Git branch deletion

In Git, what does “deletion” of a branch mean? Will it be gone from the repository? Or will it still be navigable to via git branch? What I really want to do is mark a branch as “dead end”, i.e., the branch is so far from master, that nobody should use it as a starting […]

github: Adding commits to existing pull request

I opened a pull request to rails repo on github by using Fork & Edit this file file button. Now, After getting feedback on my PR, I wanted to add some more commits. so here is what I ended by doing $ git clone #my forked repo $ git rebase -i 785a2e5 #commit hash […]

.gitignore file in Sourcetree not working

I am working on a maven project and I want to ignore the files generated and stored in the /target folder of my project (Evaluation) root folder.In the root of my git repository I have a .gitignore file with the following entries (backend is just a folder which contains the eclipse project Evaluation) backend/Evaluation/logs/ backend/Evaluation/target/ […]

git push heroku master permission denied

I am following the ruby.railstutorial. I run the command “git push heroku master” and it spits out this error. Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I am inside my rails app “/Users/lexi87/rails_projects/first_app”. Any solutions?

Installing git on Windows: Git Bash Here or git-cheetah shell extension?

I’m installing Git on Windows XP. During the setup, the installer asks whether I want: 1: Context menu entries: “Git Bash Here” (and the “Git GUI Here” option) or 2: “git-cheetah shell extension (32-bit only)” Basically, which should I do? I can’t do both. More specifically, what is the most commonly used version? Is the […]

Setting up a git repo on my GoDaddy hosting plan

I have a project which is version-controlled using git. What I want to be able to do is set up a repo on my (ssh-enabled) GoDaddy shared hosting package so that I can deploy with a push rather than dragging and dropping in FTP. Any tips would be appreciated. Best would be an account from […]

Git push to wrong branch

Working with git, after some ‘commit’, and a couple of ‘push’, I realized that am using the wrong branch ! Now I have to remove in some way my changes in wrong_branch and commit and push the changes in right_branch What’s the best (and simple) way to do that ? thank you

What's the git equivalent of “svn update -r”?

I’m a recent git convert. It’s great to be able to use git-svn to keep my branches locally without disturbing the svn server. There was a bug that existed in the latest version of the code. I wanted to establish a time when it worked so that I could use git bisect. I couldn’t find […]

What are common antipatterns of using Git?

As a Git newbie, I realized that I have been using it as if it were Subversion. e.g. always working on master, not committing locally before pulling changes etc. This often results in avoidable manual merge situations. What are other common antipatterns of using Git?

Git: How configure KDiff3 as merge tool and diff tool

Recently I was using GitExtension 2.46, but the Git version that has the same is 1.9.4.msysgit.2. Willing to use only Git commands, I uninstalled GitExtension and install the latest version available of Git and KDiff3. When I make a merge and have conflicts, I run the following command: $ git mergetool Then I receive the […]

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