How to Access SSH SERVER via GIT Bash

I have problem to access another server using GIT Bash. do you now the command in GIT Bash ?? I have try but thats always show error : bad number

How does version control with LabVIEW VIs work?

Does anybody have experience with version control and LabVIEW? Since LabVIEW VIs are not text-based, how does it work? I would like to use git but I have a few questions: When committing changes, does git recognize the differences in the VI or does it replace the whole file with the new one? Does this […]

Git ignore is not ignoring the netbeans private files

When ever I do git status, the netbeans private.xml is making trouble, I tried adding that in git ignore several ways. but the gitignore simply does not ignore it. git status On branch master Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’. Changes not staged for commit: (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) […]

GitHub: How to fork a public repository as a subdirectory in a private repository?

My project is currently hosted in a private repository. I’m looking to introduce a dependency to a third party library hosted in a public repository on GitHub. How can I fork the library so that it becomes a subdirectory in my project, but I can still sync from the trunk branch of that library?

How can i remove 'Changes not staged for commit'? in git

When I do ‘git status’, I get % git status # Not currently on any branch. # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) # (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working directory) # # modified: Source/WebKit/win/WebKit.vcproj/WebKitApple.vsprops # modified: Source/WebKit/win/WebKit.vcproj/WebKitDirectX.vsprops But after I […]

git rebase. How Do I Use it to Collapse Reams of Ancient Commits

I now have a big honking, bloated, Git repository consuming mucho disk space on GitHub that I want to put on a diet. I need to discard ancient commits made early in the history of the project that are are essentially irrelevant to the current direction the project is going. I am – and will […]

How does Github releases generate archive filenames?

I just created releases for my NFQL software on github. Here is the releases page: For the latest release, v0.7. If I click on the tarball button, it saves a nfql-0.7.tar.gz. This is great and exactly how I want my release archives to be named. However, I need the download link of the tarball […]

Git Woes: edited on windows, now w/ problems on linux

Problem: edited files on windows, using git-bash, to fix IE7 problems committed, pushed to github repo booted back into linux pulled from repo merge conflict in dozens of files used ‘git reset –hard’ What can I do to get back on track? UPDATE: please look at the following for a clearer picture (no irony intended) […]

Git (Windows) – cannot create file on clone. Works as Superuser

I’m using Windows 8, 64bit – I recently installed Git to use it on this computer. However, it is not possible to clone any repository. It exits with the message: $ git clone ssh:// Cloning into ‘repository’… error: Unable to create c:/Users/Danyel/workspace/repository/.git/HEAD When I open cmd as Administrator and try the same command, it succeeds […]

Does the “version” in Composer git repository refer to the release (tag) on GitHub?

I need to use Composer to manage a dependency (normalize.css and others) without composer.js in the project root. I ended up defining a package but I have a few questions: { “require”: { “twbs/bootstrap”: “~3.0”, “fortawesome/font-awesome”: “~3.2”, “necolas/normalize.css”: “*” }, “repositories”: [ { “type”:”package”, “package”: { “name”: “necolas/normalize.css”, “version”:”2″, “source”: { “url”: “”, “type”: “git”, […]

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