Manage Deployment of Database Changes in Magento

I have three instances of my Magento site:- Local Test on Web Server Live on Web Server I can manage my files/folder and code changes through Git, But how do I manage my Database changes. When I deploy for the first time, I will import the sqldump. But subsequent to that how do I update/deploy […]

Maven dependency on a commit to a git repo?

In Cabal for Haskell – we can generate a new version of a project based upon a given commit from a git repo using Max’s Bot. Is it possible to do this for Java projects using Maven?

How to locate a commit of a submodule in GitHub?

How do you locate in GitHub a specific commit of a submodule from code that was cloned but is no longer in GitHub? For example, I have a project that uses submodule A that in turns uses submodules B and C. I have all the source in my hard drive. Using this source, I just […]

How do i access a GIT repository through VPN with XCode or Sourcetree (on a mac)

It should be simple, but i just cant get anything to work. My Mac mini was connected to the office network (Windows server) and the repository is located on a server harddisk. I have a cloned working copy on the mac etc. Now the Mac is sitting somewhere else and is connected to the server […]

tmuxinator specify custom project config file

I’m trying to store my tmuxinator project config in a file in my actual repo with all the other config files rather than the normal place it stores them all. But i can’t see a way to load tmuxinator from a config file with any flags etc. I know that i can create a project […]

Repository Behind Remote on Some Files Ahead on Others

Let’s say my repository looks like this: repo/ file1 file2 The version on file1 is ahead of my remote repository on github, but the version of file2 is behind. I don’t want to push because then the remote version of file2 will be messed up, but I can’t pull because I get merge conflicts on […]

Github ask for username & password after configuring ssh

I have Created SSH keygen and Just add the Public Key to My Github Account. When I am pushing My local Saved State to Github Repo.It ask for UserName & Password again. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Installing ungit on Windows XP error: C:/Documents: No such file or directory

Ungit looks the perfect tool to learn how git works, as it gives a graphical interface to understand what is going on. I want to share this video explanation (very useful to understand how git works even if you are not planning to use ungit). It has synchronized my local repository perfectly. Unfortunately, when I […]

Checkout different SVN folder using Source Tree to push to WordPress plugin assets folder

I am using SourceTree to push to my SVN WP Plugin directory. I have set that part up successfully. The problem is with pushing to the assets directory as explained in the wp plugin FAQ. SourceTree only shows the trunk as an available remote: The WordPress FAQ states to: Start by creating an assets/ directory […]

Git hook and wordpress git pull page not found

So I was searching and can’t find how to set up git hook with wordpress I added a deploy.php to my public_html directory where is my wordpress blog! so when I commit to git stuff, something server doesn’t pull it and when I type www.example/depoly.php it shows error 404 page not found its there any […]

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