How do I add further changes to a stash in Git

Suppose that I have stashed some changes and I want to add further changes into the same stash (such as stash@{0}). Is there an easy way to do this? What about combining two stashes into a single one?

techniques in git grep and vim

Note: marked as community wiki I code in vim. I use git; and love git grep. Does anyone have a particularly nice set of techniques / scripts for using git grep inside of vim? Readers: please upvote answers involving vim + git grep; please downvote answers involving non-vim editors, and editors referring to external tools […]

How to see remote tags?

In Atlassian SourceTree, how to know which tags are only local and which are also in remote? When creating a tag you get the option “Push tag to: …”, but how to know if a tag has been pushed or not after it is created? I can see all my tags locally, but I need […]

Git stash twice

I had to quickly switch git branches, so I ran git stash, but I had to run it again because one of my files needed editing. So I’ve run git stash twice, and I’m ready to go back to editing my files. I ran git stash apply but I’m not convinced that all of the […]

SSH Public key denied on “git clone” command

I am trying to clone a git repo that I forked in my GitHub Repository.It’s a rails app. I want to clone it on my local git so that I can push it onto heroku. I generated a set of rsa keys and copied it onto my GitHUb public keys. When I try to git […]

Renaming git tags results in inconsistency

After renaming a git tag “1.0” to “1.5” with git tag 1.5 1.0 git tag -d 1.0 git push origin :refs/tags/1.0 my git repository seems to be in an inconsistent state. Here is the git describe output: warning: tag ‘1.0’ is really ‘1.5’ here 1.0-97-g88085b2 it should return 1.5-… now the git fsck –tags output: […]

Combine `cloc` with `git blame`

cloc enables one to count the number of lines of code stored in a directory per language per type (blank, comment, or code). git blame enables one to see which part of a file belong to whom. I’m looking for a way to combine both so that one gets a (three dimensional) matrix that lists […]

Microservices: How to store source code of many microservices?

Currently, I have 20 microservices for one project. And every microservice stored in separate GIT reposotiry. Subsequently, the number of services will increase to 200 (or more). Every service has unit tests and integration tests. Every service has build in TeamCity (Continuous integration server). Question: How to store source code of 200 microservices for one […]

managing ssh public keys on github organizations repositories

I was wondering if anyone has a good, clean, safe way to manage github Organization repository access on their servers? It seems that you can only attach pub keys to your personal account and cannot restrict access solely to an organization. We’ve got a beta server where we put multiple projects so deploy keys, because […]

Why doesn't the graph display a new branch branching off from the master branch, when I create a new branch in terminal?

Why doesn’t the graph in Sourcetree display a new branch branching off from the master branch , when I create a new branch called “testing123” in terminal ? Sourcetree recognises the new branch but it doesn’t branch off from the master branch in the graph. Why is this happening ? How can I make Sourcetree […]

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