what ports need to be open for svn tortoise to authenticate (clear text) and commit

What ports need to be open for svn tortoise to authenticate (basic) in order to commit? I know it is not a good thing, but I believe username and password are in the clear right now. Let me describe as much as I know about set-up, and what seems to be happening. I am a […]

Graphical representation of SVN branch/merge activity

Are you aware of any tool that creates diagrams showing the branch/merge activity in a SVN repository? We’ve all seen these diagrams in various tutorials. Some good, some not so good. Can they be created automatically (or maybe with a little prodding — you might have to tell it what if your branching philosophy is […]

Subversion: How to merge only specific revisions into trunk when multiple consecutive changes are made in a branch?

I have been using TortoiseSVN, svn, and subclipse and I think I understand the basics, but there’s one thing that’s been bugging me for a while: Merging introduces unwanted code. Here’s the steps. trunk/test.txt@r2. A test file was created with ‘A’ and a return: A [EOF] branches/TRY-XX-Foo/test.txt@r3. Branched out the trunk to TRY-XX-Foo: A [EOF] […]

subversion via cifs is not working

I am trying to use subversion on a linux machine, the repository is on a Microsoft sbs2008 server. (I can access the repository from a Microsoft Windows 7 machine.) Can some one tell me how to get it to work? This is what I have done. # sudo mount -t cifs -v -o credentials=~/Files/server-mount-credentials,uid=richard,nocase,nounix,nosuid //sbs2008/local […]

Shelve in TortoiseSVN?

I’ve moved from TFS to SVN (TortoiseSVN) with my current company. I really miss the “Shelve” feature of TFS. I’ve read various articles on how to “Shelve” with SVN, but I’ve read nothing that gives a very simple experience to “shelve” work. Ideally, I’d like extra items added to the TortoiseSVN context menu – “Shelve” […]

How would you organize a Subversion repository for in house software projects?

I work for a company whose primary business is not software related. Most documentation for using source control is written with a development team writing for commercial or open source projects in mind. As someone who writes in house software I can say that work is done differently then it would be in a commercial […]

Best branching strategy when doing continuous integration?

What is the best branching strategy to use when you want to do continuous integration? Release Branching: develop on trunk, keep a branch for each release. Feature Branching: develop each feature in a separate branch, only merge once stable. Does it make sense to use both of these strategies together? As in, you branch for […]

How to set up svn conflict resolution with meld?

I’ve specified merge-tool-cmd = meld in my Subversion config. When I go to resolve a merge conflict using option l from the presented conflict resolution options, I receive the message: meld: error: too many arguments (wanted 0-4, got 5) The external merge tool exited with exit code 2 Can anyone diagnose the problem/provide a solution? […]

Xcode 5 crashes with SVN version 1.7 – self signed certificate

I’ve updated to XCode 5 today (using the Mac AppStore) and ever since it keeps crashing whenever I open my previous projects (that are working copies of repos located in my local SVN). The error report contains infos (IDESourceControlCredentialsValidator) that indicate that XCode has some issues with my SVN: Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: […]

Temporarily put away uncommited changes in Subversion (a la “git-stash”)

While programming software stored in a Subversion repo, I often modify some files, then notice that I’d like to do some preparatory change for my main work. E.g. while implementing new functionality, I notice some refactoring which might help me. In order not to mix two unrelated changes, in these cases I’d like to “stow […]

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