. When I use Git’s difftool command, I am able to diff and select what I want to be added into the […]

Configuring diff tool with .gitconfig?

How do I configure git to use a different tool for diffing with the .gitconfig file. I have this in my .gitconfig: [diff] tool = git-chdiff #also tried /bin/git-chdiff and it does not work, it just open the regular command line diff. When I do export GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF=git-chdiff then git diff will open up the external […]

GIT: How to see pulled/pushed changes in origin

I’ve just started using Git (previously Subversion). I’m having real problems getting my head round being unable to see pushed or pulled changes in the original repository. My ‘architecture’ is this: MAIN CODEBASE –>Development repository 1 –>Development repository 2 When I push changes from one of the dev repos back up to the MAIN CODEBASE, […]

is not checked out… bundle install does NOT fix help! (at master) is not checked out. Please run `bundle install` (Bundler::GitError) So what do I do? bundle install works on development, but when I push and deploy to my production server. I get this error, even after running bundle install on my production server.

git pull keeping local changes

How can I safely update (pull) a git project, keeping specific files untouched, even if there’s upstream changes? myrepo/config/config.php Is there a way, of, even if this file was being changed on remote, when I git pull, everything else is updated, but this file is unchanged (not even merged)? PS. I need to do what […]

Having trouble downloading Git archive tarballs from Private Repo

I need the ability to download our application at specific tags, but I am unable to find a working solution for this. Downloading tarballs based on git tag seems promising but I am unable to get it working using Curl. I have tried the following but all I get back is the source for the […]

Can I update a forked project, on git, to the original/master copy?

A few weeks ago i forked a public project on GitHub. Today, I wish to try some stuff on it BUT i want to make sure the copy I use is the most recent. Can I update my fork, first? And what happens if there’s changes to the fork AFTER i’ve started my changes. Can […]

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