Is the “assume-unchanged” information committed?

There is a certain file that I want to share in its current state, but I don’t want further changes to be committed. So I did “assume-unchanged” to that file. Now, git ignores changes to this file in my repository. But what about other users of the repository – will they have to do “assume-unchanged” […]

Git reset hard and going back

From git gui, I used gitk to git reset -hard to a few commits before my current one, as I needed to test if everything was working before the changes. Since I even had a few uncommitted changes, I git stash in order to save them and being able to reapply them once going back […]

How can I use Git to identify function changes across different revisions of a repository?

I have a repository with a bunch of C files. Given the SHA hashes of two commits, <commit-sha-1> and <commit-sha-2>, I’d like to write a script (probably bash/ruby/python) that detects which functions in the C files in the repository have changed across these two commits. I’m currently looking at the documentation for git log, git […]

How does Git push and pull work with a remote repo/local repo?

I come from SVN and I am not understanding how the whole Git thing works. I’ve created a remote repo, cloned the repo in my local machine – if I make changes to files in my local machine and try to push those files to the exact remote repo I cloned from I get an […]

have a new .gitignore tell me if any file already matches tracked files

is there a way to parse a .gitignore and tell me if i already have some files that match the ignores so that i know to remove them or change my .gitignore? example is that i have git tracking my imgs directory, and i wish to ignore all of windows Thumbs.db, and also tell me […]

How to re-merge a branch, after a partial merge was performed

So I’ve performed a partial merge (via git merge –no-commit) to only bring in some changes from a featureA branch. Then merged in a featureB branch. And now I need the rest of the changes from featureA. Git says there’s nothing to do if I merge featureA again, because Git thinks it’s already been merged. […]

Ignore modifications after git add -f

I’ve just downloaded (not cloned!) CakePHP 2.2.4. The directory containains a .gitignore file: # only the relevant part here /app/Config /app/tmp Now I executed these command because the directories (and their initial contents) Config and tmp would otherwise never been committed: git add -f Config git add -f tmp I have no problems with the […]

Github Pull Request Plugin

I’m trying to setup the pull request plugin. I’ve configured it as suggested in the documentation but if I specify the branch to build as ${sha1} then that variable doesn’t seem to be resolved. So in my logs: Building in workspace /Users/sat/.jenkins/jobs/JenkinsTest/workspace > /usr/local/bin/git rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree Fetching changes from the remote Git repository > /usr/local/bin/git […]

Initial download of website into github

I have installed Git on my server and have successfully connected to Github. I now want to download my website (that has already been developed) to Github in order to start version tracking. However, I am having a problem doing this. I have signed up with Github and created a blank repository with a readme […]

Installing project from GitHub may create files I don't want to include in a Pull Request

I would like to contribute to an open source Python project on GitHub and have forked the project to my account, cloned it and added the original repo as described on GitHub. In order to try the module out and play with it I will need to run install But doesn’t that change files […]

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