Seamless git svn setup

I am a power git user and a happy one at that. Now, I’m forced to use svn and I am not exactly happy to do so. Not so comfortable using git svn yet. So, here is the setup I’d like and want. I use a git repo, that is git in all ways with […]

How to rename a directory/folder in Github(Web)?

I was able to locate a way in the GitHub Web Application to rename a single file and did so with success. I was also able to find a way to rename a whole repository and did that with success. Does anyone know how to do this to a single directory without using command line? […]

How to change git branch in Android Studio

I have 2 branches in my gitlab project. Now I’m on the master (default) branch. I want to change it to another base, this is what I tried: When I go to VCS -> Git -> Branches, and click Checkout tag or revision I always get an error : pathspec ‘my branch’ did not match […]

How to get last Git tag matching regex criteria

I need Git command to get/find last tag starting with ‘v’ to get last versioning commit (I am using tags with v letter at the beginning to tag next application version (example: v0.9.1beta). Is there any way to do it?

Multiple commits before pushing

I’m completely new to GIT, so excuse the naivety. If I’m working on a project offline, and I do multiple commits then push the changes once I’m back online, will all the commits show up in my repository, or just the last one I did before going back online?

Make git highlight tab characters in a diff?

I’m trying to ensure that I don’t commit code that uses tab characters for indentation. This is a soft constraint that I’m applying to my own commits (right now we don’t have a standard for indentation characters, but I’d like to use spaces, since there’s no disagreement on the width of a space, but some […]

Cannot checkout, file is unmerged

I am trying to remove the file from my working directory but after using the following command git checkout file_Name.txt I got the following error message error: path ‘first_Name.txt’ is unmerged What is that and how to resolve it? Following is my git status $ git status On branch master You are currently reverting commit […]

git un-remove before commit?

I accidentally did a git rm filename.txt -f now if I do a git commit -m ”, it will commit this delete. How do I un-remove it before I do a git commit?

How to cherry-pick the last sha from another branch in Git with 1 command?

I find myself doing this a lot when cherry-picking a commit from another branch. $ git log -1 another_branch commit <commit_sha> // copy <commit_sha> $ git cherry-pick <commit_sha> Can I do all of this in one command, if so, what is it?

Git: get number of changed lines per day

I’d like to make a diagram of added/removed/changed lines in a git repository per day and/or week. I do not want to count the number of commits. Is there a tool that can produce such charts (gitstats does not)? Or, with which git command I can produce an output which i could parse easily? Thank […]

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