Branches from Common Code Base for App Specific Files in GIT

I’m trying to determine the best way to have multiple software products built off the same common code base using GIT. My initial plan was to have a master branch with the common code/framework and to have the different products be branches off of this. I think as the code base builds up, when I […]

View version control progress graphically

Is there a software for mac that lets me view the progress of the branches in either git or svn like in this image (from here)

How to merge deteched commits to master

I tried to create new branch from a certain commit of master. I don’t remember the command I used but I think this one (but not sure) git branch branchname <sha1-of-commit> I got a new branch with a bunch of commits. But I found that master branch lost all commits that found in new branch. […]

Ordering git commits

i was wondering how to change the order of my commits on git (priority of versions), or to define a commit as “default” for cloning ? For example, i’ve three commits for my git project : -s0441254z5 | “new features in dev” (most recent) -p44mo47877 | “ENDED project” -g487er54ee | “First commit” (the oldest) I […]

How can I serve nested projects in Nginx

I have a Lumen api project with multiple git tags for api versioning. So I have to deploy multiple checkouts of the project. The folder structure on the server looks like this: var www api-staging master v1 public index.php … v2 public index.php … lastest public index.php … … Now I’d like to serve the […]

Gitolite Error: gitolite-admin not a repo

Quick Note: Before anyone points it out, I did originally post this on Server Fault, but after doing so I realized this site may be more appropriate. Sorry for the “double post”. I had installed gitolite about 6 months ago and all of a sudden I started getting this error: fatal: ‘gitolite-admin’ does not appear […]

How to handle merges/conflicts in my git based wiki?

I’m working on a django-based wiki. It has section edit capabilities (the sections being delimited by the markdown headers) and it is using git (a single repo) to store the revisions, via the Git Python library. I’m trying to figure out how I can handle several concurrent edits of the same page (using git-python). Thanks,

Gitting with a team

I’m developing an application and my friend wanted to join the development. So I created a git repository on , performed a push and invited him to work with me. My question is about the working proccess. We both use git bash on msysgit. I don’t have problems with commit and push, the problem […]

Case typo on path in msysgit

I went out to my github repo and discovered that I had inadvertently added files to msysgit with a typo. Instead of adding files to a directory called “Domain”, I added them to “DOmain”. I tried git mv, but the path is case-insensitive in Windows and the move fails. What’s the best way to resolve […]

git change intermediate commit without changing later one

This happens to me occasionally (well, maybe frequently): Note: All of the following happens before I push. My software project needs a new feature. I code and test until it works. I had had to make room for the new feature, so I divide the changes into two commits using git add -i: A — […]

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