Git branching model – managing a Deploy/Integration branch in a non-sequential test and a release setup

We are broadly adopting a git branching model based on’s suggestion. What we can’t figure out yet is how to manage the Deploy (aka Integration) branch with regards to feature testing for multiple versions. Even though Nvie’s model decouples feature development from the release runway, it seems to assume a queued runway for development, […]

Git deleted one file automatically, when I swiched back to branch

I am working on branch A and have some changes. I had add those changes and stage them with commit command. Then I switch to branch b need to see some code. Then I just switched back to again branch A and check the git status It is showing one file is deleted, but I […]

Git submodules, not sure if its the right thing to use

So I have a a repo with my nodejs server. We also have a webapp that runs as a stand alone webapp only as a single html file on enterprise servers. For our cloud version we need ot run this with a backend, hence I am using nodejs. The thing that im no sure about […]

GIT with SSL on Mavericks (error -9824)

On OS X Maverick. I have p12 file for connect to sever. openssl pkcs12 -in test.p12 -nodes -nocerts -out test.key openssl pkcs12 -in test.p12 -nodes -nokeys -out test.cert In git config i add: [http] sslCert = ~/keys/test.cert sslKey = ~/keys/test.key After i try get sources git pull fatal: unable to access ‘https://git.***.com/gitweb/***.git’: Unknown SSL protocol […]

Multiple login details

I am very new to git. I have used it a little bit with GitHub, and following the tutorial for setting git up there was very easy. In doing so, I believe I set global login details for git. And the tutorial was simple to follow, but never really gave me a great understanding of […]

egit not pulling with submodulus eclipse

I am working on a project that has submodules in it. In order to update the project to the latest version I need to use the next commands : git pull and git submodule update. I have start using eclipse with EGit. the problem is when I am doing pull through the eclipse interface it […]

In GitHub, how do I search for “RecoverCompact” in “CPubKey::RecoverCompact”

I’m searching GitHub for a given definition of “RecoverCompact”, and I keep getting results that were checked in from the first release. I realized my mistake is that GitHub doesn’t search the partial text because it sees “CPubKey::RecoverCompact” as a single string, when in my case I don’t know which object this is in. Why […]

How to update only selected files with eclipse git?

I found I must update all the files to my workspace when I got changes from others. Previously I have used SVN , I can use update function to update selected files, but how about git? Must I update all other changes to my local workspace before I commit my changes? Regards, Hua Jie

Fixing a botched `git rebase`

I understand git rebase a bit. And I understand git reflog and git reset –hard a bit, too. But the SO answers and blog posts I’ve tried can’t seem to help me fix this error I’ve made. I am working on a change to Marionette. I was doing as I normally do, squashing my commits […]

Merge a Git repository with a sub directory of remote Git

I have a Git repository and everything is on root, but on remote git repository the desired content is one level deep (there are three types of folder 1-git folders 2-DemoProject 3.some-other-folder-i-have-no-concern). How to merge these two together. Even though they are completely disconnected but i have found the way to merge the disconnected repository […]

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