Subversion – should anyone be developing off the trunk?

When using Subversion, should developers be working off the trunk or should the trunk be only used for merges from each individual developer’s branch and watched by a continuous integration service?

Subversion protocol performance

I’m just getting started/familar with Subversion and was wondering which protocol gives the best performance file:// or svn://, when accessing a Subversion repository over the network? If we don’t use the svn:// protocol, will be missing out on any features that we couldn’t mitgate using the file:// protocol? We’re all on the same NT domain […]

How do I ignore a directory with SVN?

I just started using SVN, and I have a cache directory that I don’t need under source control. How can I ignore the whole directory/folder with SVN? I am using Versions and TextMate on OS X and commandline.

How do I return to an older version of our code in Subversion?

I’m working on a project with a friend and I want to return to an older version of our code and set it to be the current. How do I do it? I’m using “anksvn” on vs08. I have the version that I want on my PC, but the commit is failing; The message that […]

how to restore last saved code in eclipse?

In Eclipse, I accidentally SVN update my code to HEAD version of the repository. My local code is what I want to keep, so how do I revert to that? Tks.

Multiple SVN Repositories or single company repository

Should we have one single repository for all the company, which contains many development projects, or a repository per project? Any ideas on experience / best practice?

Subversion not merging changes into renamed files?

I have the following problem using subversion: I’m currently working on the trunk of my project and plan to do some refactoring (which includes renaming files or moving files to different directories). At the same time someone else is working on the same project on a branch. At some time I want to merge the […]

Moving Directories with History

I have a SVN structure like this: /Projects /Project1 /Project2 /someFolder /Project3 /Project4 I would like to move all the projects into the /Projects folder, which means I want to move Projects 3 and 4 from /someFolder into the /projects folder. The caveat: I’d like to keep the full history. I assume that every client […]

SVN Commit failed, access forbidden

Recently I am facing problem of commit to SVN. The SVN server I am using is VisualSVN Server 2.5.9 and the client is TortoiseSVN 1.7.12. At first, one user is having problem to commit files to SVN. But that user still can access to the repository and download the update. The second user on second […]

SVN repository backup strategies

I’m new to SVN and I’d like to know what methods are available for backing up repositories in a Windows environment?

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