creating jenkins jobs with ansible

I’m working on a project to deploy a jenkins CI server on centos7 using ansible And I’m having problems creating jenkins jobs from an xml template using ansible. Everything works fine so far, but now i want to be able to create jobs, and give them some basic configuration from an xml file using ansible. […]

merging dev branch to head with only one log message

Just say you have a development branch with 100 mostly pointless commit/log messages. Is it possible to merge the dev branch to the master/head and have only one log message in the master branch? ie one log message on the head/master branch might say “Adds features XYZ” It seems there are two correct answers. Using […]

OSX Using Beyond Compare as git difftool

When trying to launch Beyond Compare using git, I get this error: The diff tool bc3 is not available as ‘bcompare’ fatal: external diff died, stopping at plugins/PushPlugin.m Set up diff tool: $ git config –global diff.tool bc3 Try to compare directory: $ git difftool plugins Viewing (1/2): ‘plugins/PushPlugin.m’ Launch ‘bc3’ [Y/n]: y

What Are Some Actions In Git That Are Difficult/Impossible to Undo?

One of the strengths of Git is that, because it operates with pointers, it is relatively easy to undo a wide array of tasks including deleting a commit or commits or creating and deleting remote branches. In many cases, all you really have to do is correctly reset the current branch’s HEAD pointer to the […]

How should I version control (sort of) unrelated scripts in the same path?

I’ve started using version control to better manage revisions to my PowerShell code. I decided to use Mercurial for 3 main reasons: As a DVCS, it doesn’t require a server. If I want to, I can store a private repository online for free ( It seemed simpler to use than Git. Mercurial works well for […]

gitlab-shell -> git push -u origin master -> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I’m using gitlab-shell to manage git connections and here is my problem : $ git push -v -u origin master Pushing to fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly # tail -f /var/log/auth.log Mar 15 15:53:12 my-srv sshd[3133]: Accepted publickey for git from my-ip port 50790 ssh2 Mar 15 15:53:12 my-srv sshd[3133]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session […]

Github – Commit error after renaming package in android application: LibGit2Sharp.LockedFileException: The index is locked

After renaming package of an android application, I am facing a commit error as follows: Showing user error Failed to create a new commit. LibGit2Sharp.LockedFileException: The index is locked. This might be due to a concurrent or crashed process at LibGit2Sharp.Core.Ensure.HandleError(Int32 result) at LibGit2Sharp.Index.Replace(TreeChanges changes) at LibGit2Sharp.Index.Replace(Commit commit, IEnumerable`1 paths, ExplicitPathsOptions explicitPathsOptions) at LibGit2Sharp.Index.Replace(Commit commit) […]

Updating project version number on git push

I have a project hosted on Github, and I would like to set it up such that the project has a version number, and the version number is only updated when the master branch is updated, either directly by a push, or via a merged Pull Request. Is there any way to let git/Bitbucket update […]

How do I get Jenkins to skip failed branches till they change?

I’m using Jenkins with the Multiple SCMs + Git plugin. Jenkins is correctly doing a new build for each branch, but for some reason when it fails a build it just keeps trying to redo the build, even if the branch has not changed. How can I fix it so that Jenkins will move on […]

Move several commits from one branch to another?

I started with branches master and develop. I made branch foo based off of develop. 7 commits later and now I realize I wish i made it off of master. I can cherry pick each commit, no big deal, but is there a slicker way?

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