git: what does “fatal: Failed to execute internal merge” mean?

I just ran git merge otherBranch and it output this error to the command line: fatal: Failed to execute internal merge What could this mean? I would give more details, but I’m not sure what details would be important. Have other people experienced this, and if so what caused it in your case? EDIT: It […]

output after git checkout

After checking out a branch in a repository git always prints a list of roughly 25 files that were deleted long ago. I always just ignored that output but recently I had to do a hard reset, which I assumed would just go back to the last commit, which it did but it also restored […]

Easy way to migrate a single file between branches in git?

Sometimes I don’t realize I’m on the master branch in git and don’t realize it and I end up committing something to master when I want to commit it to another branch, dev. What I’ve been doing in this case is just copy the file somewhere else, checkout dev, copy the file back, and commit. […]

git avoid empty merge commit for long-lived feature branch

Setup: the base product – living on the master branch a fork of the base product with customisation for a client – living on a separate feature branch For now all the commits in master should be merged to the feature branch. The feature branch has commits that customise the base product/add new functionality. Is […]

comparing different version in GIT

How to compare different version in Git. Let’s assume my file got 10 version span across 4 branch, how do i compare one version of file with another version of file ?

How to tell `git log –stat` to count empty lines

General question How can I tell git, that it should also count empty lines in a diff, when using git log –stat? Code example git clone cd voldemort git log –numstat -n 1 c21ad76 contrib/hadoop-store-builder/src/java/voldemort/store/readonly/mr/ git show c21ad76 — contrib/hadoop-store-builder/src/java/voldemort/store/readonly/mr/ More details In the given example git log –numstat claims for commit c21ad76, that […]

git tag -l not displaying the most recent releases

When I go to deploy my django installation, I get the following error: local: git tag -l release/beta* | tail -1 run: git checkout release/beta-20120221-150831 out: error: pathspec ‘release/beta-20120221-150831′ did not match any file(s) known to git. The tag exists on my local box, but it doesn’t on my staging server. Why? It sends the […]

Git –bare … Why does fetch not always show the most recent commits?

I have a few GIT repos that I mirrored locally to show up in my JIRA instance, but I have noticed some (to me) strange behaviour. I have a repo, we will call this “myrepo”. If I do a git clone, and git pull, I always get the most recent commits. However, when I do […]

Unable to combine Version2 to Version1 in Git

I have two files which are called version1 version2 Version1 has my own changes, while version2 is based on version1 but it has other people’s changes too. I run the following command at my Git folder where Version1 is git add version2 I now have two separate files in Git. I would like combine them […]

Can “git push” hang on the same %?

I am starting to use Git. I feel it is important to point out that this was not my choice. I have found Git to be problematic to understand but largely stable, until last month. A week into Dec 2010 I found that I could no longer push to our “central” repository. The process would […]

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