Is there a setting with git to allow a clone to use http on one OS and ssh on another?

Short Question Is there a setting with git to allow a clone to use http on one OS and ssh on another? For an exact usage: Is possible to use http protocol (cloned in Windows) on Mac OS X terminal which typically uses SSH connections Background I have a Macbook Pro that I dual boot […]

How to I update the path to a moved git-svn remote branch

I have been using git and git-svn for a while now but we have moved out svn repository server to another location. So what i am wondering is what to I need to do for git to look at the new remote path so i can continue like before. I have tried changing the url […]

Organizing External Libs in Git for Several Projects

The Problem I want my company to store all the included external libs in source control, but I would like these external libs to be in a single repo (not included in each individual project) as there’s quite a few libs, and they are large. Prior Art This question addresses the problem but no one […]

Right strategy when using git for multiple extension development

I have got through the git related quesions and I have not been able to make up my mind. I have many extensions that I have developed and I want to move from svn to git to be able to use better branching and organization. I develop extensions for Magento where you the parts of […]

Git diff after back and forth merging?

The basis of this question can be like at Finding a branch point with Git? .– X — A — B — C — D — F (master) . \ / \ / . \ / \ / . G — H — I — J (branch A) So I’m looking for a git diff […]

How can I undo a git rebase that's already been pulled/merged?

I’m in an odd predicament – we had a developer perform a “git pull –rebase” across branches multiple times, and I’m trying to repair the damage. Our graph originally looked like this: [master] A–B (origin/master) ___\________________________ [branch] \ C–D–E (origin/branch) After the faulty merges, our graph now looks something like this: [master] A–B—————H–I (origin/master) \ […]

Using Git As A Base For Multiple Version Software, But Merging Downstream

I have a software that I want to offer to my clients, but they have the chance to order in changes and personal customization. Till now I have simply done copies of the original software and done the changes there. But this approach has been a pain, when it comes to maintenance and update of […]

Working with Git submodules without .gitmodules

I’m interested in the specific case where you manually place one Git repository inside another Git repository (either by using git clone or by copy-pasting in the filesystem). I’ve noticed the following things happen when you do this: Git will save a pointer to a specific commit, like with a submodule. Git will not allow […]

egit not cloning submodules Recursively

I have a repo configured with recursive sub-modules in GIT. For example, Repo A has Repo B as a submodule which itself has Repo C as sub-module. When I clone Repo A from eGit, it does not do a recursive clone and checkout like –recurse-submodules switch does in CLI. I only get the Repo B, […]

Creating a new minor version between two releases

My work is in the process of switching from SVN to Git and we are re-evaluating how we use branches and tags. We have seen the model which uses master as the always stable version where tags are used to identify releases and a separate development branches are used for unstable code ( We like […]

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