VSS or SVN for a .Net Project?

At work, one of the head managers asked me to research on what could be the benefits of changing the current source control server (Visual Source Safe) of my project to SVN. I really don’t have anything against SVN, actually I kind of dig it, but in my humble opinion, change to SVN will not […]

Delete all traces of a SVN commit

Someone in our team accidentally committed files containing a password to our repository. The password can’t easily be changed. Is there a way, with full admin permissions, to delete all traces of this commit? I’m not talking about a revert or delete, which would obviously keep the password in the file history.

Mirror SVN Repository

I have a codebase located in Europe and access this codebase from Asia. Codebase is substantially huge, downloading the whole codebase (which is required sometimes) becomes a pain. I wanted to know whether anything like this. I want a solution that “I will have a svn server locally which will sync with the main svn […]

Why am I getting tree conflicts in Subversion?

I had a feature branch of my trunk and was merging changes from my trunk into my branch periodically and everything was working fine. Today I went to merge the branch back down into the trunk and any of the files that were added to my trunk after the creation of my branch were flagged […]

Subversion svn:externals file override?

I have a repository for one of my projects that has a nested repository using the svn:externals property to update files from an external library. The problem is that I need to comment out one of the function declarations from one of the headers in this library, and carry around the modified header with the […]

Fixing published branch with wrong parent branch

I ran into a problem where I published a branch to my public git repository that had the wrong parent branch. My attempts to fix this made things worse. Initially, I had: A <– master \ B <– abstract-test-rule \ C <– run-leaf I pushed abstract-test-rule and run-leaf to my public github repository, and made […]

Merge trunk to branch in Subversion

I’m using Subversion 1.4.6, and I cannot upgrade to version 1.5 right now. The situation: The trunk has a lot of structural changes (i.e. moving files around, mostly). I have a branch that was recently merged from the trunk, but before the major changes. What is the best way to merge the trunk to the […]

Using git-svn (or similar) *just* to help out with an svn merge?

Some complex subversion merges are coming up in my project: big branches that have been apart for a long time. Svn gives too many conflicts – and some of them seem spurious. Given that git is praised for a superiour merge experience, Would it be any good to use git-svn just for the benefit of […]

examining history of deleted file

If I delete a file in Subversion, how can I look at it’s history and contents? If I try to do svn cat or svn log on a nonexistent file, it complains that the file doesn’t exist. Also, if I wanted to resurrect the file, should I just svn add it back? (I asked specifically […]

How do I create a SVN Commit Message Template and Hook to Verify

I’m using Visual SVN Server and Tortoise SVN (client) for source control. I would like all developers to standardize on a consistent format for checkin notes. For Example I want their Commit Message to default to… Synopsis: Developer Name: (pre-populated) Reviewed By: [Bug Id]: [Change Bug State]: Known Issues: Affected Files: (pre-populated) In the future […]

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