php exec() not returning error message in output when executing svn command

I am trying to get certain output for svn command in XML format. Output is ok when I type valid parameters. However, when I type in wrong password, output does not show error message. This is the PHP code: exec(‘/usr/bin/svn –username something –password something –non-interactive log -r HEAD –xml –verbose’, $output); Here is output […]

How can I view all historical changes to a file in SVN

I know that I can svn diff -r a:b repo to view the changes between the two specified revisions. What I’d like is a diff for every revision that changed the file. Is such a command available?

What files should I add to SVN ignore in an Project using Android Studio

In eclipse, I had the custom of adding bin and gen directories to svn ignore. But now, using Android Studio (based on IntelliJ IDEA), what files should I ignore.

How do I create a new branch using TortoiseSVN?

How do I create a new branch with my working copy using TortoiseSVN? I see the branch option, but I don’t see a way to name it somehow.

Why aren't my commits appearing in GitHub?

After 5 hours of troubleshooting, searching solutions and tutorials I can’t help myself as to use you guys as a last hope before giving up. I want to have a repo on for a new project. So I created an account and a repo. So far, so good. I installed Git and TortoiseGit and […]

Proper way to add svn:executable

I have a few files that have been executable before svn adding them. They have the svn:executable property set. Now, a few other files were checked in without the executable bit do not have it, and I want to set the svn:executable property: $ svn propset svn:executable on *.cgi Then I check the status and […]

One SVN repository or many?

If you have multiple, unrelated projects, is it a good idea to put them in the same repository? myRepo/projectA/trunk myRepo/projectA/tags myRepo/projectA/branches myRepo/projectB/trunk myRepo/projectB/tags myRepo/projectB/branches or would you create new repositories for each? myRepoA/trunk myRepoA/tags myRepoA/branches myRepoB/trunk myRepoB/tags myRepoB/branches What are the pros and cons of each? All that I can currently think of is that […]

How to use OAuth with Github in a Safari extension

I’m new to browser extensions. i’m trying to create a Safari extension that allows me to perform basic tasks in my Github account (Create a repo, for example). I’m doing it mostly to learn how to develop extensions while practicing my JS. The issue is that in order to connect to Github I want to […]

How to create trunk directory in existing svn repo without a trunk, and move all files to new trunk?

I’ve got an svn repo with no trunk dir. I’d like to create the trunk and branches dirs, and move all my files (currently in the root) into trunk. Creating trunk works just fine: macbook[601] # svn mkdir trunk A trunk macbook[602] # svn commit trunk Adding trunk Committed revision 67. moving everything into trunk […]

How do you handle different Java IDEs and svn?

How do you ensure, that you can checkout the code into Eclipse or NetBeans and work there with it? Edit: If you not checking in ide-related files, you have to reconfigure buildpath, includes and all this stuff, each time you checkout the project. I don’t know, if ant (especially an ant buildfile which is created/exported […]

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