Git merge doesn't use default merge message, opens editor with default message

How can I force git merge to use the default merge message instead of loading my editor with said message? I have no editor listed in git config -l, so I’m not sure why it opens an editor.

Gitolite git clone error

I am trying to setup gitolite on my server (Macos server). I followed the instructions in the INSTALL document found here : I installed the root method. I got everything setup (ssh pubkey authentication and default gitolite setup) $ssh git@server info hello admin, the gitolite version here is v1.5.9.1-27-gb97115f the gitolite config gives you […]

fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD'

I’m using GIT as my source control system. We have it installed on one of our Linux boxes. Tortoise GIT is my windows client. This morning I checked in some changes, and tagged the code. I then did a push of my local repository to the remote repository. When I go to my repository on […]


There’s a lot of useful git references (what is the exact name for this?), e.g. HEAD, ORIG_HEAD, FETCH_HEAD, MERGE_HEAD, @{upstream} etc. Is there any reference for this? A complete list with explanations?

Fully backup a git repo?

Is there a simple way to backup an entire git repo including all branches and tags?

Git submodules and ssh access

I have some trouble with a git repository that contains several submodules. The super git repository was constructed with the commands mkdir projectname cd projectname git init git submodule add ssh://myusername@server/pathtorepos When a different user (“otheruser”) then clones the super repository everything seems to work out. But when it is time to get access to […]

What are the consequences of using receive.denyCurrentBranch in Git?

I have a Git repository. I have cloned the repository and can commit my local changes. When I push my changes to the server it works. As soon as I create a branch, I checkout the branch, commit my work and then checkout the master branch. I then merge my local changes into the master […]

Should composer.lock be committed to version control?

I’m a little confused with composer.lock used in an application with a repository. I saw many people saying that we should not .gitignore composer.lock from the repository. If I update my libraries in my dev environment, I will have a new composer.lock but I will not be able to update them into production, will I […]

Repair corrupted git repository

My git repository got corrupted after a couple of hard reboots due to power supply issues and now I’m unable to fix it (I was in the middle of staging some files at the last power failure) $ git status fatal: failed to read object 3d18855708b0f127d40c13c679559d7679228b69: Invalid argument $ git fsck fatal: failed to read […]

Git tag, Why this duplicate tag in remotes?

30bd19ef190cf664356c715b56044ce739f07468 refs/tags/Prod_Release_2.3 4ae15ee04c2c41bfc7945e66f4effc746d52baec refs/tags/Prod_Release_2.3^{} Above is the output from git ls-remote –tags listing tags in my centralized repository (bare). For Prod_Release_2.3 I only expect 1 tag, I have no idea where this Prod_Release_2.3^{} came from. In centralrepo1 the id of Prod_Release_2.3 is same as centralrepo2’s id of Prod_Release_2.3^{}, and vice-versa. In my local repository there […]

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