Git or Subversion for binary files

We need to store binary files (mostly MS Word documents, ranging from a couple of KB to a couple of MB in size) in a version control repository with over 100 “projects”. Currently we use Visual Source Safe but there are some problems, the database is crashing sometimes and the access is slow. We are […]

explain gitignore pattern matching

I have the following directory tree: > #pwd is the repo > tree -a . ├── .git │   |….. ├── .gitignore ├── ├── f1.html ├── f2.html … and some more html ├── images │   └── river.jpg > I also have the following in my .gitignore: > cat .gitignore * !*.html !images/*.* > I would […]

A Regex to match a SHA1

I’m trying to match SHA1’s in generic text with a regular expression. Ideally I want to avoid matching words. It’s safe to say that full SHA1’s have a distinctive pattern (they’re long and a consistent length) – so I can match these reliably – but what about abbreviated SHA1’s? Can I rely on the presence […]

Github Push Error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 413

stupid issue with Github going on right now. I have a decent amount of changes (~120MB in size), when I attempt to push, this is what happens: error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 413 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I’ve already done git config http.postBuffer […]

How can I make my local repository available for git-pull?

I have a working copy repository that I’ve been working in no problem; the origin for this repository is on GitHub. I’d like to make my working copy repository available as the origin for my build machine (a VM on another physical host), so that commits I make to my working copy can be built […]

When to use the '–no-ff' merge option in Git

A Successful Git Branching Model recommends to use –no-ff when merging branches: The –no-ff flag causes the merge to always create a new commit object, even if the merge could be performed with a fast-forward. This avoids losing information about the historical existence of a feature branch and groups together all commits that together added […]

Update a development team with rewritten Git repo history, removing big files

I have a git repo with some very large binaries in it. I no longer need them, and I don’t care about being able to checkout the files from earlier commits. So, to reduce the repo size, I want to delete the binaries from the history altogether. After a web search, I concluded that my […]

Git merging within a line

Preamble I’m using git as a version control system for a paper that my lab is writing, in LaTeX. There are several people collaborating. I’m running into git being stubborn about how it merges. Let’s say two people have made single-word changes to a line, and then attempt to merge them. Though git diff –word-diff […]

What are git's thin packs?

I haven’t found much on thin packs, and the man pages’ information is rather cryptic about this. I know it has something to do with slow connections, but what would be a “slow connection”? What are its pros and cons? When should I use it, when should I not use it?

How to stage only part of a new file with git?

I love git add –interactive. It is now part of my daily workflow. The problem seems that it does not work with untracked files. What I want to do is track a new file, but only add part of it, i.e. some parts of this new file are not yet ready to be staged. For […]

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