Git push using Ant

I’m trying to run git push command wihout asking password using clear Ant , but I still had no luck. I manage to run git status, git commit. And its clear why – this commands don’t need any web access.Here is the code that I used for it: <macrodef name=”git”> <attribute name=”command” /> <attribute name=”dir” […]

How do I use git clean/smudge to update a placeholder value in a text file to an absolute path?

I have an eclipse .classpath file committed to a git repository. The file is shared between Windows and Linux systems. On Windows, some entries require an absolute path for Eclipse to detect that the referred-to paths exist on the filesystem. For example: <classpath> <!– this relative path works fine (jar file) –> <classpathentry kind=”lib” path=”../../otherApp/lib/opencsv-2.3.jar”/> […]

Recovering from git push -f

I am totally new to programming and I’m using GIT first time. I am trying to build Ruby web app and I had problems to git push and somebody told me to use git push -f. But now I read that it was probably really bad thing to do. Now when I try to git […]

can I customize git push –mirror, or emulate with refspecs?

I understand git push –mirror deletes any refs and branches from the destination that are missing from the source repo (as well as forcing all other ref updates/creation). I’d like a similar behaviour, but with a sub “namespace” in the destination.. it’s for migrating an old repo hosting to a new one (involving a migration […]

git merge added a ton of commit messages

I was doing work on a separate branch from master for some amount of time. At some point, I finished up the work I was doing on the branch and I wanted to merge it back into master. In order to bring myself up to date on the latest master and make sure everything worked […]

Git cherry-pick, github branch comparisons and SHA ids, oh my

I have a question about cherry-pick. We have a project with two main branches: deploy and develop (that’s a simplified but accurate view). Deploy is what we have deployed to our production servers and develop is what we’re working on (with feature branches off of develop for individual features/fixes/etc). We had a commit that was […]

How to know git push status without verbosity flag?

I am doing a push to a remote. Specifically, I am forcing the push to recreate the local repo on the remote, overwriting the latter’s master branch. However, I forgot to use the -v verbosity flag. Since the repo I am pushing is quite big (5.2 G) it is taking a long time to push […]

My Xcode is connect to BitBucket. Now when do I fork, branch, and commit?

I’ve connected my Xcode project from my iMac to a private repo on BitBucket so that I can share my project between my iMac and Macbook Pro. Now what? When I go to my MacBook and connect to the repo and check out the project, what do I do when I want to go back […]

How do I use reposurgeon with a repository containing spaces?

I have a git repository that has tons of binary files/build artifacts in it. I’m trying to remove them using reposurgeon. Initially, it choked and died when reading the state of the directory. I was able to hack the source a bit and get past that. But now when I’m trying to rebuild the result, […]

git pull with clean local repo causes merge commit

Update: This turned out to be a bug in the version of SmartGit I’m using (version 3.0.11) – an application which is similar to gitk. The “Pushable Commits” list is modified after doing a “git pull” and some local commits not yet pushed are accidentally removed from this UI list. This caused the confusion described […]

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