Deploying PHP website from Git repository

I am trying to wrap my head around Git and deploying websites with (or without) it. I have been Googling and searching and reading, but can’t find an answer to my specific case or concerns. I am still in the planning stages of doing this, but would like to get it right from the start […]

Grafting a Git history onto an SVN branch

The situation I have a Git repo and an SVN repo that both hold the same source code but different commit histories. The Git repo has a lot of small well commented submits… while the SVN repo has a few huge commits with comments like “Lots of stuff”. Both series of commits follow the same […]

Git: Deny deleting remote branch via push (like receive.denyDeletes), but only if branch is not fully merged

Git will by default deny deleting a local branch (via git branch -d mybranch), if that branch is not fully merged. However, if I delete a remote branch via git push origin –delete mybranch, there is no warning whatsoever if the branch is not fully merged. This seems rather dangerous: Someone else might have pushed […]

Git svn clone not working using a SVN repository

In this way I can clone a SVN repository: svn co svn+ssh://<username>@<url>/var/lib/svn/<repository_name> /var/www/<repository_name> It starts to create the expected files under /var/www/<repository_name> I’ve installed the git svn package, and I tried to clone this SVN repository using GIT: git svn clone svn+ssh://<username>@<url>/var/lib/svn/<repository_name> /var/www/<repository_name> It gives the following error message and it doesn’t download anything: svn-remote.svn.url […]

error: git-upload-pack died of signal 13

I have a GitLab server (6.7.2) in Mac OS X 10.9.2, with git 1.9.2. There are two repositories. One can be cloned successfully, but the other fails as $ git clone http://*/gamil/gamil.git Cloning into ‘gamil’… remote: Counting objects: 426, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (375/375), done. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early […]

hudson/jenkins keeps building the bad branch in git instead of the good one

I have jenkins set up to build any branch and merge it into master. I also have pre-receive scripts to prevent any developer from checking into master unless you are user “hudson“. It is working great on one of our repositories but on the other one, any time someone pushes a new remote branch, hudson […]

Creating Merge Commit replacing Ours by Theirs

I have two branches A and B. What I want to do is to create a new (merge) commit on A with the current state of A as parent that refers to the file tree described by B discarding anything from A. Basically the history of B should be squashed into a single commit. The […]

Git tag – Checkout issue

If there are multiple tags available in a Git project, how can we check, which is the checked out tag out of all the present ones. git tag will list all the tags, and entries will be present in .git/refs/tags say for example: – today we did a repository sync from master repository and got […]

Is git push –mirror sufficient as a backup for repository that is used with git-svn?

I would like to create a backup of a git repository that I use for tracking a svn repository (with git-svn). Can I use git push –mirror for that purpose or would I lose any git-svn related information when I needed to restore the backup?

Is there a way to purge some files from the history of git?

I have migrated a couple of project from Subversion to git. It work really well but when I clone my repository, it’s really long because I have all the history of a lot of .jar file included in the transfer. Is there a way to keep only the latest version of certain type of file […]

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