How Do I Remove references to an old Heroku app in local git folder?

I deleted a heroku app reinitialized the local repository but when I try to add the new remote repository it won’t let me add the new remote because the remote already exists but with the old name. I tried doing a rename but that didn’t work either because of course the old app no longer […]

fatal: remote origin already exists – GitHub

I’m newly at Git. And I tried to create my first repo and push project. I’m creating step by step to the Create A Repo. But after I tried to push my project to the empty repo I caught next: fatal: remote origin already exists Here is my steps: touch git init git add […]

Node.js + Git: How To Avoid Adding Module Dependencies to Repository

My Situation I’m developing a Node.js application as npm module. In order to be able to run this app, I installed all the npm dependencies. So, my project contains some ./node_module/ folders containing external module dependency builds. I maintain my project using git and I publish using a GitHub repository. My Problem I don’t want […]

Git switch to master and bring untracked files along

While I was working on a feature_branch I ended up fixing a bug for the whole site. I want to commit the bug fix to master, not my feature_branch. The fix involved adding some new files so when I try to checkout master it aborts and warns me that the untracked files would be overwritten. […]

Move branch to another branch

I have started doing some work on a branch which I have in term realised was the wrong branch. Is there a way to move a branch to a different branch. For example: A — B — C — D — HEAD \– E — F — G — H — I — J \– […]

Diffing two branches to show changes introduced in one branch

I know about git diff branch1 branch2. However, I would like to see changes introduced in one branch only. I can get this functionality with: git checkout branch1 git merge branch2 git reset origin/branch1 git diff Is there a shorter way to do this?

Foundation 5 new project: git issues

I feel I’m going crazy about this. I’m trying to start a new project with Foundation 5 and I get a very strange issue related to my git repo. I’ve been using Foundation 4 before and I have check I meet all the requirements (git, ruby +1.9, node, etc). I want to use Foundation with […]

How to avoid exposing secret informations in vimrc when pushing it to Github

I created a new repository in Github to share my vimfiles. But there’s some problems. In the vimrc file, I put some secret informations there to use some plugins. For example, to use TwitVim( a Twitter client for Vim ), I should add the following codes. let twitvim_login = “user:pass” So every time I want […]

How to push Git TAGs from Intellij without using the console?

Is there a way to push git tags from intellij without bringing up the console and typing git push origin master –tags

Differences between MinGW from msysgit (aka Git on Windows) and MinGW from

I have installed msysgit via the net installer. I ended up with almost 2 giga of material, where I have among the other things git sources and MinGW. I have three questions I already had MinGW from Now I think I can remove the latter and stay with msysgit distribution. Anyway MinGW from […]

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