Database Deployment Strategies (SQL Server)

I am looking for a way to do daily deployments and keep the database scripts in line with releases. Currently, we have a fairly decent way of deploying our source, we have unit code coverage, continuous integration and rollback procedures. The problem is keeping the database scripts in line with a release. Everyone seems to […]

how to write a svn hook script

I’m trying to write a post commit hook script for svn to export repository to team foundation server. (So when you commit a code, that latest version of the code gets copied to team foundation repo ) Only language I use is C++ and C and I have never written a script. Can anybody give […]

Ignore SVN ignore… possible?

So I have some files I want to ignore in a subversion repository, but I don’t want my ignore patterns for this to be propagated to the repository. In other words, I added some private files in my checkout that I want to keep, but they only exist for me and wouldn’t make sense to […]

SVN: Track merges

Is it possible in SVN 1.6 to track where a commit was merged. I’m especially interesting in UI based solution (Eclipse plugin will be great).

How do I make Subversion (SVN) send email on checkins?

I’ve always found checkin (commit) mails to be very useful for keeping track of what work other people are doing in the codebase / repository. How do I set up SVN to email a distribution list on each commit? I’m running clients on Windows and the Apache Subversion server on Linux. The answers below for […]

Add all unversioned files to SVN

I have a working copy that gets automatically committed into SVN overnight using a script. I use the SVN command line to do so. After a frustrating battle with Google, I have been unable to work out how to automatically add all unversioned files in the working copy to the repository before the commit. Does […]

Resolving tree conflict

How to resolve tree conflict in current scenerio. C:\DevBranch C:\MyBranch I updated both branches. Edited MyBranch and then committed back. Now want to merge those changes into DevBranch. When I am doing the merge I am getting ‘Tree Conflicts’ The last merge operation tried to add the file ‘abc.def’, but it was already added locally. […]

Change SVN commit message retroactively?

I would like to re-write a big number of SVN commit messages to a different structure, e.g. prefix a category. From: “foo” now accepts “bar” format for connection string. I want core – database – “foo” now accepts “bar” format for connection string. Is there an easy way to do this that does not include […]

Getting the last revision number in SVN?

Using PHP, Perl, or Python (preferably PHP), I need a way to query an SVN database and find out the last revision number sent to SVN. I don’t need anything other than that. It needs to be non-intensive (so I do it every 5 minutes as a cron job; SVN’s performance should not be affected). […]

Shared components throughout all projects, is there a better alternative than svn:externals?

My situation: I have several components, which sometimes have changes to them, and are shared across a lot of different projects. Each project puts these in a subfolder called /depends. The depends holds a bunch of svn externals for all of our common components. svn:externals is causing me a lot of time and pain. Show […]

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