Converting a Mercurial (hg) repository to Git on Windows (7)

I’m really quite frustrated at this point. I have an existing hg repository that has months of coding history in it, and I want to get this into a private Github repository so I can work on it from there. Unfortunately I use Windows and I can’t seem to find any way to convert the […]

msysgit on windows — what should I be aware of, if any?

This is related to another question I asked recently. When installing msysgit, the installer presents 3 options related to system path: Never change windows environment. With this option, you have to use the “bash” shell to work with git. Add the git\bin directory to the PATH environment variable, but without overriding some builtin windows tools. […]

Using two git repos in one folder

Here’s the scene: I’m currently working on my own framework and on a client’s website. Here is the structure: . .. _application _framework _public I’d like to have a repo with _framework/* _public/index.php and the structure _application (empty folders for _controllers _models and _views) on github. Also I’d like to have a repo containing ALL […]

My pull request has been merged, what to do next?

I recently participated in a project from GitHub. I did the following: Forked the original repository, cloned it to my local machine, made a branch to fix existing bug, fixed bug being in that branch, pushed that branch to my repo, send a pull request to the author of the repository to merge my fix […]

Find Git branch name in post-update hook

This question already has an answer here: Writing a git post-receive hook to deal with a specific branch 6 answers

How do I prompt the user from within a commit-msg hook?

I want to warn the user if their commit message doesn’t follow a certain set of guidelines, and then give them the option to edit their commit message, ignore the warning, or cancel the commit. The problem is that I don’t seem to have access to stdin. Below is my commit-msg file: function verify_info { […]

Git for Windows – The Program can't start because libiconv2.dll is missing

When I attempt to run certain commands (like git push, for example) from a git Bash on Windows 7 (64bit) I get the error: The program can’t start because libiconv2.dll is missing from your computer I have searched exhaustively for a solution to this. The most I can find is an issue thread at the […]

Add commits before root commit in Git?

This question already has an answer here: Insert a commit before the root commit in Git? 13 answers

Create Git branch with current changes

I started working on my master branch thinking that my task would be easy. After a while I realised it would take more work and I want to do all this work in a new branch. How can I create a new branch and take all these changes with me without dirtying master?

Does running git init twice initialize a repository or reinitialize an existing repo?

What happens to an existing git repository when you issue git init again? I created a repository with git init. Created a file, add, commit. Check the status (nothing to commit). Then created another file, check the status and I can see it’s untracked as expected. Then, say by mistake, I run git init again […]

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