How do I .ignore files with Git GUI?

I have created a .gitignore file in the folder with the .git folder, but I still get the files I’m trying to ignore when doing a rescan of the repository. This is the content of the file. # Ignored files *.suo *.user bin obj *.pdb *.cache *_svn *.svn *.suo *.user *.build-res TestResults _ReSharper* What am […]

What does “fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born” mean in this context

I was migrating a svn repo to git. I created a clean temp dir, used git svn init to get stuff in there and then added the remote and pushed it. Now on the other actual source dir (which I had cloned from the empty repo before committing stuff from svn) I did a fetch. […]

What is a good git workflow for TDD?

I quite like Gitflow branching model but I’m not sure where to put the TDD cycle – should I simply use a feature branch and commit everytime I either wrote or passed a test (plus after refactoring)? Create a sub-branch and merge “finished” units into the feature branch? Should I commit each failing test […]

Notorious Git Error: remote rejected (failed to lock)

I am trying to push to a branch from my local to the origin. The branch name and the path is same. I have been pushing and pulling from this branch for a while and never had a problem. But suddenly, it started behaving badly. Last time when I tried to push to origin with […]

vim says “No mouse support”, but only when I run git commit

I like using the mouse with vim, so I have mouse support enabled in my .vimrc. This works just fine most everywhere, but whenever I run git commit on a specific server (Appa), I get an error message: [tswett@appa git]$ git commit Error detected while processing /home/tswett/.vimrc: line 1: E538: No mouse support: mouse=a Press […]

Git pre-commit hook not running on windows

I’m just starting to look into Git hooks, but I can’t seem to get them to run. I set up a local repository, so there is now a ‘.git‘ directory in my project folder. I have added a ‘.cmd’ file into the C:/path/to/my/project/.git/hooks directory named ‘pre-commit.cmd’. Here is the contents of this file: echo “HOOK […]

How do I reverse a specific hunk of a commit in git?

I’m wondering if there is a way to quickly reverse specific hunk of a commit. I can generate a diff between two commits or HEAD to see the difference. How do I reverse just one of those hunks (or better yet, a set of specific hunks)?

git best practices for quickly switching between branches

I have multiple active branches that I need to work on at the same time. Clearly I can create two working directories with a distinct branch per directory. Is that the only way to do it without having to “commit” and “checkout” in order to switch from one branch to another?

Using Git on Windows

What is the simplest (to install and use) git client for Windows nowadays?

Getting Clear read only status on Webstorm 8

I am new to Webstorm 8. I have webstorm 8 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I am trying to edit a file but I am getting a popup, with heading “Clear read only status”, which shows file and two radio button Using File System Using version control integration When I select Using File system and […]

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