How to put Emacs into magit's commit edit mode from emacsclient

I have set Git’s “core.editor” config to “emacsclient” and have an Emacs session running with a server started. When I run “git commit” from a terminal, it opens a new buffer in my Emacs as expected, but this buffer is always in “fundamental mode”. It used to open in whatever mode that magit uses to […]

How do I Git Commit all (.) except one file?

Hi all I have done git rm on few files and have modified one file. I want to know how can I do git commit . to commit deleted files with excluding the modified file. Is there anything like git commit -m “Files deleted” . -exclude scripts/process_old_FBA_orders.php Below is my git status Changes to be […]

How do I make Git use “thiers” merge strategy by default?

I want to use thiers as the default strategy for git merge. I dont want to specify merge using thiers every time. git merge -X thiers master Is there any way to set it up globally so that i can only use git merge master without X thiers.

Clone app from pagodabox using GitHub for Windows

I downloaded the GitHub for Windows, after installing it I try to clone my app i just created from Pagodabox. I’m using the PowerShell and try to clone it: git clone******.git ***** But there is an error: The SSH Key provided not authorized for this repo. I dunno what to do.

How to rollback a single conflict resolution during git rebase

In the middle of a long rebase I stumbled upon a following situation. I got conflicts in several files and started resolving them one by one and marking resolutions with git add. After all was done I realized I made a mistake in one of resolutions. What to do now? I know I can always […]

How to handle a git workflow mixed with SFTP and remote changes at the same time?

I have a dev machine and a remote test server. The dev machine will commit files A + B + C and has already sent files A and C to the test server via SFTP (in my editor). A and C have been modified since the last commit but may or may not have been […]

Whats the simplest way to return all commits on git to master branch that have not been merged already?

I’m using LigGit2Sharp. I’ve tried using foreach (Commit commit in repo.Commits) { foreach (var parent in commit.Parents) { //Console.WriteLine(“{0} | {1}”, commit.Sha, commit.MessageShort); } } However this shows all of the commits history…

Pull Master from featured branch

Probably, this is a newbie question. There’s a little confusion about git. What’s happened if I pull origin master from my featured branch. For example: Check out development branch, so I will be on development branch Usually, I just pull from origin development branch What’s happened if I run pull origin master from development branch? […]

how to port python sphinx-doc to github pages?

I just followed How to upload html documentation generated from sphinx to github? and everything works fine until I uploaded it to my github. I intend to make it as my personal website and I didn’t make gh-pages branch. It looks something like this: but it should look something like this, which I look from […]

Getting a folder into GitHub having tried before incorrectly

I have been trying to create my first repository through the Powershell but I am having problems. My first problem is that “Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 2 commits.” I am have tried to create repository this way before, with the same name, but I cannot understand properly what the stage is here […]

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