How to apply a git patch from one repository to another?

I have two repositories, one is the main repo for a library, and the other is a project using that library. If I make a fix to the in the subservient project, I’d like an easy way to apply that patch back upstream. The file’s location is different in each repository. Main repo: Project: […]

Typical .gitignore file for an Android app

Just put an Android project under git (beanstalk) version control via the command line (mac terminal). Next step is to set up exclusions. To those of you who have already been down this path: What should a typical .gitignore file look like for an android project? Project set up in Eclipse

Maintaining and synchronizing a mirror remote Git repository

I am recently using a remote git server (my own computer), and the server malfunctioned and can’t be remotely accessed. I was wondering if there is a proper way to maintain TWO remote depositories, so that the second depository on my other computer can be automatically used when the first one fails? My second question […]

Git diff says subproject is dirty

I have just run a git diff, and I am getting the following output for all of my approx 10 submodules diff –git a/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer b/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer — a/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer +++ b/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer @@ -1 +1 @@ -Subproject commit 8c75e65b647238febd0257658b150f717a136359 +Subproject commit 8c75e65b647238febd0257658b150f717a136359-dirty What does this mean? How do I fix it?

backing up project which uses git

I’m burning my stuff on a dvd, before a quick reinstall. Never done that with git, being a recent user. So I’m just checking with you guys. If I understood correctly, I just need to backup my project directory project_name (which has .git inside it) watching for hidden files along with it, and when I […]

Git status shows files as changed even though contents are the same

I received a git checkout from someone else and am trying to commit the unstaged changes to the local repository. However, a lot (if not every) file appears as modified even though the contents are exactly the same. I already set core.fileMode to false and also set core.autocrlf to false, without success. Worth mentioning is […]

What is the dominant branch when doing a git merge

Given my current branch is Branch A Branch A contains: line 1 — “i love you Foo” Branch B contains: line 1 — “i love you Bar” if i do a: git merge Branch B what would i get?

Git push to checkout?

I want to push my files directly to my web server. I added the server as testingand tried git push testing but I get this error. The solution to make a bare repository works but I want the files to be checked out automaticly. I found this script but that did not change anything. I […]

Git on a Windows Lan

My colleagues and I are thinking of giving git a try and see if we can easily move to it. We work on a Windows-only environment. On our own machines we already have git set up with mingw32 and SmartGit as gui client. Is there an easy approach based more on the concept of sharing […]

override git config –system in .gitconfig user file ( git config –global )

I have that file in a system wide configuration (but it can also be included with git config include.path=”/path/to/defaultconfig” I would like to reset some values previously setted. In particular, the default config file contains diff.external = git-diff-wrapper, and I would like to deactivate it for some user

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