Is `git merge` able to display every change (w.r. to a common ancestor) as merge conflict?

Assume we have a file common_ancestor (master) ok ok ok ok ok From there, we change and commit master to ok change not ok (looking back) ok ok ok latest change ok Now we have a better idea, checkout common_ancestor and change it to ok ok ok This is a really good change ok ok […]

How to remove all commits of a topic Git branch?

Suppose I have the following history: A—B—C———-D————E master \ /\ / W1–X1–Y1 W2–X2–Y2 topic1 topic2 Is it possible to remove all topic branches and their commits as following A-B-C-D-E master

Scope of gc prune and git reflog expire, and related config

We are using throwaway integration branches which are pushed, and then later deleted and recreated. However the discarded branches are leaving dangling commits and trees which I can view with this command: git fsck –unreachable –no-reflogs I could clean them up with git reflog expire –expire-unreachable=now –all git gc –prune=now or something similar, but I […]

Git new file appears in all branches

I thought a file created on one branch will not appear in any other branches until I merge or rebase the branch? Example: I have two branches: master new_contact_page I checkout the new_contact_page branch. $ git checkout new_contact_page Then I create a new file. $ vi contact_page.html Without doing any Git commands, I switch back […]

Rebase a branch that has child branches

My company’s policy is that any pull request must be done with a rebased branch. I have a local Dev branch and this has ‘task’ branches: remote master ——– \ Dev —————— \—–task1 \ \—task2 When master gets updated, I rebase Dev on master. What is a optimal way to manage branches task1 and task2. […]

How to use 2 GIT Repos in a Project? (git submodules, subtree)

We are working on a project which has multiple folders some of them are as follows :- Core Contrib Vendor Languages Skins Config We have deployed the project on 10 different servers for 10 different client, the contents of the first 3 folders are same (common) for all the clients, but the contents of last […]

How can I tell Cygwin that a dependency was built from source?

I’m using Git with Cygwin (I prefer Cygwin to Mingw, and I do not grok PoshGit). Unfortunately, the version of Git available on Cygwin repository is kind of old (1.7.9-1). So I built git 1.8 from source (which btw was in fact not so hard as I thought it would be, but I digress). The […]

Git blame on reorganized SVN repository

git blame isn’t showing me the all history of a SVN repository which had its layout reorganized. I’m using git-svn to access a SVN repository. The SVN repository used to have a structure with a vast tree of folders to hold the many projects. Last year I reorganized and flattened the layout into a more […]

When using Git, how to tell which branch a new branch is created based on?

Let’s say if I did a git checkout -b bar foo or git checkout foo git branch bar both should have created a branch bar base on the branch foo. But let’s say the next day, if I want to verify that bar really was created based on foo, there is no easy way to […]

Can I send out of band data along with a commit?

I wish to integrate a remote git repository with an RTC server, by using their RESTful interface to attach a link to gitweb for a commit associated with a particular task. Ideally this will be done with a post-receive hook on the git server, but the processing user that git runs as is not allowed […]

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