Execute Shell script from workspace on remote machine after build successful (Jenkins)

The scenario is – I have a job A which runs my ant script and packages the artifact’s for me. I am also using parametrized Triggered plug in to Trigger my “Job B” which will deploy my artifact on remote machine. The job A is working fine and also Job B. The tasks that i […]

How can I know how long a Jenkins job has been in the wait queue after the job is finished?

For the statistics, I want to see how long the job is in the waiting queue, therefore I can tune the system to make the job is run in time. If the job is just in queue, it is possible to find in waiting queue in front page see How can I tell how long […]

How can I write a Groovy Jenkinsfile for a Django application to run my tests?

I have recently started using Jenkins and I am wanting to use Multibranch Pipelines so I can test the various feature branches in my project. The project is using django 1.8. So far my Jenkinsfile looks like this and fails in the testing stage as django can not find my settings file even though it […]

Fetching a URL from a basic-auth protected Jenkins server with urllib2

I’m trying to fetch a URL from a Jekins server. Until somewhat recently I was able to use the pattern described on this page (HOWTO Fetch Internet Resources Using urllib2) to create a password-manager that correctly responded to BasicAuth challenges with the user-name & password. All was fine until the Jenkins team changed their security […]

Play framework 2.0 continuous integration setup

I am looking for ideas for a Play 2.0 continuous integration setup. It would contain typical jobs like build after a git push, nightly builds with deployment to a test Heroku instance etc. Also code quality and test coverage metrics generation would be handy. At the moment the stack looks like Play 2.0 with Java […]

Change JENKINS_HOME on Red Hat Linux?

I used this procedure to install Jenkins: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+on+RedHat+distributions After it was up and running I discovered the /var/lib/jenkins partition on my server is very small. I want to move it, but I do not want to change the user that it runs under. I am new to Linux and I’m stumped. How do I move […]

Custom workspace in jenkins

I am not getting the check box to select custom workspace in Jenkins(ver. 1.465) while configuring the job, is there any plugin to get it? After getting check box how to configure (path of workspace)?

How to install jenkins under current user (not 'jenkins') on MAC OS X

I have configured MAC OS X environment (SDKs, licenses, etc) under current user for build server and would like to reuse all the settings by a build agent. Jenkins was chosen as a good option but for some reason during installation it created a new user jenkins and launch the app under it, causing the […]

How to set a JVM option in Jenkins globally for every job?

I’ve recently installed a new JDK (1.7u9), and I got some very strange VerifyErrors. In a thread I found that it could help me if I use a -XX:-UseSplitVerifier magic switch for the compilation. What I would like to do is to set this Java option globally in Jenkins, but haven’t found any configurations for […]

Running test in parallel with surefire and displaying them properly with the TestNG Jenkins plugin

I’m running tests with parallel execution using surefire, and that all seems to work fine. However, there’s only one testng-results.xml generated in the target/surefire-reports/ folder which … only contains the results of the test that ran last. I found an issue exactly for that reported for an older version of surefire, and it says “won’t […]

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