SSH connect to github fail

I typed the command to have a connection test to github: ssh -T but it outputs: ssh: Could not resolve hostname nodename nor servname provided, or not known why ssh could not resolve I want to know this and how to solve it?

resolve git conflicts for particular files by automatic merge all changes

There is a project using github repositories. When there are conflicts to be resoled before merging pull request some 90% of conflict cases concern just one CHANGELOG file containing list of completed tickets, sth like: ## current <<<<<<< HEAD ISSUE-128 done some 128 ISSUE-131 done some 131 ======= ISSUE-125 done some 125 >>>>>>> ISSUE-125 ISSUE-126 […]

GitHub API – List of Languages

Is there an endpoint in the GitHub API that will provide me with a list of ALL the languages on GitHub? I’m looking for similar results to the Languages drop-down in the “Trending” section on the website.

Receiving 404 error for assets in Github Pages Jekyll site

I’m attempting to set up a basic Jekyll site on github pages. The site in question currently is: Here is the repo: My problem is that the site is not loading images or the css files from my assets folder, even though the link seems to be correct (as far as I can […]

Launch app if installed or redirect to download

On every repo, GitHub has a button that is labelled “Clone in Desktop” (example: If you have GitHub for Mac installed, the href is something like: github-mac://openRepo/ This opens GitHub for Mac and offers to clone the repo. If you don’t, the href is:` This is a download page for GitHub for Mac. […]

Can I force a gem's dependencies in gemfile?

If there are two gems, A and B. A1.0.0 depends on B1.0.0. In my Gemfile: gem ‘A’, ‘~> 1.0.0′ Then run bundle. It will generate a Gemfile.lock like: A (1.0.0) B (1.0.0) But if I want to force A to use B1.0.1, what’s the best practice? Moreover, if the B1.0.1 is not release but a […]

Github logged in user's public activities

The Github UI/UX has changed entirely just recently. In the old UI of github, you can view your public activities when logged in but in the new UI, I don’t seem to find a link where I can click to view my public activities. But when I am following someone, I can view their public […]

How to have a private repository with public issue tracker on GitHub?

I am going to release some beta version of my application to the community. Project is stored on GitHub in the private repository. I would like to allow this community to report bugs and place them directly on GitHub Issues tab – it’s not provided by GitHub right now. Do you have any idea, how […]

Searching for -> on Github

How do I escape the > so I can search for all instances of -> in a github repository? I have attempted using “->” but that still sees the > as an operator. Is there an escape character I can add so that the search will work?

want to squash multiple commits in github

I want to squash two latest commits with commit messages “first” and “second”. First I pull master then I use the command git rebase -i HEAD~2 master It shows me both commits in an editor like this: pick first pick second Then I change this editor as: pick first squash second After saving the changes […]

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