git heroku not download collaborators recent push

A collaborator on a heroku app Im working on pushed some code, moments before I made a push, as the owner I rolled back the app, but now I can not seem to download the code to the my local repository? I’ve tried rebasing the branch, fetching and reseting the HEAD, everything said it is […]

Git “force push” from new local repo to remote, but keeping remote commit history

I have a working, live website that I am certain has the latest, correct version of every file, that is not managed with Git. I also have a Bitbucket Git repo that’s ostensibly for that site, but that has major problems and out-of-date stuff in it. What I want to do git init the live […]

Difference between EGit Username/Password and git

I created a private repository on GitHub, and added a README so that my repo can “be cloned immediately” (GitHub verbiage). Then, in Eclipse/EGit, I: Import >> Projects from Git Select URI Now, in the Import Projects from Git dialog, I see a Username and Password field at the bottom. Several questions here: I assume […]

Git: Cannot pull on account of ignored tree

I have a .gitignore that contains the ignored folder but when I try to pull I get the error: ubuntu@ip:/some/folder$ sudo -u www-data git pull error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge: ignored/file_A ignored/file_B ignored/file_C … Please move or remove them before you can merge. Aborting Why does git bother […]

Recommend workflow with GIT before publish apps to Google Play

Is it any recommendation about the workflow before build the signed APK? At now, I have a project work with eclipse and TortoiseGIT. My work space on “C:\GoodApp” Every times i publish to Google Play, i have to clone the repo to “C:\GoodApp_Release” And open the project by eclipse and clean up the project follow […]

Create a new remote branch with EGit

I want to do the following things with EGit: – create a new local branch – push it to a remote repository Now, I’m a bit confused with all these options in the dialog for creating a branch. I’m not sure whether it should refer to any remote branch (as it will become remote itself […]

Git: Committing a Bare Repository

I am using Egit with Eclipse so I dont know if it is the same with the command line. I have the possibility to “commit” with a right click the Bare Repository. What does it imply to commit a bare repository? Lets say that some modifications have been pushed by a colleague on the bare […]

xCode Source (Version) Control – I committed to a date in the future – how do I delete the commit or change the date?

While testing in xCode, I changed my computer system time. At some point, I forgot to change it back and performed a commit. Now the commit has a future date, and I don’t want that to wreak havoc on my source control. I do not use GitHub outside of the project (I am learning Github […]

Clone a URI Eclipse 4.3

on eclipse I want to import an existing project from github. I try to File -> Import… -> Clone URI -> but the next button does do anything. what should i do now? PS I am on ubuntu 10.04. I don’t have a working ssl key and need to use the https connection. edit: ok […]

git flow detached from release/v1.8

I am getting into git flow on a project and trying to learn. I had three features. I ran git flow feature finish on all three. Two gave me the commit message and one did not. All feature branches were merged into develop. I pushed to the repo and pulled to staging. When I checked […]

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