How can I make GitHub pages use the master branch?

I have a static website using Jekyll hosted on GitHub. The problem is, I don’t really need the master branch, as the only thing the repository contains is the website. This way I have to git checkout gh-pages, then git merge master, and then do git push origin gh-pages. Is there any simple way, where […]

Window Git $ git config –global http.proxy warning: http.proxy has multiple values

Why do I see the following warning? $ git config –global http.proxy warning: http.proxy has multiple values

switch to another branch without committing

I am working on a feature branch and have not finished the work there – Now I need to change to a different branch to fix something for example feat1 – 6+ files changed When I checkout to feat2 branch, after git add . in feat1, git seems to carry over the staged yet uncommitted […]

Agile version control?

I’m trying to work out a good method to manage code changes on a large project with multiple teams. We use subversion at the moment, but I want more flexibility in building a new release than I seem to be able to get with subversion. Here’s roughly I want: for each developer to create easily […]

Key is already in use when trying to add SSH Key to Github

One of my developers has sent his SSH keys so I can add to Github. I receive “Key is already in use” message. How Can I fix that?

How to merge head commits from another branch?

Usually I work on the master branch, and I make some commits, and push it. Then I also need to push these commits to other branch. So usually, I will do: $ git checkout another-branch $ git cherry-pick commit1 $ git cherry-pick commit2 … $ git cherry-pick commitn $ git push Some kind of stupid, […]

How can I control the rename threshold when committing files under git?

I’m trying to place into git‘s history successive snapshots of a specific project. I am doing this by populating the repository directory with the contents of each snapshot and then running git add -A . git commit -m ‘Version X’ This is the method recommended in this answer. However, I see that the commit recognizes […]

opposite of 'git status' command

I use the git status command to find out what I changed locally in my git working directory. But is there an “opposite” of that command? What I mean is I would like to find out what others have checked in to my remote/tracking branch (I am not sure if remote branch is same as […]

Git branching from an older revision and rolling back the current branch

I don’t know Git all that well and for one of our repositories, I made a mistake. I committed and pushed changes to a branch named “core”. But then I realised that my changes should not be there – I should’ve created a new branch several revisions ago, say, “core-experimental”. To explain, I have: A—B—C—D—E […]

On local branch, don't want to commit changes, but need to switch to another branch

I am working on branch A and the feature/task is not done. Then I need to switch to another branch B for a quick fix. When I try to switch on another branch Git forces me to save my local changes otherwise I ‘ll lose my all local changes. I need to commit my incomplete […]

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