ssh to remote pc in the same network – Permission denied (publickey)

I am trying to install git on a remote server and these are the details of that pc IP Ubuntu version 12.04 32 bit and I have install both openssh and the status of the ssh is this ssh start/running, process 756 And I am trying to ssh to that pc from local pc […]

Why does git revert complain about a missing -m option?

So I’m working on a project with other people, and there’s multiple github forks being worked on. Someone just made a fix for a problem and I merged with his fork, but then I realized that I could find a better solution. I want to revert the commit I just made. I tried doing this […]

There is nothing changed, but eclipse egit marks the file as changed

I’m using eclipse egit with github. I found something strange that I didn’t change anything, but egit marked the file as “changed”. See the images: the file “run.bat” is marked as “changed” Compare with “file in Git index”, you can see nothing is different Compare with “file in HEAD”, you can see nothing is different […]

Git clone without .git directory

Possible Duplicate: How to do a “git export” (like “svn export”) Is there a flag to pass to git when doing a clone, say don’t clone the .git directory? If not, how about a flag to delete the .git directory after the clone?

How can I rollback a github repository to a specific commit?

My github has 100 commits in it right now. I need to rollback the repository to commit 80, and remove all the subsequent ones. Why? This repo is supposed to be for merging from miscellaneous users. A bunch of merges went in as commits from me, due to excessive editing. That was due to a […]

DAG vs. tree using Git?

I’ve often read that Git uses the directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure, with each commit as a node, and things like branches and tags as pointers to nodes. But when I try to visualize my commit history using tools like gitk, it looks more like a tree than a graph since every parent-child relationship […]

git difftool to give directory compare?

This question already has an answer here: Directory comparison of Git branches 3 answers

git: 'credential-cache' is not a git command

I followed these instructions to the letter, including the part about password caching. It seems like the instructions are wrong, because every time I git push origin master I get this error: git: ‘credential-cache’ is not a git command. See ‘get –help’. … at which point I am forced to enter my username and password. […]

Does deleting a branch in git remove it from the history?

Coming from svn, just starting to become familiar with git. When a branch is deleted in git, is it removed from the history? In svn, you can easily recover a branch by reverting the delete operation (reverse merge). Like all deletes in svn, the branch is never really deleted, it’s just removed from the current […]

Is the SHA-1 of commits calculated based only on the content of the tree?

For the sake of an experiment, lets say your git log identifies the following commits commit 16bc8486fb34cf9a6faf0f7df606ae72ad9ea438 // added 2nd file commit 9188f9a25b045f130b08888bc3f638099fa7f212 // initial commit After committing, .git/refs/heads/master points to 16bc8486fb34cf9a6faf0f7df606ae72ad9ea438. Let’s say, after this, i manually edit the .git/refs/heads/master file to point to 9188f9a25b045f130b08888bc3f638099fa7f212 At this point, git status recognizes that a new […]

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