Add commits to a merged branch and start a new pull request

Here’s how things have gone so far: Committed some work on branch A; Submitted a Pull Request on branch A; Pull Request has been merged upstream; Now, I want to add some work to branch A. Is it possible for the existing Pull Request to be reopened so that the extra commits can be added, […]

Work with Git and SVN at the same time

I am participing in a Free Software Contest, and we have to use a forge that uses GForge, with only support for SVN, but I will like to use Git (using gitorious) for example. There is a simple way to get two repositories (one on SVN and other with Git) updated more or less at […]

With mvn release:prepare, is it possible to instruct Maven to use a forward slash in the submodule pom locations for the commit command?

Using Maven 3.0.5 on a Windows box, I’m trying to run mvn -X -B release:prepare from a Cygwin bash prompt, which fails. Here’s some of the output: [INFO] Executing: cmd.exe /X /C “git commit –verbose -F C:\cygwin\tmp\maven-scm-24643703.commit pom.xml module1\pom.xml module2\pom.xml” … [ERROR] The git-commit command failed. [ERROR] Command output: [ERROR] error: pathspec ‘”module1\\pom.xml”‘ did not […]

Can I squash _other peoples_ git commits in a submitted PR?

I have received a PR and wish to squash the commits so it’s nice. I’m not sure if I can do it or the respective authors have to do it? Of course, I wish to keep the author’s name referencing their squash commit. NOTE: this question is not about me squashing my own commits. Here’s […]

Is there a GIT Web Admin Similar to Subversion Edge

Admittedly I’m a complete Linux newbie. I can just about get an Apache web server up and running but at a complete lost when delving deeper such as setting up permissions and security. Anyway, I’m looking into simple self hosted solution for centralised GIT repositories, so wanted to check if there’s something similar to subversion […]

wagon-git and Gradle

This nice little tool promise help me upload artifacts up to a private Bitbucket repo. I am having troubles using this guide in my Gradle build… I’ve found this short and limited example, Most unclear for me is this section about how to prepare the settings.xml inside my maven home. Am I supposed […]

Git Daemon Hang SO_KEEPALIVE

I’m using Git 2.9 on Windows. When creating a demo Git training with git daemon, I hit SO_KEEPALIVE error. @Server $ git daemon –base-path=. –enable=receive-pack –verbose [18608] Ready to rumble [18108] Connection from [18108] unable to set SO_KEEPALIVE on socket: No error [18108] Extended attributes (16 bytes) exist <host=> [18108] Request receive-pack for ‘/hello-world.git’ […]

should minified files be committed into source control?

I come from a C# background and have moved into Javascript development. In the C# world, I would never consider committing an executable (.DLL, .EXE) into source control because you cannot verify that the executable matches the code. However I see plenty of examples of github repositories that contain a .js next to a .min.js […]

git error: gnutls_handshake() failed on push

I have been using git for a while with no problems, then suddenly it started throwing this error when using git push: error: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received. while accessing … fatal: HTTP request failed It was working fine, then suddenly it stopped. What is the problem? Thanks

Is there a way to combine git commands atomically (not through shell)?

Say, I want to do this: git checkout featureBranch git rebase master If I want to combine the two “shell” commands I can do: git checkout featureBranch && git rebase master However, that is not atomic. If the git checkout command fails for some reason, the working directory will not be in the same state […]

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