Can gitattributes filters remove or add files?

Git attributes can be used to set up filters per file to make the content of the working directory be a transformed version of the repository content. I was wondering if this could be used to clean up the .SRCINFO files that have to be dealt with in Archlinux’ new AUR version 4. Essentially, there […]

What is a recommended way to manage git patch queues in unrelated repositories

So, I have many repositories I need to manage patchsets in git. I primarily work on what I’ll call issue-branches (Unsure if thats an official terminology for git, but its short-lived branches for each issue). I do have a habit of rebasing if they end up taking longer to iron out, or even squashing if […]

What leads to a situation where one has to resolve the exact same conflict multiple times during a rebase?

I heard people saying that they had to fix the exact same conflict multiple times during a rebase. That means, fix the conflict, run git rebase –continue, get the same conflict again, fix it, run git rebase –continue and so on and so on. I know that there is git rerere that can record the […]

Merge from upstream with no upstream history

I have a parent repo containing my project, and a sub repo which is based off this project. The parent repo has tagged releases, and the sub repo is based off one of these tags. For example: parent v1.0—v2.0—v3.0 \ child—[changes] Unfortunately when the child repo was created, the parent history was removed and the […]

Commiting changes in nested git subtrees

I have been reading a lot on git subtrees as an alternative submodules and was wondering what is the best way to handle nested subtrees with regards to committing changes: Say you have project A with a subproject B as a subtree (so A is the parent). If I make changes to B while working […]

Get “Authentication Failed” in heroku on first login

I cannot log in to heroku in my terminal. I just got heroku for an online web development course and this is the first time I am attempting to log in and it always gives me “Authentication failed.” I have tried to log in using two different accounts, I have changed the passwords on the […] Download Counter

I uploaded a GIT repository at, everything seems to work fine. But I cannot find download statistics. For me this is an essential feature, and hosting would be insufficient without it. Did I miss something? Can anybody tell me how to get a counter for the number of downloads on Thanks in […]

Untracked files show up after failed git pull

I started with a clean working directory. On branch master nothing to commit, working directory clean Then I did a git pull that failed with two permissions errors: error: unable to unlink old ‘.gitignore’ (Permission denied) fatal: cannot create directory at ‘vendor’: Permission denied And suddenly there are many untracked files in my working directory […]

Git stuck on writing Objects 33% then “Killed by signal 2”

git push origin master Counting objects: 41, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (20/20), done. Writing objects: 33% (11/33), 1.30 MiB | 14.00 KiB/s There is gets stuck and I have to do: ^C Killed by signal 2. I can push other repos to github, but not this one. My […]

I created a new node project and package.json did not upload to Git

I did the following npm init Then I added it to my Repository. By git status git add . git commit -m “Initial Commit” git push origin master Now I visit my repo and my package.json is NOT there. Am I doing something wrong? I have a gitignore it looks like the following # Logs […]

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