how to set http as the project default url in gitlab

when opening a project in gitlab, you will see SSH and HTTP(or HTTPS) url on the top of project home page, the SSH url is as default, but I want to set HTTP(or HTTPS) as default, so how should I do? Thanks

Why is git core.preloadindex default value false?

Can anyone answer why core.preloadindex is false by default? Are there any pitfalls? I can’t imagine a performance penalty.

Reasons against using “Git” in the enterprise

I was recently using a commercial centrally controlled version control system in a large company with about 100 different subsystems written in different operating systems and languages, and I have noticed that several developers use either git or mercurial on their pet projects, but not for their work systems. I personally am more familiar with […]

Why is git looking inside vendors directory?

I have the .gitignore file with this code: /app/cache/* /app/logs/* /app/bootstrap* /vendor/* /web/bundles/ /app/config/parameters.yml but when I do : $ git status in any situation (before and after add and commit), I get a long text output like this: … # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/cli-config.php # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/doctrine # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/doctrine.php # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/index.php # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/xml/Entities.Address.dcm.xml […]

Getting Git GUI to Ignore Space Changes in its diff View

Git comes with two default UI tools (on Windows at least): Git GUI and Gitk. When browsing a commit, Gitk has a checkbox called “Ignore space changes” that makes the diff show only non-space related changes. However, Git GUI always shows the full diff, and there is no equivalent checkbox. Is there a way for […]

How do I get Images.xcassets under source control?

So I migrated my AppIcons and LaunchImages to Images.xcassets, which is working fine it seems. But I made some modifications to the launch images, and now I went to commit the changes (I’m using a local-only git repo), and it seems Images.xcassets is not allowed to be committed to source control? Right-clicking on it, all […]

How do I export the revision history of a gdoc to git?

I have a spreadsheet in google docs that I’d want to integrate in a git workflow (and push to github). Are there any tools (or even libraries that are gdoc version aware) that do, or help me do, that? I have some old ruby hacks lying around based on the google_spreadsheet gem that reads and […]

Git workflow for maintaining a derivative fork

Overview I have a project that is a customisation of an existing FOSS product. Its getting to the point where we’re maintaining a long-term fork rather than applying new plugins and the like. I’d like some input on what the sanest workflow for maintaining this project might be. Criteria We should be able to send […]

Couldn't open xib file after git pull, invalid element name

I am working on project with another developer. We are working on bitbucket. The problem is he made a changes in XIB files. After that when I do a git pull, I receive the changes but get an error on XIB files. When I tried to open it, a show alert message saying could not […]

Git: how to revert a branch merge without overwriting history?

I have two branches: master and opengl. I recently finished implementation (or at least I thought so) of opengl branch and decided to merge it into master: git checkout master git merge opengl git push After I did this, several developers who are working on the master branch pulled my changes and it turned out […]

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