sublime text – coloring files according to their revision status

Other editors, such as PyCharm and Atom offer a feature where files are colored differently according to their status on git (one color marks a file as modified, another as unrevisioned, etc.). This is an extremely useful feature. Is there a way to get that on sublime as well? The two other editors I’ve mentioned […]

Git Repository How to recover deleted files?

I was trying to push my project to a new repository. Unfortunately, I accidentally removed the project before the commit was complete. All the files in the project directory were deleted. How can I recover the files? $ git log –diff-filter=D –summary | grep delete delete mode 100644 .gitignore delete mode 100644 LICENSE delete mode […]

Should I use Git branches to store unrelated code?

I have a question about a non-standard git branching strategy. Let’s say I have a lot of small files, like scripts for instance, all largely unrelated with each other. Let’s say I divide these up, into various conceptual groupings, and then commit each group of files, in turn, to different, empty, branches. So I will […]

Git undo changes by merge

I rolled my local repo back to a commit and then made some local changes. Now I wanted to update (simply overwrite) the remote with my local repo. But when I did a git pull, the terminal showed bunch of conflicts. I don’t want the remote changes, I just want my local files to be […]

How exactly (with a diagram) does Git Fetch + Merge work?

I’m attempting to merge Git repositories into subfolders under one large repository. Everything was working fine, and I was basically doing: git remote add -f <name> <url> git merge <name>/master However, after doing those steps above, I accidentally removed the new files that came from the remote. I then git-committed. I wanted to “add” them […]

Git : How to merge the changes from a closed pull request?

Few weeks back, I had a pull request (PR) against my branch my:abc from them:xyz. As of today, the PR is closed. In the PR, them:xyz is now replaced with unknown repository, wanted to know what does it mean, how can it happen? Now I wanted to merge those changes, but unfortunately I cannot contact […]

Git Svn Migration – Handling directory of binaries

So, in the course of attempting to migrate our company repo from SVN to Git, I’ve run into the following issue – Currently, we have a “lib” folder in our repository containing a variety of DLLs from various internal projects (as well as third-party DLLs, but that’s an easier issue). It is currently possible to […]

Git is reading all my computer files, rather than just one folder. How to point git to a different folder?

I’m pretty new to Git (and Stack Overflow). Aside from git add, commit and push – and pull, I haven’t explored any of the commands just yet. Every time I open Terminal on my mac, normally when typing git status on the main (Macintosh HD) folder, I’ll get a response that says, “this is not […]

Is it posssilbe to do a selective “git checkout –ours” on only take “ours” in the conflicted regions of the conflict file

I’m trying to script merging branches with pom.xml files that usually only conflict with changes in the version number but often have other non-conflicting changes in them. If I use “git checkout –ours” even non-conflicting changes are skipped is there a workaround for this? Example of what I mean: <xml> <thing> <<<<<<< HEAD <version>1.1.0</version> ======= […]

Is it possible to use GIT and TFS source control together

We are currently using VS 2015 with TFS bases source control but are considering moving to Microsoft GIT. Is it possible to use the two together so that we can evaluate and compare. Looking at Source Control plug in section in VS options it implies that you can only use one or the other.

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