Change author name in TortoiseSVN

HI have 3 WinXP computers which access subversion based on a linux server. I would like to change the author name displayed in the logs on a couple of the computers cause they are ‘development pc 3’ and the name of an old employee. How do I do this?

Getting SVN revision number into a program automatically

I have a python project under SVN, and I’m wanting to display the version number when it is run. Is there any way of doing this (such as automatically running a short script on commit which could update a version file, or querying an SVN repository in Python?)

Versioning SQL Server database

I want to get my databases under version control. Does anyone have any advice or recommended articles to get me started? I’ll always want to have at least some data in there (as alumb mentions: user types and administrators). I’ll also often want a large collection of generated test data for performance measurements.

Delete file contents from SVN history

I have a local svn repository in my PC, I have been using it for a hobby project and it wasn’t meant to be accessible to anyone, so I commited files with passwords in them. Now, I’m thinking of making the repository available for other people and I don’t want to have that data there. […]

How can I branch in SVN and have it branch my svn:external folders as well?

I’m using tortoise svn in Windows. How can I branch in SVN and have it branch my svn:external folders as well?

Structure of Projects in Version Control

I know there are at least 10 different ways to structure project in version control. I’m curious what some methods being used are and which ones work for you. I’ve worked with SVN, TFS, and currently/unfortunately VSS. I’ve seen version control implemented very poorly and just OK, but never great. Just to get the ball […]

How do I get vanilla Markdown style relative links to work with vanilla Jekyll and Github pages?

tl;dr I want Markdown, relative links, Jekyll, and Github pages to play well together. I would like to be able to view a file that contains working vanilla Markdown style relative links (i.e. [a relative link]( on Github and on Github pages using Jekyll. So far this works with viewing said file on Github since […]

Getting directory listing from SVN for use in ANT dropdown

I’ve done some Googling on this but I can’t seem to find anything along the lines of what I’m needing. I’m using ANTForms for the GUI on our deployment. Developers can choose the build from the dynamically populated dropdown, hit ok and away it goes. The way the dropdown is dynamically populated at the moment […]

What is a pre-revprop-change hook in SVN, and how do I create it?

I wanted to edit a log comment in the repository browser and received an error message that no pre-revprop-change hook exists for the repository. Besides having a scary name, what is a pre-revprop-change hook, and how do I create it?

Subversion merging changes from a different repository

I’m really confused. I want to do something that a) seems like it should be pretty simple, and b) other people must do all the time, but I cant find out the best way to do it anywhere. There’s an external repository that contains some 3rd party code. I want to take a copy of […]

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