svn ignore a file but include it in checkout

I have a project in a repository. People will soon start checking it out, working on it, then committing their changes back. But there is one file within that project (an elaborate configuration file of my own design) that everyone simply must have a copy of, but they will make changes to it that should […]

Can I make Subversion + TortoiseSVN case-insensitive for Windows?

I’ve been using Subversion for code control with TortoiseSVN to interface with the server for the past few months, and in general it’s been going great! However, occasionally my FoxPro IDE will change the case of a file extension without warning where “program.prg” becomes “program.PRG“) TortoiseSVN apparently takes this to mean the first file was […]

Recursively ignoring files in the entire source tree in subversion

I am not new to Subversion, but I have up till now used Tortoise and never the commadn line. My question is, how do I ignore all files like *.o from the ENTIRE source not just the root. For example, if I have the following files: /myfile.o /folder1/myfile2.o /folder1/folder1.1/myfile3.o /folder2/myfile4.o If svn propedit svn:ignore “.” […]

SVN change username

I found a lot of examples on how to change the username for specific revisions and so on. But what I need is this: I did a checkout with the authentication credentials of a workmate and need to change it to my credentials for future commits. I cannot just checkout with my credentials due to […]

tortoise svn giving me “Redirect cycle detected for URL 'domain/svn'”

I want to achieve a svn-root in /var/svn and repositories(projects) in there. I could get it to work in the browser (http://domain/url gives me “Collection of repositories”) but the TortoiseClient is giving me the error mentioned in the title. I set up a subversion on my ubuntu server by doing the following (shortened): mkdir /var/svn […]

How do I tell Subversion to treat a file as a binary file?

How do I tell Subversion (svn) to treat a file as a binary file?

What happens if I add a symbolic link to subversion?

I’d like to add a symbolic link to subversion and when I do a checkout all it does is add the same symbolic link right to my checkout but I’m afraid to add it if that’s not what happens.

SVN – Skipped paths

I received this message when I ran a SVN UP: Skipped ‘trunk/scripts/accountability_survey_report.php’ At revision 1585. Summary of conflicts: Skipped paths: 1 I’ve been googling trying to figure out exactly what this means and how to resolve it. I tried deleting the file and then just svn up again, but I get the following: Restored ‘trunk/scripts/accountability_survey_report.php’ […]

Exporting Only changed files from subversion maintaining directory structure

When I right click my local working copy and select show log. TortoiseSVN shows me the full path of each file changed for that revision. From the tortoiseSVN interface what I would like to do is the following. when I right click the revision number and choose export. I would like it to export the […]

Subclipse svn:ignore

I’m new to Eclipse. I’m using subclipse for connecting to my SVN. There are some folders and files I would like to add to svn:ignore, but it’s grayed out. Is there an easy way to get subclipse to ignore files and directories?

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