Git SourceTree:shows symbolic link files as unstaged file

I am currently attempting to push a library called Mono to my repository. I am using SourceTree for managing the git repository. I noticed that the library had some symbolic link files in it. Now After adding the library to my repository. Source tree told me that the newly added content is currently unstaged. I […]

How to do code review for google cloud git repo

We are hosting git repo on the google cloud platform. I know for, we can use pull requests for code reviews, but google cloud seems not to provide that. I’m wonder: how do I perform code review for repos on google cloud platform?

BitBucket: Cross Reference between commits and issues not working

I just activate the issue tracker within one of my repositories on bitbucket. I also entered issues successfully. However, when I commited new code to the repository fixing a bug the corresponding issue gets resolved but in the commits list there is no cross reference to the bug as explained here The commit message I […]

How do I split words on punctuation in git diff?

I’ve have some luck with the following command: git diff –color-words='[^][<>()\{},.;:?/|\\=+*&^%$#@!~`”‘\”[:space:]]+|[][<>(){},.;:?/|\\=+*&^%$#@!~`”‘\”]’ but it doesn’t seem to negate the square brackets properly in the first character class. I’ve tried this: git diff –color-words='[^\]\[<>()\{},.;:?/|\\=+*&^%#@!~`”‘\”[:space:]]+|[\]\[<>(){},.;:?/|\\=+*&^%#@!~`”‘\”]’ in order to make the square brackets literal, but it fails with the message fatal: Invalid regular expression. Edit: The output I get […]

Correct procedure to use pending branch changes in a new branch

You submit a pull request to merge Branch A into master. While this is pending (1 hour or so) and you want to use the pending features of branch A while you are waiting, you make Branch B Should Branch B be a branch off of Branch A or should Branch B be a branch […]

How to make ConEmu execute .sh in the same window with Git for Windows?

I’m using ConEmu on Windows with Git for Windows installed. When I try to execute an .sh script, the software starts an instance of Windows’ default console and executes the script there. How can I make ConEmu / Git for Windows execute the .sh script in the same window the command is initialized from?

Disable “Accept Merge Request” button based on GitLab CI status and/or SonarQube results

I am using GitLab, Jenkins and SonarQube. All tools are with Free licences. Currently we are having a need to implement more strict control over Git(Labs) Merge Request functionality based on “external” tools / plugins. I am now trying to figure out how to implement the behaviour that would do the following: listen to Jenkins […]

git – deleted remote branch head causes pull error

I have a git repo that had a branch named development. The development branch was deleted (on purpose), and a new branch for a feature added. The feature is now complete and I need to merge the feature branch into master. When I try to pull master I get Couldn’t find remote ref refs/heads/development unexpected […]

Commit within a pre-push to update version

I am using a pre-push hook that copies some files around and uses grunt bump to up the version number on my package prior to zipping it up. This all happens on the master branch and the assumption is that because it’s a push on master, it’s worthy of a patch version increase and zips […]

IntelliJ Whitespace formatting

I’m having issues with using IntelliJ on an Electron project that I’m working on. I’m using IntelliJ on a Mac while others in the team use Visual Studio Code on Windows. I get excessive whitespace reformatting in any file I touch and I’m wondering how to prevent IntelliJ reformatting. Is there an easy switch or […]

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